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It's a small world after all.

I 💗 pirates. I think the golden age of piracy was one of the greatest times to be alive in human history and that pirates, a subject on which I have read quite a lot, lived a raucous, bawdy and "free" lifestyles. I could jump down the rabbit hole here and go deep into my personal favorite pirates, their adventures and the lasting effect their exploits have on Western Civilization which, in my humble opinion, are significant. But I'm going to focus on a fictional pirate named Captain Jack Sparrow from a fictional series of films about Pirates of the Caribbean based on a theme park ride of the same name located in the Magic Kingdom owned and operated by the Walt Disney corporation. This particular pirate was brought to life, so to speak, by a thespian named Johnny Depp who is rather infamous for his on screen (and off-screen) performances as a roguish lothario and all around libertine . The pirate Sparrow, not the actor, is a wonderful representation of these swashbuckling

Mission Accomplished Again

I love to read Caitlin Johnstone over at Medium because, aside from being a commie, she is right about almost everything and a prolific writer. So when Geo. W. Bush bragged about his call "to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq" during a speech at his presidential center in Dallas I just had to go read her assessment of the moment . She didn't disappoint, claiming that Bush's Freudian slip/confession is "the single best thing that has ever happened" (W"s malapropism), sweet Caitlin goes for the Adam's apple: The bullshit doesn’t get any more brightly illuminated than this, folks. All that spin and narrative management they’ve been pouring into the US proxy war in Ukraine, and Bush undoes it all with the Bushism to end all Bushisms. The girl's got a point. Bush wasn't even supposed to be talking about Iraq - he was talking about Putin and his "wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Ukraine." Those are the wo

The Creature Crawling

  Creature It is no secret that I hold the music of  Charles Thompson IV – aka Frank Black, aka Black Francis, the lead singer of Pixies - to be some of the greatest rock & roll ever made and I can listen to any of his recordings at any time for an indefinite duration. I’m a ultra-Black fanatic, to use the  contemporary  parlance, and pledge unconditional dedication to this man's inscrutable musical message. He’s my favorite pop musician which is to say that I’ve spent more time listening to him (especially the Frank Black records 1993-2006) than any other musical artist including long time favorites Pete Townshend (1964-1978), Lowell George,  Kramer (and ALL Shimmy-Disc), Elliot Smith and Doug Martsch of Built to Spill who composed the soundtrack of my life. Almost 3 decades ago Mr. Black wrote a tune titled " The Creature Crawling " that was put on his " The Cult Of Ray " album and the song has stuck with me for reasons which I will now explain.  The creat

What time is it?

"Proof" You're minding your business on West Pico Blvd. when some zonked beyond belief broad staggers into your shop, makes a mad dash to the water closet and pukes all over the toilet. The Agent Smith's in her security detail position themselves at the bathroom door and stand guard while the First Daughter-In-Law cleans the vomit off her face and arms. After giving you the nod to keep your mouth shut and clean up the mess these watchmen escort this unaccountable twist out the backdoor and into the society from whence she came. I'm not making this up - it just happened last night for real and I've got photographic proof of the aftermath (not that I needed any) for all you "show me the proof", "I haven't seen any evidence", "it's probably Russian disinformation" ass-holes who NEED "proof" for every obvious thing that ever happens in this life. You might be one of those people and if you are I'm glad you stumbl

Mask Off

U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle finally did it - after 14 months of mandatory masking by order of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this capricious and ineffectual edict has been ruled unconstitutional and, it follows, illegal.  Since January 29, 2021 the CDC has prohibited citizens to travel without wearing a mask but the insanity actually started as far back as July 14, 2020 when " CDC calls on Americans to wear masks to prevent COVID-19 spread ." That's 643 days of stupidity folks - it covers the Kenosha Riots, the attempted kidnapping of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the Fake 2020 Election, the 1/6 Save America March and Insurrection, Jo(((K)))e Brandon's phony Inauguration, Trump's 2nd Impeachment, a horrible year of pathetic "leadership" from every single elected official in Washington DC, a war in Eastern Europe - and NOW, at long last, a federal judge in Florida ends the mask tyranny with one simple ruling from her bench.

The bank of justice is bankrupt.

  FBPOTUS congratulates FBWSCJOTUS One of the first "politically aware" moments in my life occurred in 1991 when President Geo. H. W. Bush nominated Clarence Thomas to replace retiring Justice Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court. I'm not a lawyer and I didn't care about SCOTUS rulings at the time or the ethnographic/religious makeup of the High Court or Marbury v. Madison or any of that crap I'd learned in American History 101 - but I did care about a guy getting denied a job promotion for the "crime" of making a joke about a  pubic hair on his can of Coca-Cola. Oh, I believed Anita Hill all right, but I didn't believe that anything she said about Clarence Thomas disqualified him from being a judge and, at my relatively young age, I really got myself worked up over the high tech lynching of this share cropper's grandson. I was living in DC that summer and followed the scandal from the start when  Nina Totenberg broke the sexual harassment alle

Academy Awards Dump (2022)

#OscarsSoTupac Way back in 1996 I was working at ABC Television and in those days the entire network focused on the Academy Awards broadcast because, aside from the Super Bowl, the Oscar's was the biggest night in television (meaning the advertising revenue for the show was astronomical). It's hard to believe now but 25 years ago there was still a broad celebration of Hollywood heroes and the art of filmmaking that crossed political lines and united the country (and the world). The winner of Best Picture that year was Mel Gibson's "Braveheart" which is an epic celebrating freedom and Scottish nationalism - with some based Catholicism weaved into the narrative. There was the de rigueur celebration of nepotistic achievement with Nick Cage (Coppola) best actor and Mira Sorvino best supporting actress but that's part of the Tinseltown business model. There was even the (stealth) celebration of a homosexual pedophile when Kevin Spacey won best supporting actor for

Blue Devils and Yellow Cowards

A few weeks ago Duke lost Coach K’s last game at Camron Indoor Stadium to the schools hated rival, North Carolina University, in an epic grudge match. It was an “ unacceptable ” finale for the maniacal ferret-faced competitor who created the 40 year dynastic Duke hoops program with 1,000+ wins and fists full of ACC and NCAA championships but for Tar Heels everywhere it was a day of retribution. Michael  William Krzyzewski, is a red-blooded All-American college basketball coach of Polish and Ukrainian descent who grew up in Chicago’s famous Ukrainian Village which is (or at least was) culturally very reminiscent of the Rus borderlands. That is to say that young S h-shef-ski   grew up as  far away (psychology) from Dixie as is possible while still living within the borders of the USA. That makes him the perfect choice to represent Duke University and the Yankee overachievers who emigrate to Durham for 4 years of education and networking before moving back to non-Southern civilization. T