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Orange Brandon Razing

In the past, whenever Jo(((K)))e Brandon would contemplate running for POTUS , like in 2015 when Hitlery was looking weak, the KOTCB blog would relish the prospect of this proven nincompoop embarrassing himself for however long he decided to stay in the hunt because if there is one thing this guy is good at it’s making a world class clown of himself. Ring loud, ring often is the moto of this semi-secret society and in the case of Delaware’s loudmouth Senator the ringing never stoped from his Senate installation in 1973 until his Soul Birth of a Nation speech on 9/1/22. I’m old enough to remember his first campaign for president and the ignoble manner in which “Lunch Bucket Joe” was forced to withdraw from the race after lifting word for word a speech by British Labor loser Neil Kinnock and reciting the commie rhetoric as his own Scranton, PA life story. This embarrassing crime was one I naively thought would result in electoral doom for this insufferable know-it-all the next time th