Monday, October 29, 2018


I’m not actually a mad bomber but I am a Trump supporter and, for several years, I drove a white van which is a great way to roll by my estimation and should be lauded - not insulted. Easing into the captain’s seat of your van is like leaning back in an Archie Bunker wingback where you can watch the world pass by from the comfort of your living room which is exactly what a proper Van is but with wheels. Mine was an F-150 conversion with a fold down bed in the back and awesome sound system, TV and PS2 game console + blinds and curtains to afford privacy from the outside insanity of the open road. A Shagg’n Wagon ain’t for everybody, but for those who’ve navigated America’s highways and byways in the spacious comfort of a portable living room there really is no going back to the claustrophobic mobile coffin of an Acura, Torus or (even) a BMW. So it might be partisan pigheadedness or just a brotherhood of the road but I’m still not buying this crazy bomber Cesar Sayoc story which looks to me, for all the world, like a classic psych-ops play from the IC manual in Langley. I know it’s just my gut, but something doesn’t smell right about it and I refuse to even put in my mouth much less swallow.

Too many “whys” with no good answers like:
  1. Why now? 2 weeks out from the mid-terms and Cesar starts sending bombs? Really? Some of these motherfuckers deserve to have been blown up years ago so why now?
  2. How could a man be so meticulous in adorning his van be so incompetent in making bombs?
  3. Why do we even know about these bombs in the first place? Who’s leaking the info about the bombs and why are they doing it? A lot of information was splashed on TV screens (photos of the bombs, packaging, etc.) considering the fact that it was an ongoing investigation which is unusual, right?
I claim to understand a bombers mind in that the KOTCB blog is, if nothing else, a collection of lighthearted psychological thought bombs targeting clowns like the Clintons, the Obama’s, Robert DeNero and the like with no particular skill and no idea if they’ll ever actually work (though mine are designed to “go off”). So I think I know what I’m talking about when I say that Cesar Sayoc was probably as surprised to learn he was the mad bomber in the news as I was but it’s not like he can plead innocence with a record like his and that’s the whole point of using someone like him for a black hat operation.

Liberal Liars
It reminds me of the sad case of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula (AKA Sam Bacile) the creator of a crudely produced video titled "Innocence of Muslims" which hit YouTube in July of 2012 with zero impact but was mysteriously dubbed into Ariabic in the ensuing months and re-released in September just before long planned 9/11 protests erupted across the Arab world in response to the Arab Spring/Arab Winter which had inflamed religious wars between Sunni and Shia Muslims. Some folks still remember the Benghazi attack from that 9/11/2012 but most people have forgotten the breached walls of the US embassy in Egypt or the rioting at consulates and other American outposts throughout the Middle East and Asia all of which was blamed on poor Nakoula and his video. This ruse was perpetrated by the Obama administration and HRC's State Dept. and the #FakeNews scum carried the black water for months until the 2012 presidential election was in the bag and their team won. Susan Rice went on every Sunday news show and promoted this preposterous straw man video which every "journalist" swallowed hook, line and sinker and HRC even recorded a video apology for Americas first amendment rights to the Muslim world. Nakoula was arrested (no bail) and put in prison for a year - not that anyone was interested in hearing his side of the story anyway - until it all blew over and voters had time to forget... forget... forget.

I didn't forget. And when "Michael Moore Reveals Video of Bomb Suspect Amid Angry Crowd at Trump Rally" I remember all over again. Michael Moore, the sebaceous troll who's always sporting a Mich. State Spartans cap, just happened to find footage of Cesar the MAGABomber on his 1000 hours of B Roll stored in some digital landfill in his office. Call me a skeptic if you must but I'd rather be skeptical than stupid.

In his Instagram post, Moore explained he sent a crew that included producer Basel Hamden and longtime collaborator Eric Weinrib to the rally, which took place in the month following Trump's inauguration, not to film Trump himself but to capture footage of the crowds he attracts in order to understand "our fellow Americans, lost souls full of anger and possible violence, easily fed a pile of lies so large and toxic that we wondered if there would ever be a chance that we could bring them back from the Dark Side.”

Ah yes, the "pile of lies" grows larger by the hour - but who is to "bring us back from the Dark Side" if we must rely on even bigger liars than the liars that are lying to us already? 

