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The lunatic is on the grassy knoll

The backend fortnight of November is a nostalgic time when celebrations of Thanksgiving, remembrance of the JFK assassination and addressing the annual Xmas card revive memories of what has been lost. This year was the 60th recurrence of the magic-bullet psyop inflicted on America so there was an avalanche of Oliver Stone, Roger Stone and every stone cold IC disinformation operator in the media-sphere telling stories about the shooting in Dallas and who was behind it. Whoever the killer(s) was picked the most sentimental national tradition to bloody forever by blowing the president's head off a few days before  the harvest feast and blessing . Thanks a lot dude(s) - I've had to live with the psychic effluvium of Jack's smiling wraith for my entire life and I do resent it. My uncle John loved to tell stories about his childhood and most of them revolved around experiences he had with his dad, my grandfather, which are unconventional or, in some cases, incomprehensible to a 2