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Obligatory Report On The Techno-Fascist Imperium

John Henry Durham (great name) dropped his "REPORT ON MATTERS RELATED TO INTELLIGENCE ACTIVITIES AND INVESTIGATIONS ARISING OUT OF THE 2016 PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS" and, as the Keeper Of The Clown Bell, I feel compelled to write down my thoughts on this subject which has been the catalyst for so much bell ringing over the past eight (8!) years. I'm going to start with some hard truths, as I see them, and then move into speculative puzzling I've noodled over these long years of Cold Civil War. So don't stop reading even if the bumpy start makes you angry or despondent and be sure to click on the links which serve as footnotes or references for my report.

I'm going to start on election night November 8, 2016 and reference a video recording of Government TV's coverage of the big event. The PBS NewsHour panel was populated by establishment left-wing talking heads and GOP squishes preparing to coronate Her as First Woman POTUS and for the first 4 hours of the festivities results had been trickling in according to plan. The D's built up Florida and North Carolina as "firewall" states for Hitlery which means that she was going to win them before midnight, greet Her People in Brooklyn and America could rest easy knowing that Love Trumps Hate. But as the 11 PM EST hour drew nigh the Clinton campaign firewall in America's Flaccid Penis was stamped out and #NeverTrump Stuart Stevens wrestled with the shocking implications of this unscripted democracy quirk.

What is painfully obvious now when rewatching the news coverage of that night - and this is true for all Corporate Media News - is that these Stuart Stevens types KNOW that something horribly wrong is unfolding in real time but they've got to sell it to the viewing public as unexpected but possible. While babbling a dishonest compliment to the Trump team Stuart Stevens admits that "many (all) Republican leaders wanted Trump to lose" and that means that Trump was going to lose! Not maybe, not a slim chance, not a horse race - no possible way under any circumstances was Donald John Trump going to win the presidency; ergo, hackers breached the voting machines and manipulated the tabulating algorithms to ensure a Trump victory because that's the only way he could have won.

Keep reading... I know you're pissed off but stay with me.

I'm not discounting Trump's popular appeal or suggesting that Hilary is the true winner of the 2016 election but all the Sharks and Clowns and Nerds knew that HRC was going to "win" (by fraud if necessary) and the FakeNews staffed up their analyst panels and commentariat with anti-MAGA scum. The election results for the first 4 hours of the night painted VA blue and OH red as planned but when FLA and NC drop for Trump all the pundits realized the election map was orange. A Uniparty stalwart like Stuart Stevens knew for whom the bell tolls and broke cover on national TV while trying to process the magnitude of the MAGA earthquake. If you think I'm overstating this point then go look at Fox News or MSNBC coverage of 2016 and watch their reaction to the Florida and North Carolina calls - its as though these people had their teleprompter hacked and all the canned optimistic platitudes from the 8 o'clock hour turned to Cyrillic disinformation at 11pm. 

In January of 2020 "The Daily" NYTimes podcast interviewed the paper's executive editor, Dean Baquet, on his memories of the 2016 election and he inadvertently drops a bomb (at the 11:50 mark) which identifies the catalyst for Trump's candidacy and everything animating the Make America Great Again movement. Banquet is addressing leftist criticism that the paper of record promoted Hitlery as the ordained Dem. nominee while discounting Bernie Sanders as a long shot socialist gadfly (for the record, Bernie is a Constitutional Monarchist) and he justified the coverage with this admission - "We thought Jeb Bush was inevitable too... Yeah, and we thought — we just figured, O.K., this is going to be Bush versus Clinton." And We - the royal We - were just fine with that decades long Bush vs. Clinton power struggle for control of Our Democracy. You, dear reader, might count yourself as one of those US citizens that would have picked a side in the JEB! v. Her grudge-match and earnestly listened to their debates, read their policy papers, argued with family and friends over who would make a better president and if that's the case then keep reading.

Dean Baquet is one of the most powerful people on planet earth because the newspaper/web site he edits decides what is and, more importantly, what is not perceived as reality by the technocrats who control the leviathan. He just figured, O.K., this Bush/Clinton kayfab is the shit sandwich I'm going to shove down America's throat and "We" are fine with a political contest between two manufactured puppet-people who take orders from the IC while maintaining the charade of representative government. He understands that managing the largest economy in the world which maintains a $1 Trillion+ standing army, navy, air force  with weapons of mass destruction + clandestine intelligence assets all over the globe is a job that will NOT be chosen by voters. The franchise is important for securing "buy in" from those sugar water drinking, video watching subjects who depend on the state and for allowing malcontents to blow off some steam every 2 to 4 years but not for, you know, actually choosing a leader - C'mon man.