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The End of Solution Sales

Pareto Principle

Harvard Business Review (HBR) called out the Democrats problem in 2012 in a paper called "The End of Solution Sales" and everyone who read it should have seen the Trump Train coming down the tracks."The old playbook no longer works. Star salespeople now seek to upend the customer’s current approach to doing business." The "old playbook" is called Solution Selling and it's been the playbook in business and government (same thing) for decades - here's how it works:

"Under the conventional solution-selling method that has prevailed since the 1980s, salespeople are trained to align a solution with an acknowledged customer need and demonstrate why it is better than the competition’s. This translates into a very practical approach: A rep begins by identifying customers who recognize a problem that the supplier can solve, and gives priority to those who are ready to act. Then, by asking questions, she surfaces a “hook” that enables her to attach her company’s solution to that problem. Part and parcel of this approach is her ability to find and nurture somebody within the customer organization—an advocate, or coach—who can help her navigate the company and drive the deal to completion."

Example: I'm With Her

The HBR points out that top performers forgo the Solution Sales methodology which targets "Talkers" (Climber, Friend and Guide) and implement a strategy called The Challenger Sale which is complex but pays off Bigly for those winners who can execute. A key to success for the "Challenger" is finding the right allies which are called "Mobilizers" in this report and constitute broad personality types delineated as the Go-Getter, Skeptic and Teacher. "Star performers are far more likely to be Challengers than any other type. Why? Challengers are the debaters on the sales team. They’ve got a provocative point of view that can upend a customer’s current practices, and they’re not afraid to push customers outside their comfort zone." There are many benefits to the Challenger approach - chief among them is that "It forces sales and marketing to finally come together and it's impossible to succeed unless they do."

Example: Make America Great Again

Aligning sales and marketing is the name of the game in politics and nothing unites these two fractious disciplines quite like a Challenger sales pro who FORCES the ninnies in the marketing dept. to speak to the needs of the customer instead of their products capabilities. A really, really good sales guy will actually change the product (if necessary) and trash all that fluff the marketing group has been working on for month or years which is something they hate to do but must because it's the salesman who closes and brings home the check. Other benefits are that "it drives strategic demand generation of the right opportunities" (not easy) and "it creates a focus on value as defined by the customer" (near impossible). But that's not all because there's something more - something much bigger - "The biggest benefit of The Challenger Sale model is that it creates pipeline."

Pipeline. More opportunities for more salespeople to swoop in and close deals based on the new mind-set the Challenger has created.

All year long there has been a great deal of speculation about a "Blue Wave" that should be breaking across the fruited plain on November 6th and quite a lot of fear (in some circles) about what might happen if that wave fails to materialize. Anxiety and trepidation fills the soul of both political parties as E-Day draws near and cold hard truths will be revealed. Speaking for myself I have no concern about this election whatsoever because I already know that a Red Wave is coming and the GOP will be gaining seats in the Senate and, very probably, the House because I understand the 80/20 rule of US Elections. The country is run by 21% of the electorate while another 19% works diligently to prevent that 21% from wiping them off the political map. The other 60% are comprised of 2 groups - 1. 30% are children, the insane or criminals and 2. 30% are shiftless layabouts or self sufficient survivors who couldn't care less who runs this country (they'd be fine living in Venezuela or Uzbekistan). So it all comes down to 1 in every 5 people and how they remember their history, perceive the present and, especially, dream about the future. If you drill down on the 40% of citizens who actually bother to vote the 80/20 Rule shows up in an even more profound way because any polling results will show that 80% of those voters already knew how they would be voting in 2018 the day after the 2016 election - they're either a Jack-Ass or a Pachyderm and it really doesn't matter what their team does in the real world because every two years their back pulling the lever for the Democrat or Republican on the ticket (name, record, philosophy, etc. doesn't matter). So the real deciders of any election are that 20% of the voters - that is to say, people who actually vote - who call themselves "undecided" and don't know how to make up their mind. These are the voters who need to be sold and, as election day approaches, need to be closed. So I ask you dear reader, who is the best political closer in the land?

