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To Deux Two Dva Too

  For better or worse its a man's world and no matter how much we try to get the girls involved by encouraging them to be more masculine in their approach to life they just keep falling down on the job. Three recent examples will prove my point: Russian Olympic figure skater Kamila Valieva : Why is she doing quadruple jumps at the Olympic Games in Beijing. China? Grown women can't do these jumps - only young girls can - and they look stupid and ungraceful when they succeed. Ban the Quads from the competition IOC! Stop encouraging women to perform feats of athletic daring and concentrate on their feminine grace and beauty on the ice. It's a man's maneuver that requires performance enhancing drugs and the coaches are scum who don't think twice about juicing these teenage girls. Roberta Paulsen, the woman trampled by police horse in Ottawa : I can't believe I even have to describe this horror of a grandma with a walker standing in a protest line and "holding

The Most Un-American Man In America

The Federalist Society has been a stalwart partner in Conservative Inc. for decades and along with the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute they've burned through a lot of donor money playing the policy rationalization game and legitimizing the felonious US government. Last week they held a February boondoggle at a Disney World resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL and invited former VP Mike Pence to kick-off the festivities with a keynote stemwinder. At the podium with a silhouette of James Madison (the Federalist Society's logo) hovering behind him this dishonorable coward continued his monotonous shameful journey in culpability that will smear the Pence name forever. If you think that's a harsh review I'll remind you that the KOTCB blog: Endorsed Mike Pence for President in January 2015  Politico backs a Bush/Romney GOP Ticket Defended Mike Pence when the GOP shivved him in March 2015  The Liberty of Bizzy Barefoot Championed Mike Pence as a MAGA warri

Insurrection-22 (The Honkistan Variant)

I'm an Aquarian and so are many of my favorite people so I send them birthday greetings this time of year and post humorous memes and video clips to their social media timelines because I care. I flippantly posted a comic piece of hippie nostalgia to one of my basest brothers Bday string as a Jo(((k)))e but when I viddy the sinny of " Hair " by Milos Forman I simply couldn't believe what I was seeing. This particular video is a mash-up of the films opening song "Aquarius" and the final number titled "Let The Sun Shine In" and it exposes the CIA psyop attack that was inflicted on America in the 1960's with shameless honesty. The real American insurrection occurred between 1963 and 1973 and is brilliantly chronicled in James Ellroy's  Underworld USA Trilogy  and victoriously documented in Forman's film adaptation of "Voloss" which ends with a mob of peaceniks swarming the White House and (symbolically) overthrowing the governmen