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Never Mind the Sex Pistols, Here's the Bollocks

Imagine-Nation Under the misrule of The Lord Callaghan of Cardiff a band of miscreants emerged from King's Road to proclaim the death of Rock n' Roll - exhausted and heartbroken by the socialist monotony which gave it birth and against which it had struggled, unsuccessfully, to destroy.  Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols opens with the marching boots of "Holidays in the Sun" and doesn't let up until the lads have blasted Geo-politics, the Monarchy, Abortion, social cohesion, the recording industry and pretty much everything else their Clockwork Orange minds framed as a target. It could have been (should have been) the coup de grâce to the whole musical enterprise, but a few years latter the Thatcher regime captured the nations leadership and like a bad joke Wham! burst upon the emerging decadent and frivolous culture created by those who despised The Iron Lady as an "answer" or, more accurately, a reactionary hissy fit to her shop

an idea called America

“This society of ours is a better society than the United States,” he said. “ It’s more even, it’s more fair . We’ve had a 50 percent increase in real incomes in the last 20 years. Median America has had zero, zero.” He added, “We have universal health protection, from the cradle to the grave.” This from a lost-love letter sent to the United States of America by an Australian Constitutional Monarchist and published (where else) in the New York Times - " Dear America, Why Did You Let Us Down? " Answer: Because you need to be let down and you don't understand "America" enough to even comment on the matter. This woman uses the "semipermeable membrane of celluloid" to learn about our history, follow our politics and understand our institutions - she watches "The West Wing" and thinks it actually reflects White House operations (unfortunately, for the past 8 years she might be right). She learned about speeches by JFK and MLK and knows about

My President Was White

Way back in the summer of 2008 I was having a conversation with a good friend, a poet, a committed liberal about then candidate Barack Obama. She was obsessive on the fact that he was black or African American or whatever and I asked her why she ignored or discounted the white or Caucasian half of the man? She honestly looked at me like I'd just said something she didn't know or, at least, had never thought of before. I didn't say this to discount Obama's blackness , but simply to acknowledge the mans whiteness which, in my opinion, plays as big a role in his political success as anything else and, truth be told, describes his ideological worldview to the consternation of his many black supporters. Case in point is the Ta-Nehisi Coates article " My President Was Black " which tries to make sense of BHO's presidency and how, incredibly (in his view), it lead to the election of Donald J Trump. Obama went on to say that it would be better, and more realisti

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vladimir Putin

Here in the USofA where anyone (and I mean pretty much anyone) can become a citizen and therefore an American it's hard to get a handle on Russia where nobody just shows up and "becomes" a Russian. The Bear doesn't welcome outsiders into it's den and there's a damn good reason for that which is something else the sugar-water drinking, video game playing, slap-happy simpletons living on the fruited plain can never fully understand. America - The United States of America - is bordered by two relatively harmless countries: Canada - a Constitutional Monarchy filled with earnest, kind weepers who look down upon the lower 48 as uncivilized but dangerous first cousins who they have to live with and manage. Mexico - a Socialist basketcase filled with Spanish overlords and their conquered peoples who do everything they can to escape across the boarder. Russia, on the other hand shares a boarder with fourteen (14!!!) different countries, some of them real beaut

West World

Suspension of disbelief is a critical and mysterious quality of human consciousness required to fallow any story be it told around the campfire, in a novel or on the LCD screen. It is demanded in spades by the creators and writers of HBO's West World which portrays a world of the machine in all its post-modern glory and focuses, ironically on the subject of self-awareness. It's heady stuff and the show has a great production budget and very good acting to, like the theme park it documents, bring it all to life. I couldn't help thinking about the show and it's hapless "hosts" when Kanye West dropped by Trumps keep in midtown Manhattan this morning: “We’ve been friends for a long time,” Mr. Trump told reporters. Asked what he and Mr. West talked about, he responded: “Life. We discussed life.” "I'm not one, I can't be." Hmmm... Sounds very suspicious. Especially since Kanye just stood there, motionless, in shut down mode . When Kanye

Jabrill Manchin for Sec. of State

It's pretty simple really Who's it going to be?  Lamar, Baker, Deshaun, Dede or Jabrill ? The suspense is killing me and it has me forgetting all about  Stavridis, Huntsman, Romney, Bolton and Manchin . Combining the first names of the Heisman front runners with those of Sec of State Apprentice gives America a bad-ass diplomatic name. Check it out: Baker Huntsman (disgruntled psycho chef who hates... everything) Jabrill Manchin  (it just sounds awesome) Looks like the best combination we come up with is Rex Tillerson so let's go with that. This Trump administration is going to be staffed by business execs, generals and Governors - no yes men and middle management types will find a leadership role on this crew. All the losers who use politics and elections to elevate their status, get special treatment and cash in will have to stuff it for the next 4 years. They can all go find work in the private sector where they'll never rise any higher than executive vice p