We the People were stuck with JEB! and Ms. Clampett because that's what Our Democracy considered the two acceptable candidates. There was no alternate universe. There was no plan B. Stop...hold fast pilgrim, there was one man who had been working his friends in the GOP money donor network and preparing the way for a glide down the golden escalator, with the lovely Melania on his arm, and into the history books. Yes, The Elvis from QueensThe ÜberfrauThe Putt Pirate stepped forward and  said "no more bullshit" thereby kicking off the greatest 511 days in US political history. I loved every minute of it and recorded my observations about the deplorable and irredeemable MAGA movement on the KOTCB blog from which I've listed 9 posts that mark key moments in the campaign timeline.

  1. August 2015 The gullibility of normal politics - public opinion polls show a 65%+ support for border security, ending wars, renegotiated trade, Obamacare repeal and lower taxes so one (and only 1) of the 15 GOP candidates builds a campaign on those issues.
  2. August 2015 Animal Mother Dumps Trump in a Shoebox - Trump is killing it and Megyn Kelly has PMS. It cost Roger Ailes his job but someone slipped DJT the questions pre-debate and he was ready.
  3. Feb 2016 Mission Accomplished - buh-bye JEB! The Donald has captured the sweet spot of the GOP electorate and there's no way to move him or his supporters.
  4. May 2016 Reasonable or Rational - Trump wins enough delegates to secure the GOP nomination, Ted Cruz learns a hard lesson and Peggy Noonan breaks down in tears.
  5. August 2016 No longer - Paul Manafort successfully thwarts a contested convention at the RNC - an act of rebellion for which he would be imprisoned - so the CIA formally announces that the black hats in the IC are NeverTrump.
  6. September 2016 The US Airways Flight 1549 Election (You're perfectly right) - Mike Anton makes the case for Trump and against Conservative Inc. in a powerful essay which, frankly, was too optimistic. 
  7. September 2016 Decius drops the mic - my favorite Right-Wing Francophile follows up his infamous pro-MAGA polemic with a coup de grace of Bill Kristol titled Restatement on Flight 93.
  8. October 2016 Revenge of the Bush - The Uniparty kept one in the chamber to fire as a last minute act of desperation but Trump absorbed the slug and fought off the sabotage like a man.
  9. November 2016 and every vote should count - An obviously corrupt and fraudulent election ends with a negotiated concession between old friends in the wee hours of the morning.

Hitlery, JEB!, Stuart Stevens, Dean Baquet, Mike Morrell and Bill Kristol, to name just a few, were not happy on Wednesday morning November 9, 2016 and based on all their griping, handwringing, furious denunciations and apocalyptic warnings you have to wonder why they let Trump even approach the finish line? I mean, if Trump really is Hitler then you take him out, right? Well, I've already given the answer but I'm going to spell it out again because it is a key point in this report. Trump was allowed to run his nativist "know-nothing," Klan rally campaign and resurrect the ghost of George Wallace because it was a fait accompli that Trump would be vanquished, his MAGA cult destroyed and his rube followers shamed and then ostracized from political viability forever. The hate filled agitprop denouncing Orange Man Bad was prefabricated and ready to be published or transmitted to the the masses. We, the people, must never again take the bait of America First and get reeled in by a narcissistic xenophobe, homophobe, mansplaining showman hell bent on destroying our domestic institutions and international standing. It was a done deal and it was going to be ugly but that Trump was going to wish he'd never... he'd rue the day... he'd... he...

Politics is a dirty game and successful candidates need a strong stomach and iron will because to win a man (or womyn) must lie, cheat and steal. But to steal the presidency of the USA requires a lot of help - an organization - and if the political party the candidate nominally represent is determined to prevent said candidate from "winning" then the prerequisite "help" must be provided from outside players. If one of the contesting parties from country A, let's name them team Blue, were to approach a fellow thief from country B, let's name him Bear, and ask for his help in stealing an election that would give Bear a tremendous, once in a lifetime, opportunity to wreak havoc on country A. If Bear were a lifetime secret agent who saw he could pit the Red blooded traditional Military Intelligence of country A against its cold Blue cosmopolitan Intelligence Agencies and start a cold civil war with a lot of fallout I bet Bear would take the bait.