This is shaping up like a replay of 2016 but in a way that will completely devastate the Globalist Left and leave the Democrat party in shambles. The Dems pulled their closer out of the bull pen and sent him to a high school in Las Vegas to speak to a few thousand people but he'll never win the deal because he lost his mojo back in 2010. The GOP has the Babe Ruth of politics - A guy who can pitch and hit with devastating skill and effectiveness (and play football) who will be spending the next two weeks closing - and man, can this guy close! Think about it - who are the 20% going to support when it comes time to decide?

Friday, October 19, 2018

(S)He Broke Me - The รœberfrau vs. The NPC's

come to mamma, I am your father

If you're a ๐Ÿ’ฉ it's a ๐Ÿ˜ข and ๐Ÿ˜  game when the ๐ŸŒŽ deals you a ๐Ÿƒ and his politics ๐Ÿ”€ and ๐Ÿ’ฏ% MAGA pro๐Ÿ’—, pro ๐Ÿ™ and pro ๐Ÿ”ซ. It' might even make you ๐Ÿ˜ฑ. That happened last week when Kanye West visited the OO and spoke with his creator about current events and possible solutions for national problems like violence, mass incarceration and his love for Trump. The usual suspects flipped out (of course) but no matter how hard they tried to dismiss Ye they couldn't erase the visual of Mr. Brown and Mr. West kick'n back and rapp'n it out with The Elvis from Queens. Nor could the NPC's process the message Kanye delivered loud and clear:

"It was something about when I put this hat on. ... It made me feel like Superman. That's my favorite superhero. And you made a Superman cape for me."

Be a Superman, put a cap on and fly. Slave morality runs deep in the SJW and their professoriate so Kanye must to be destroyed even if it meant digging up the bones of Leonard Cohen (the "real" Kanye) and publishing his drivel. Ye's friend and collaborator and fabulous rapper TI (who knows a thing or two about women) was compelled to stoop to "Trump-level misogyny" by denigrating our beautiful FLOTUS in a music video to punch back at Trump for having the temerity to invite his "illiterate negro" friend to a minstrelsy and give him 10 minutes of airtime which was broadcast worldwide to a billion people. Kanye looked into the abyss and the abyss looked right back at him - he confronts the dragon and finds his father. Just another day Making America Great Again.

The KOTCB blog is a proponent of the idea that Donald J. Trump is America's First Woman President or FWPOTUS (see Women's Day 2017) and I know this runs counter to the popular War on Women, misogynistic messages the Donald is often accused of formulating out of his pig headed masculinity but any honest appraisal of his speech patterns, method of argument and insults must acknowledge that they come from his feminine side. The left keeps on throwing women at him to attack and discredit his patriarchal fascism and (s)he cuts them to ribbons like a cunning, wise and ruthlessly honest old grandma (which is exactly what he is). Look at what he did with Crooked Hitlery. She still can't figure it out, but it's only because she can't imagine that a man like Trump could out bitch Her. The Dems threw Sen. Dianne Feinstein into the lioness's den and she was eaten alive (slowly) and she, just like HRC, refuses to accept the results of her catfight. They'll never learn -  over the past week they've been schooled repeatedly but my guess is they haven't seen the light and I'm hesitant to even write this blog post because I hope they never do (but they won't believe me so..).

On Sunday #FakeNews "60 Minutes" tried to sandbag Trump with Lesley Stahl and used all the Don Hewitt editing tricks to paint an unflattering picture of the man but couldn't erase the impression that we were watching two women arguing about policy over lunch at The Palm. He enjoys the bickering, “I mean—I’m not a baby. I know these things” and he argues (if you can call it that) just like a woman.