An Emergent Phenomenon

As readers of the KOTCB blog already know, I have a significant issue with "dark matter" and it's mysterious undetectable quality - especially since it must comprise 90% of the known universe if our current understanding of gravitational pull and relativity are applied to the problem of keeping it all together. You'd think that some "thing" that comprises over 90% of the universe would be observable, if not to the naked eye then, at the very least, to some kind of oscillator magnetron dreamed up in the physics lab. What do we pay these people for anyway? So I was overjoyed to read that Erik Verlinde has found a new, and potentially revolutionary explanation for how things work, why what goes up must come down and how planets revolve around their galaxies a 500,000 MPH - it's all spelled out for a layman like myself in an article titled  Radical New Theory of Gravity --"An Emergent Phenomenon, Not a Fundamental Force of the Universe" . (I&#

Freiburg Frank ”Open your heart to everyone”

I'm an Apple Computer user - MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, AppleTV, iCloud, iEverything and that's just the way things shook out over the years. My first computer was an AppleII and I spent my adolescence coding on green screen terminal hooked up to mainframes creating rudimentary programs in BASIC and COBOL but by the mid 80's I'd moved to the Amiga PC which I loved - unfortunately the Amiga didn't succeed. So back to Apple, then to IBM ThinkPad with a Psion hand held and Nokia smart phone, then to Dell laptop and Apple iPhone and once I had the iPhone I figured I might as well standardize on Apple which I did and that's how I found myself in the Apple walled garden of existence. I'm not a groupie, don't bleed Cupertino silver and white, don't watch the Mac World streaming videos of product announcements - I just want a simple computer that I can explain to my wife and children - all of them have Apple products too so we're talking 6 iPhones, 5 la

"Society had its chance"

I frigg'n hate Twitter . For years the company I worked for begged me to use it to promote products, innovations and success stories to the broader tweeting public but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. It just seemed like an endless stream of one liners with incongruous patterns building a formidable wall of confusion . Then the 2016 election happened and I had to start using the cursed platform to follow Trump to figure out what he was doing - now that was fun because Trump actually understands how to use the service and does use it to great effect as his own printing press - like this: ISIS is taking credit for the terrible stabbing attack at Ohio State University by a Somali refugee who should not have been in our country. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 30, 2016 Impressive. Complete freak out by all the good people bringing Somali refugees into America and relocating them in the heartland (Ohio) where they get educated and, basically, act like

Dark Chocolate

The NYRofB takes on  The Challenge of Consciousness and it couldn't come at a better time because people all over America are freaking out. Unfortunately, our understanding of consciousness is about as clear as our understanding of dark matter - which is none at all. Just as cosmologists don’t know what dark matter is. All we know is that there is something that doesn’t add up and very likely points to some profound error in our assumptions about reality. That’s what we should be concentrating on, rather than getting into elaborate and suggestive metaphors like “movies in the head.” "I'm scared - look at my hair" An example is NBC contributor Anand Giridharadas who was grilled by schizophrenic “Morning Joe” Scarborough on his Trump = Hitler false consciousness yesterday. It must have come as something of a surprise to Anand since Joe had been making the case that Trump = Hitler for the 6 months leading up to Nov. 8th but he should remember that for 6 months


He took over his island nation a few years before my birth, brought the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation while I was in the whom, and hung on to power by hook or by crook for 50+ years initiating countless arguments with irrational left wing romantics who simply could not or would not face the reality of The Beard. But all argument aside, the truth you need to know - all you ever need to know about Castro's Cuba is right here: This video, shot at  Elian Gonzalez's 10th birthday celebration and attended by El Comandante, was a patriotic showpiece that would make most, if not all, self-satisfied hipster socialist vomit on their Fidelity 401K retirement account statement . Check out the commie boy scout uniforms, the third rate clown warm up act and then the main attraction spewing out party line bromides (pointed finger and pregnant pause) to a captive (and I do mean captive) audience of children. This video does not fully explain the depravity of the event becau


I believe in world peace just like the next guy, but sometimes this otherwise pleasant sentiment is taken too far. This is especially true when it comes to rock n' roll and football so when I sipped my coffee this morning and THIS abomination of a TV commercial assaulted my consciousness I damn near spit my java all over the breakfast table. I was still smarting from the Thanksgiving day spanking the hated Cowpokes had administered to the valiant and noble ( and historic ) football franchise representing Gen. George Washington so I was in no mood to make peace. But that's not the only reason to hate this commercial. I'm assuming that the scene takes place in suburban Washington because there are no garbage men in Dallas who wear a Redskins cap so the mother and son are basically living in hostile territory and decide to flaunt their apostasy for all to see - parading around with a blue and white pentagram on their hat. The poor guy who picks up their trash - not an easy or

