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Muro del vudú

MAGA Wall " The Supreme Court’s ‘travel ban’ decision is what you’d expect if this were a normal presidency ". so says Andrew Rudalevige from  Bowdoin College * located in Brunswick, Maine (Hispanic 2.9% of the population) which is just about as far away from the US Southern Boarder as you can get and still be living in the lower 48 -  Hawaii is much further away . And it was the case  Trump v. Hawaii on which the SCOTUS was handing down a ruling which found that, yes, the POTUS does have the constitutional authority to prohibit entry into the USA if he deems it necessary for whatever reason he dreams up. It's called the “imperial presidency” and professor Rudalevige is an expert on the subject which is causing so much discomfort on the Progressive "left" and #NeverTrump "right" who interpreted a "living Constitution" to re-form a government that demands a "normal presidency." Any honest reading of US history would raise a qu

Easy Rider w/expletive

Back in the days of my youth the older brothers and sisters seemed to love “Easy Rider” - a film made by and staring Peter Fonda who, like his sister, made the best of their nepotistic opportunity often afforded the offspring of Hollywood A-listers. It’s a great gig if you can get it and provides the star or starlet A LOT of leeway to do whatever the hell they want to because big daddy always has their back. So if you want to make a movie about two miscreant dope smugglers making their way across the fruited plain - sort of a “Grapes of Wrath” in reverse (because the story travels west to east)  - then by all means, do it. They’ll find you the money to make it and, more importantly, sign a distribution deal to actually get your “product” in front of as many eyeballs as they can. “Say, what is it again that we’re selling?” Answer: just a bunch of nehilistic bullshit that runs down the American Dream and shows the youth what a backward-ass country this is and how it deserves to be over

Fat Man

Let's talk about Nuclear Weapons and how dangerous they are. In 1945 Harry Truman ordered one to be dropped on Hiroshima, Japan (August 6th) and obliterated the city in a flash. I've been there and it's a powerful testament to man's inhumanity to man when you consider the horrifying power of the weapon and it's lingering after effects. Not that the firebombing raids over Japan and Germany were any less horrific - in most cases they killed more and did more damage than the A-bomb - but the fact that so much destructive power could be contained in a relatively small package was mind boggling and terrifying. In popular culture the 8/6/1945 date is a touchstone for the beginning of the Atomic Age because it's the first time one of these WOMD's had been used on a population center but I prefer to use August 9, 1945 because that's when the USA dropped the A-Bomb AGAIN!!! Do you get what I'm saying? If you drop one Nuke you've made a point and you c

A G7 Years' War

G7 Wave Goodbye Allegedly the first shot was fired during a "contentious phone call with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about tariffs Trump is imposing on the US neighbor to the north." A phone call between two leaders of long time neighboring countries with HUGE cross boarder trade and shared national interests - like the Stanley Cup . What did it sound like on May 25, 2018 when the war began? Something like this: "Didn't you guys burn down the White House?" You almost have to feel a little bit sorry for Justin and Canada because this one was a real zinger or a "head shot" as the pundits like to call them. How do you know? Because CNN published a correction (a retraction really) on behalf of the POTUS the day after the news broke in a wonderful piece titled " History according to Trump, War of 1812 edition ." Behold: "Yes, there's a kernel of truth here, since a lot of Canadians seem to think it was Canadians who


#PutinTeam Putin's audacious and cunning plot to #MAGA is mind boggling in its execution and ancillary benefits - I'll say it plainly, having Vladimir Putin run the USA is the greatest thing that ever happened to this country. I'm lovin' it.  I mean, think about it, the Washington Capitals just won their first Stanley Cup in franchise history. That's not a typo. The Caps - Champions. Yes, you have traveled deep into the rabbit hole or through the looking glass or across dimensions to a parallel Earth where anything is possible. Alexander Ovechkin, capitan of  #PutinTeam , lead his crew of international hockey stars to victory and, judging from my Insta and FB friends postings, the DC metro population is filled with colluders. We know from James Comey's March 2017 testimony before the congressional intelligence committee that Putin plays a long game and his brilliant strategy of using Seth Myers to spur the Elvis from Queens into action will go down as on

“God made you like this and loves you like this.”

Far be it for me to second guess the Pope (though I've been skeptical of his understanding of God in the past - see KOTCB  dios llora (god weeps) ) and the latest declaration allegedly handed down with the authority of Sancta Sedes is a real corker. I say "allegedly" because it's all hearsay told to a lapdog #FakeNews media by a gay victim of priestly homoerotic sexual abuse who had a private meeting with the Vicar of Christ and was told, “God made you like this and loves you like this.” A statement the Vatican neither confirms or denies but that's not important right now because... well, because "Francis’s reported words can help to build bridges between the Catholic church and LGBT people who have felt rejected and excluded from it. " Such is the power of Absolute Monarchy and if that monarch decides that God made homosexuals the way they are then, as far as Roman Catholics are concerned, it's case closed (t hat letter from Bishop Gene Robinson