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Rats in a trap

The little two-faced magician of Rockville I was recently asked about the annual budget for the CDC and, since it’s a pet peeve of mine, my immediate answer was $10 Billion burned because that money goes to the CDC&P where the P stands for PREVENTION - as in, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention based in Atlanta, GA. That $10,000,000,000 has been funneled down south and squandered by “scientists” every year for decades and adds up to hundreds of billions of dollars over the lifetime of this agency. So when a global pandemic gets uncaged and released on the USA you’d think someone at the A rlen Specter Headquarters and Emergency Operations Center would have a plan stashed in the back of their filing cabinet detailing how to PREVENT the bio-weapon from spreading across the fruited plain. Too difficult? Then how about a plan to mitigate the impact of a pandemic so the the entire US (and by extension world) economy isn’t forced to grind to a halt thereby destroying the livel

The Choice Is Yours

Let’s start with a portrait of God or, to set this chronicle in its proper frame, the mind, body and spirit of my younger self when I first entered the Sistine Chapel and cast my eyes upon the frescos that Michelangelo painted on the ceiling that includes a universally known image of the Great Architect of the Universe descending from the firmament and extending his index finger to touch his much younger self on the other side of the looking glass. If you have a mind and love of art, religion or history you know this painting because its facsimile has been reproduced so many times that key elements have, unfortunately, become gaudy kitsch in the globalist cultural landfill. A chief sinner in this cheapening of sacred art and the legacy of a creative genius with few equals (if any) who created it happens to be the Vatican itself and the greedy absolute monarchy that runs the place. Read on and I will explain why this desecration of astonishing truth by the very hand that held the purse

Loyalty Day

May Day is set aside for dancing around the maypole if you’re a pastoral youth or striking, marching and brawling if your an urban unionized worker but in the USA it’s a day of loyalty. The nice May 1st tradition of dancing around a circle covered with flowers was born in a time long past and has no discernible purpose except for frolicking between well adjusted heterosexual youth and celebrating the joy of existence in God’s springtime glory. The mean  International Workers' Day , also known as May Day by all commies, was created right here in the USA through the ingenuity of German immigrant anarchists who organized a nationwide strike demanding a eight hour work day (and probably a bunch of other shit that no one writes about or remembers) on 5/1/1886. You read that right - not 1967, not 1929 or 1917 - no. the year was 1886 and America was at the vanguard of the world wide socialist revolution. In the days that followed the strike there was “peaceful protest” in many Northern an