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All hat - still chattel? I know the news cycle is pretty fast in the Twitterverse but when you consider all the ink and bits spilled over the antics of Rep. Rep. Frederica Wilson (Dumbass-FL) it makes you wonder, where did this bitch disappear to? One week she's all that anyone is talking about and now, poof, she's gone. I think Rex Tillerson might be responsible for the magic act the media performed in whooshing the rodeo clown off the national stage because his tweet distilled what was going through the mind of every sentient citizen of this great republic every time they saw the Gold Start widow story splash across their screen. Sure, CHAD is my 5 year old Rottweiler & EXXON is my $5 whore. CHEXXON is their 6 month old baby. He looks just like Rep. Frederica Wilson. — Rex Tilllerson (@RexTilllerson) October 23, 2017 This tweet was in answer to some snarky question (since removed) about our Sec. of States former job as CEO of Exxon and the

Hell Upside Down

Years ago (20 years ago) I happened to be surfing cable television using my magic wand and landed upon the MTV music awards in time for the finale which the brass at Viacom decided to turn over to Marilyn Manson who sang one of his/her/its ditties to thrill the youngsters. The performance was so vulgar, seditious and evil (also not very good) that the awards show host, Chris Rock, admonished everyone watching to immediately go to church or risk eternal damnation just for witnessing what they had just seen (and what the multinational Fortune 500 media conglomerate had just broadcast to a world wide audience). This was 1997 dear reader or 5 years into the Clinton presidency and I challenge you to find an example of cultural rot over the past two decades that could equal the filth of this carny act. Say what you will about violent, misogynist, homophobic rappers or tattooed MS-13 street gangs or skin-head white supremacists but their antics, loathsome as they are, can't even touch