Uncle Sam's Erect Penis

Almost two weeks and the powers that be still can’t bring themselves to declare Michigan for DJT . In almost every election for the past 30 years the nation has turned it’s eyes to Americas flaccid penis left impotent and ashamed from erectile disfunction that no amount of Viagra or Cialis could fill with blood and rage - being old and hot and diseased at its tip with tiny STD’s dripping into the Gulf of Mexico. Not this year. This year the USA got a hard-on and mighty Michigan roared to life like a master of the universe billionaire looking at a Slovenian supermodel spread eagle on his gold leaf encrusted pleasure pad. They’re afraid and they don’t want the coddled and sensitive international community to see the raging boner bulging in Uncle Sam’s pants, but it’s there and someone’s gonna get fucked. If I were ISIS, Mexican Drug Cartels or Black Lives Matter I’d be running for my hidey hole right about now because to The Elvis from Queens they all look like a pussy he’d like to gr

Hamilton and the KotGC

From Playbill - Face value of tickets purchased at the box office are as follows: Standard tickets start at $139 and Premium tickets start at $549. So a family of 4 can sit in the cheap seats for about $550 which is worth it if you love musical theater (I don't) and want to see conventional US history retold as a song and dance gimmicky minstrel show. And what does the audience get for their money aside from a sore ass, control group tested melodies, Disneyfide costumes and set design, hammed up "acting" of high school history book characters - well, if you're the soon to be VP, you get lectured on your way out the door . It's to be expected that a Knight of the Golden Circle would feel compelled to speak truth to power when he has a hated Republican trapped in the theater but there is something particularly ironic when that "truth" teller is Brandon Victor Dixon (dressed as Aaron Burr) graduate of 0.01%er St. Albans School located beside the Nation

the most imperfect messenger

I've followed the career of Glenn Beck for many years and listened to his radio program and watched his TV shows on many occasions. He is, as Donald J Trump has so eloquently pointed out, "a whack job" and proves it repeatedly over and over and over again. Most recently with AC360: BECK: Oh I think he has already stated very clearly where he stands. He doesn't -- I don't know if anybody -- I mean look, Anderson, the word racism has been thrown around, and racist, so much to good, decent people that aren't racist. They're just not. And, please, I know I'm the most imperfect messenger to bring this to you, but the word has been thrown around about everyone. And so it doesn't mean anything anymore. And the problem is, when you throw a word around like that all the time, then you begin to dismiss the actual racists. And we have to have a discussion, aside from politics, about this small group of people and how this European and really pro-Russian

Hate Trumps Love

We Love Trump's Hate Duality is a tricky thing, as is unity, and if the concepts being hammered out in the dialectic are too broad or ambiguous it's hard to make a choice between the two. This is especially true of love and hate - flip sides of the same coin - which can transpose in the mind of a true believer with shocking speed and ferocity. So I always found Hitlery's slogan Love Trumps Hate (which was probably dreamed up by the idiot Robby Mook ) to be a failure of imagination indicative of her entire campaign. First of all, it makes Trump the center of message and it would make a better slogan for Trump's campaign than it would for Hillary's - "trumps" being the action word. Second and more profound is the image of a convention center filled with people waving cards proclaiming their Love for Trump's Hate and realizing that they do love the hate (however they define it) because his hate is all they've got. They need his hate because his ha

and every vote should count

Imagine yourself in the HRC war room Tuesday night : 7PM - Giddy with excitement, FWPOTUS making Herstory. 8PM - All good, exit polls looking right on target, Hillary landslide on the way (Virginia still to close to call? Weird, but no problem...) 9PM - What the fuck is happening in Florida? And Virginia is still too close to call? 10PM - This can't be happening, This just can't be happening. Trump just took Ohio and Florida is still in play. 11PM - We lost North Carolina, Florida and Iowa, his path is opening up and our path is closing. Make a list of close vote states we can challenge. 12PM - We're screwed. He's going to win Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Some one get the networks on the phone - don't let them announce the Pennsylvania results. We need to strategize. 1PM - The Daily Kos live blog has it down . 2PM - We'll demand recounts in all the close elections and use our lawyers to win this thing - John, get out there and tell those people to go hom

The Trump Card

It's 1:00 AM in Loudoun County VA and the place is packed - standing room only with no more room so there are thousands outside the room listening and cheering through the open doors. Oh yeah, and it's Sunday night (Monday morning technically) and daylight savings time just ended so it feels like 12AM not 1AM but who gives a damn about that because everyone in the place is there for a bigger and better reason than sleep - DRAIN THE SWAMP - LOCK HER UP - USA. Yes, they're all there for something big - something bigger than Trump the man - called TRUMP the idea, the human Molotov cocktail, the ultimate trump card. It's happening, and when it happens it will be one of the greatest moments in American history. MAGA.