I'm not going to go into great detail about Crossfire Hurricane which I'll use as shorthand for the subterfuge practiced by candidate Clinton to steal the 2016 election. In 2020 Lee Smith wrote a book about it titled "The Plot Against The President" which lays the treason out in mind bending detail. Amanda Milius turned that book into a movie of the same name which, as a visual experience,  is like a turning over a rock in the Deep State Swamp. The Durham Report is 3 years too late and obfuscatory by design but Techno Fog breaks it down quicklyslowly and painfully so I don't have to. However, I would like to note three revelations from the Bulldog's work that are completely overlooked by everyone - Left, Right and Center - and are critical elements of full story.
  1. The Crossfire Hurricane operation leads directly to Putin as the key player on the Russian side. Does anyone honestly believe that Igor Danchenko was giving Trump dirt to Charles Dolan and Christopher Steele without sign-off from the top of the pyramid? And if Charles Dolan was involved that means president Bill Clinton was also deep in the conspiracy and working with his old friend Vladimir.
  2. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant applications to surveil former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page allowed the FBI to "tap" the communications of over 10,000 people in Trumps orbit. The “two-hop” rule means that anyone connected to a primary contact of Page's was also eligible for FBI spying (or Five Eyes surveillance from a friendly foreign Intelligence Agency like, say, MI6 in Great Britain).
  3. Gen. Mike Flynn ran the greatest counter espionage sting operation in US history and caught them all - Obama, Clinton, Brennan, Comey, etc - dead to rights committing treason. To close the trap some group had to "steal" the election for Trump by hacking the voting machines and preventing the DemocRATs from stuffing ballots, flipping votes, purging GOP precincts and all the other time tested practices for rigging elections. The white hat hackers might have been the Russians but a more likely suspect is a hidden cell of Patriots inside Military Intelligence with help from Mossad.

Flynn was the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He's a spy. He knew what Brennan and Clapper would do to Team Trump as his candidacy won primaries and then the nomination. He knew about Comey and the FISA court abuses by a criminal DOJ. He knew how absolutely fake US elections are with uncertified ballots, bloated voter rolls, crooked administrators and, worst of all, unsecure and invalid electronic voting machines. He knew the IC would tap his phone calls and he knew who Peter Strzok was and why Comey had sent him to conduct an "informal" interview about his communications. He played them all, including Pence and Kushner (who turned on him) and had the evidence of their crimes. That information gave president Trump the leverage he needed to make deals, prosecute evildoers like Brennan and pardon the nice ones (for a price) as long as his Justice Department cooperated. Trump needed his Attorney General to fight, threaten and dictate to the internal enemy but Jeff Sessions recused himself from investigating the 2016 campaign and submitted to the Deep State.

The Attorney General's betrayal - the feeble, back stabbing cowardice of the Jeff Sessions recusal on March 2, 2017 forced Trump into a rear guard action for the remainder of his first term. From the March 4, 2014 early morning Nuke launch from le trebuchet accusing Obama of tapping his phone until the two last stand battles on November 3, 2020 and January 6, 2021 Trump was fighting from a vulnerable position. I know these truths are never discussed in the media - even the Alt-Right media - because the Russian Collusion Psyop had to be advanced by Dems and denied by Repubs at all costs for the first 2 years of Trump's presidency. Was DJT going to get run out of office for the high crime of treason or were the CIA/FBI going to be left holding the bag? If Putin would take the fall and admit to collusion then Trump was doomed but if Putin backed out of Crossfire Hurricane the entire con would have to somehow get unwound in a way that mitigates injury to the Intelligence Community.

In the spring of 2017 the DC Swamp and the Uniparty stenographers in the #FakeNews media had trouble getting past it - it being the Trump win and presidency. A full year later these same criminals were getting past it (some more) when Vladimir Putin thwarted their conspiracy at the Helsinki Summit in July of 2018. I strongly suggest that curious souls read the entire transcript of the joint press conference with Trump and Putin that transpired at the summit with the concepts of this blog post in mind. To support my argument I will annotate a single paragraph from Putin's remarks which might serve as a proxy for the whole thing:

PUTIN: I’d like to add something to this. After all, I was an intelligence officer myself. And I do know how dossiers are made up(1). Just a second. That’s the first thing. Not the second thing. I believe that Russia is a democratic state and I hope you’re not denying this right to your own country, you’re not denying that United States is democracy(2). Do you believe the United States is a democracy(3)? And if so, if it is a democratic state, then the final conclusion in this kind of dispute can only be delivered by a trial, by the court(4). Not by the executive, by the law enforcement(5).

  1. I came up through the KGB and the infamous dossier created by Christopher Steele from information provided by Igor Danchenko was done at my direction and with my approval.
  2. It sounds like you are denying the democratic process inside the United States of America.
  3. Are you stupid? How gullible are you? Do you believe what John Brennan says on MSNBC or Mike Morrell says on CBS News?
  4. To discover the truth a court will need to hear evidence and both parties in the dispute will be subject to discovery and cross examination which is never going to happen.
  5. I'm not going to play along with this idiotic witch hunt concocted by the FBI and CIA.

