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New Pope?

I've got to wonder (and I know I'm blogging about it) why this is such a big deal in a republic - I mean, I get why the Italians or Brazilians might be fascinated by a puff of smoke and I agree that it is news, but doesn't the media coverage seem a little extravagant? This must be what atheists feel like on Christmas or Egyptians feel like on Passover or something...

Hate'n on the clown

Oscar Rundown (better late than never) 2013

1.       Amour - Couldn't care less (maybe when I'm older) 2.       Argo - The trailer didn't excite me and bearded Ben as the do-gooder G-man just pissed me off - I'm sure it's "great" but I'm going to wait for HBO to pick it up 3.       Beasts of the Southern Wild - The trailer made me think of a southern version of "Little Miss Sunshine" with black folk and a hurricane - not going to see it. 4.       Django Unchained - QT jumps the shark - pulp entertainment that makes the black folk (and hand wringers) squirm though there is a powerful undercurrent of a message against Uncle Ben's Rice. 5.       Flight - I can't believe this movie even got made, have no idea what it's about and might see it some day on NetFlix (I hope I'm happily surprised). 6.       Les Misérables - Saw the whole cast live on stage at the Oscars singing one of the songs - I don't much like musicals and I like them even less on celluloid or bits or wha