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Ye loves everybody (including Hitler)

The persona of Kanye West is no stranger to the ringing of the Clown Bell and has been cited by this blog on 3 previous occasions: A meditation on human consciousness and creation titled  West World considered the beneficent influence (if not design and manufacture) of Mr. West by forces much greater and more mysterious than himself. A review of Rap Music in general, through the KOTCB lens, titled  where the fuck is Kanye when you need him? highlights the simpatico mindset that forms the Trump/West bonds of friendship and loyalty. In October of 2018 America's First Woman President (FWPOTUS) entertained Kanye in the Oval Office and this meeting afforded Mr. White Chocolate Chas T. the opportunity to ruminate on the recurring theme of (S)He Broke Me - The Überfrau vs. The NPC's which explains Trump's otherworldly power in defeating the White Suburban Women (WiSubWo) and their selected "Representatives." What more is there to say? A talented guy is elevated to bil

Election Jam

 Hey, Democracy ain’t perfect and you don’t get what you want most of the time but I’ve still got this blog and that’s something most Chinamen and Russians can’t say, right? I know that voting doesn’t matter because the winners are pre-selected by the IC but vote anyway.

Orange Brandon Razing

In the past, whenever Jo(((K)))e Brandon would contemplate running for POTUS , like in 2015 when Hitlery was looking weak, the KOTCB blog would relish the prospect of this proven nincompoop embarrassing himself for however long he decided to stay in the hunt because if there is one thing this guy is good at it’s making a world class clown of himself. Ring loud, ring often is the moto of this semi-secret society and in the case of Delaware’s loudmouth Senator the ringing never stoped from his Senate installation in 1973 until his Soul Birth of a Nation speech on 9/1/22. I’m old enough to remember his first campaign for president and the ignoble manner in which “Lunch Bucket Joe” was forced to withdraw from the race after lifting word for word a speech by British Labor loser Neil Kinnock and reciting the commie rhetoric as his own Scranton, PA life story. This embarrassing crime was one I naively thought would result in electoral doom for this insufferable know-it-all the next time th

The Entire Problem

  A few weeks ago the FBI inspected former President Trump's home/club Mar-A-Lago in Palm Beach, Fl in search of... something that took 9+ hours to find. Whatever that "something" is must already be known, and probably planted, by the Intelligence Community a long time ago. For the record, Trump was swift-kicked out of the presidency by the Uniparty on November 3, 2020 and after a few months of bitching about "The Steal" and teeing up the Jan6 Save America March (Insurrection) the Elvis from Queens left the Oval Office #NoHandshake on 1.20.21 to start The Art Of The Comeback from the comfort of America's flaccid penis. DJT was kicked off all social media platforms and ignored by the broadcast news networks (Fox News Channel has ghosted America's 45th POTUS since April) so aside from a few MAGA rallies and endorsing winning GOP primary candidates he has been a low profile "threat to OUR republic" even considering the possible treasonous espio

A second childishness and mere oblivion

One of the greatest things about Trump is the way his candidacy and presidency exposed the fraudulent foundation of an entertainment establishment that produces, directs, edits and performs the Clown World theater of our meta-reality. These performers are comprised of well known thespians of stage and screen, TV talking heads and court jesters for the Administrative State, Rock & Roll troubadours and thousands of strange “public personalities” or influencers who have the spotlight of fame shine on them for inexplicable (but obviously nefarious) reasons. Sportsball athletes, popular “scientists” of note, authors and artists and spiritual leaders also play their part in this grand illusion which is organized and managed - sometimes loosely, sometimes tightly - by the Intelligence Community of the USA. In this regard, the chief “actors” in what has become a demonic tragic-comedy are the “elected” politicians who claim to represent the will of We the People but are, in fact, soulless p

RIP Jonathan E.

William Harrison was a prophetic writer of considerable learning and talent with an unflinching focus on the human condition and a shitlib sentimentality that secured a tenured academic seat at the University of Arkansas . This Razorback's contribution to American arts & letters is significant as a fine writer and storyteller and as a teacher to the many talented scribblers who attended the UofA Master of Fine Arts program. As is often the case with writers it is a throw away story or literary folly that captures the attention of some editor or producer and in Mr. Harrison's case that was a piece of futuristic fluff published in Esquire Magazine ( 1973 ) titled "The Rollerball Murders." The director Norman Jewison put it on celluloid and cast the great James Caan as the stories stoic hero Jonathan E. The screenplay , also written by Harrison, builds on the short story and creates a fully realized aesthetic of a dystopian future growing out of cultural (R)evolutio

The Putt Pirate

Insurrectionist? The January 6 Committee is an unconstitutional phony "show trial" put on by compromised & controlled  selected Representatives from The People's House for the benefit of the Sharks and Clowns and Nerds that comprise the FakeNews media. The KOTCB blog hasn't commented on its findings because the political theater isn't worthy of comment - it's not ethical to even spend one minute watching the proceedings on television or reading a synopsis in the local paper. Going further, even the headlines and (admittedly humorous) memes should be ignored in an effort to clear the psyop gunk from the conscious mind. Like all politics, the J6 hearings are fake and gay but in this particular case the subjective structure being presented to the collective subconscious has a profound distortion as its foundational component. It is a point that this blog has been making ever since The Elvis From Queens glided down the escalator at Trump Tower with beautiful

Psycho Killer, qu'est-ce?

I came into this wicked world in the early 1960's and as a result I have born witness to America's 50 Years of Failure which includes the modern age of mass shootings by psychotic men who "go off" on a given day, for no reason at all (except "guns"), and kill scads of innocent bystanders. Back in August of 2019 a KOTCB blog post titled " Reciprocity City " explored a young  gunman  named Patrick Crusius  who drove 9 hours through the west Texas flatlands to shoot up El Paso, TX The KOTCB has commented on many of these shootings, bombings and knifings over the years -  The roots of the Boston Marathon Bombing ,  the Emanuel AME Church shooting ,  Syed Rizvan Farook and his bride Tashfeen Malik ,  Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting ,  Nick Cruz lovesick Parkland shooting ,  the Iranian, PETA activist, Vegan Bodybuilder, YouTuber's attack on Google  and now this very oddly timed and placed "lone wolf" attack on Walmart shoppers. This list