I put Putin's comment into the Google AI and here's how the Big Brain interpreted his statement:
The speaker is making a number of points here. First, they are arguing that the dossier in question is not credible. Second, they are arguing that Russia is a democratic state, and that the United States should respect this right. Third, they are arguing that disputes like this should be resolved through the courts, not by the executive or law enforcement.

The speaker's argument is likely to be persuasive to people who agree with the speaker's views on intelligence dossiers, democracy, and the role of the courts. However, the speaker's argument is likely to be less persuasive to people who disagree with the speaker's views on these issues.

There are those who "disagree" with my views on the intelligence community, democracy and the legal system and, unfortunately, they spy on me, invalidate my vote and legitimately threaten me with incarceration for the crime of wrongthink. Their hyperbolic freak out over Trump's candidacy, election victory and presidency substantiates a concealed political reality that they themselves cannot admit because they proclaim an allegiance to ANTIFA, Our Institutions and Our Democracy. My tormentors show an obedience and dedication to this nebulous Rainbow Stew of Woke sloganeering that is rooted in a subconscious fear with legitimate cause. The power of the Administrative State in "partnership" with multinational corporations guarded by a standing army, massive police force and a clandestine secret intelligence cabal directing events behind a wall of techno-media psyop propaganda is terrifying and were the wrong person able to wrest control of this totalitarian network the harm inflicted on society could be incalculable. 

Exhibit A: lend an eye and ear to this shithead - former FBI Director James Comey discusses The Durham Report and "Trump poses a near-existential threat to the country if he gains a second term."

The Crossfire Hurricane time bomb which I call Plan D was revealed to the nation by Comey during Congressional testimony a few weeks after the AG recusal and MAGA betrayal. On May 9, 2017 POTUS Trump partially diffused the explosive by firing the lanky inauthentic turd and ridiculing the FBI "Russian Collusion" psyop. Poor old Robert S. Mueller III was tapped to be Special Counsel on May 17, 2017 and he moved the entire Crossfire Hurricane team out of the FBI building and into a new command center with the same mission - get ready Russia. Then the Helsinki Summit in July of 2018 drained this horrible counter espionage investigation of any validity and the CIA/FBI had to watch, dick in hand, while Trump gloated at their failure - No more games.

By the end of 2018 the old hand Bill Barr was brought in to defuse the Special Counsel's office and leash its attack dog prosecutors who were harming the DOJ as an institution with their indefensible prosecutions and costly lawfare. In March 2019 Mueller finally delivered a report on the Russian Probe, also known as The Trojan Equus Africanus Asinus Piñata, to AG Barr and the Deep State contraption was finally dismantled and scattered across the DC Swamp. When it started to sink in that Trump didn't actually collude with Russia and everything the IC saboteurs had been saying for 2 years. was a lie  things got strange. In late May 2019 Special Counsel Mueller self-immolated in a bright orange fireball and by September the IC put a gun (metaphorically) to every politicians head and forced an impeachment of Trump for having a phone call with Ukraine.

The trouble the Left, #NeverTrump GOP, oligarchs, technocrats, FakeNews, IC, military-industrial complex has with Trump is NOT that he's a fascist or that the MAGA hoard might usher in American Fascism over time - that transformational task was started before WW2 and completed by 1973. No, for them the problem was that THEIR fascist didn't win in 2016 and that was unacceptable so they broke every law, rule and convention in the US political system to destroy Trump's presidency. Putin gave the Deep State/Uniparty/IC Cabal what they asked for and it served to incriminate them in General Flynn's trap - all the evidence is there for a prosecutor willing to subpoena witnesses, hand out indictments and seek justice for the American people. John Durham, just like Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr, is not willing to be the paladin We the People had hoped for but, at this point, that white knight fantasy is a day dream conjured up to avoid reality.

That reality is life under a techno-fascist imperium which is fabulous for those who support the regime, treacherous for those who oppose it or try to modify its policies through the established political process and down right awful for the poor saps who bleed, pay and die for it. General Flynn's 501C(3) says Failed Justice Demands Accountability:

"We have a right to be angry. Americans deserve better. Where is the justice? Where is the accountability to hard-working Americans who were duped, force-fed as fact the Russia hoax for nearly a decade? Where are the consequences for the cabal of power-hungry liars who set the witch hunt in motion in 2016, bastardized the U.S. Constitution, lodged false charges against innocent Americans while illegally spying on them, weaponized our system of justice, used their positions to interfere in an election and then the transfer of power, and spit on the sanctity of this nation’s rule of law?"

Who will hold these treasonous politicians and Deep State bureaucrats accountable?


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