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Number Two

1/20/21 January 20, 2021 is a day that will live in a cesspool of fetid shame for as long as American history is studied and though I didn't participate in Jo(((k)))e Brandon's inauguration in any way I was aware that it happened and the putrid stench of that unholy event still infects our national psyche - As I say, it always will. Forever. The fact that this legendary moron was installed as POTUS at the direction of both major political parties, or as some like to call it - the Uniparty, was not just an act of national suicide but also a flat out declaration that representative democracy was dead and buried deep, deep, deep in the swamp. It's repetitive to go over all of it again and the whole fiasco has been well documented on the KOTCB blog so I'm not going to beat a dead horse but in light of the 1/19/22 FJB press conference from a few days back and the one year anniversary of what will be remembered as a dark day in American history I wanted to chronicle one b

Long Live the Insurrection

In 1962 Anthony Burgess wrote a dystopian novel about an aimless violent youth and the antics he and his droogs (friends) get up to in an ethically empty society flooded with consumerism, drugs and sexual license to fill the void of deeper meaning that human beings crave - dare I say, demand - at a spiritual level. 10 years after publication of this magnificent and very imaginative work of fiction the storied filmmaker Stanley Kubrick adapted the novel into a movie and created what has become the authoritative version of this story in the popular imagination. As readers of the KOTCB blog know, I consider this period ( circa 1972 ) in US history to have been a watershed moment and peg '73 in particular as the first year of Clown World. So now that it's 2022 and we're 60 years into A Clockwork Orange and/or 50 years into the Clown World version of A Clockwork Orange and the associated " Fifty Years of Failure " ethos I think it is time - no, I KNOW it's long pas

Ding Dong, Ding Dong

A new year is upon us and I have to look back on 2021 with bitterness and frustration when compared to the climacteric 2020 including the political epiphany that bled over the 12 days of Christmas and culminated in the 1/6 "insurrection" in which I proudly participated. It's hard to top 2020 - I doubt it will ever be fully eclipsed because it burns through all efforts to hide the truth with a fire that will only grow hotter in the years to come. My temper has cooled since the November 3rd act of war committed against the Patriots of America and the Chinavirus plandemic coupled with the COVID-19 psyop and its commensurate hysteria has proven that representative democracy is impossible when a population can be brainwashed by it's domestic intelligence agencies.   Trump pulled a fast one in 2016 and, with some help from who knows where, threw a bucket of cold water on Her Highness and melted a thousand points of darkness conjuring spells in America's Blue hellhole