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Total Eclipse 3.0

 " Why is the Moon exactly the same apparent size from Earth as the Sun? Surely this cannot be just coincidence; the odds against such a perfect match are enormous. " I've often thought the exact same thing and was thinking it very hard three weeks ago on April 8th at 3:17pm ET when I witnessed a 91% solar eclipse while standing bearfoot in the grass caveman style and staring up at the sky. As the disk of la luna moved across the face of the sun I bore witness to what appeared to be random evidence of a grand design drawn up and established by a creator God with infinitely inscrutable motives. And that's just the caveman level observations but when I contemplate the vastness of our solar system (to say nothing of the expanding universe) and the true size and distance of the planetary objects involved in this dance I am truly humbled and in awe of the divine proportions in this phenomenon. What are the odds? For me the odds are infinitesimally tiny to the point of absu