Saved by the Woman
Not convinced? Imagine, if you can, the plight of Elizabeth Warren the fake Indian Senator from Mass. who used her Native American ethnicity to game the HR hiring dictates at Harvard Law School and for years was exposed and lambasted for it by the 250,000 readers of the American Spectator. It was Warren's well known and despicable exploitation of Affirmative Action loop-holes to secure a job at Harvard that incensed the vast right wing conspiracy but had zero traction with the #FakeNews media or the deep pool of low information voters who decide winners and losers in elections. Then Trump nicknamed her ‘Pocahontas’ and forced every media outlet in America to discuss the story because he's a racist(?) and she's... she's... she's a fake Indian. Trump didn't stop using the name (he'll never stop) even after he was called insensitive and rude and racist so Warren found herself walking the trail of tears out of 2020 contention and was forced to take a stand by getting her DNA tested. The results were announced on Monday along with a high production value advertisement celebrating her "victory" in proving that she is, in fact, a white woman. She fell in the same trap that Trump set for Obama with the "Birther Controversy" that proved BHO grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia (not what the Founding Fathers had in mind for anyone endeavoring to lead our country). And when The Elvis from Queens was asked to respond to the news that 'Pocahontas’ did prove that her great-great-great-great-grandfather might have been an Indian he says, “Who cares?” Wow - just wow! How many men have experienced this scenario with their girlfriend or wife or mother where the accusation of some failing or mistake is harped on for years, spoken about at cocktail parties and over dinner with friends and generally spread broadly throughout their social circle with no easy defense for the accused until finally at great expense and effort the transgression is examined - the lost earring is found, the true culprit who scratched the car is discovered or proof that the bill was actually paid 6 months ago is produced - and that woman who's been twisting his nuts (with glee) looks at him and says, "Who cares?" Good question and the answer came in a cringeworthy thread of 20-plus insane tweets tapped out by the Senator from Massachusetts on the evening of her DNA announcement once the magnitude of her blunder started to sink in to her deep blue brain.

The next morning a judge in California tossed out a defamation law suite filed by Stormy Avenatti and ordered the porn start/porn lawyer to pay Trumps legal fees because the basis for the case was so flimsy that an example must be made of the plaintiffs to discourage malcontents from gumming up the courts with frivolous complaints.

Otero, who was appointed to the court by President George W. Bush, had indicated during a late-September hearing that he was skeptical of Daniels’s claim on free-speech grounds. He said Monday that Daniels has presented herself as Trump’s “political adversary” in public and in court filings and that Trump has the right to respond to her claims.

“If this Court were to prevent Mr. Trump from engaging in this type of ‘rhetorical hyperbole’ against a political adversary, it would significantly hamper the office of the President,” Otero wrote.

“Any strongly-worded response by a president to another politician or public figure could constitute an action for defamation. This would deprive this country of the ‘discourse’ common to the political process,” he wrote.

And how does our FWPOTUS respond to this ruling that clears him of defamation? What kind of "rhetorical hyperbole' might Trump use in 'discourse' with his political adversaries? He calls the low down lady "Horseface" and describes the lawyer as "3rd rate" in an act of psychic defamation that will haunt Stormy Daniels for the rest of her natural life because I don't think she'll every be able to make a public appearance on TV or at a strip club without anyone watching thinking Horseface. 

This is one time when I'm in total agreement with the lisping Cornhusker because calling a woman Horseface is NOT how men act - certainly not in public and, to be honest, not really in private either if I limit myself to heterosexual men just hanging out, playing ball, fishing or whatever. No, men don't label a tramp Horseface to humiliate her and crush her effectiveness but women do. Women do it all the time - Horseface and a thousand other comments and slights in the never ending war of status with their sisters. I'd go so far as to say that only a witty homosexual or a woman could come up with an insult so devastating and on the mark and since we know that Trump isn't a homosexual, by process of elimination, he must be a woman.

The liberals and the Democrats and the #NeverTrump GOP turds think they're in the grips of some Hitler/Stalin authoritarian "man's man" and constantly throw women - Hilary, Warren, Dianne,  Stromy, Carly, Nikki, Ben, etc. - into the arena to show the world his white male chauvinism. When the girls engage in battle they soon discover that they're combating a creature they're simply not equipped to fight or even defend. They're facing a cross between Joan of Arc and Joan Rivers who beats them at their own game because only a woman can win an argument with a woman.

Monday, October 08, 2018

"It appears we just got Banksy-ed"

going... going... gone

It has been my long held conviction that future generations won't give a rat's ass about "art" as defined by 20th/21st century critics and buyers. The museums of the future, if they even exist, will be curating TV Advertisements, Pop-Songs and computer code which is where the real artistry, energy and money has been spent since 1950 so what we find in the galleries and auction houses that sell "contemporary art" is marginal crap produced by the second string (at best) or bench warmers (at worst), but there's a market for it because the incredible amount of wealth that's been created over the past 200 years has produced a lot of empty wall space that needs to be covered with something. There are only so many Caravaggio's and Picasso's in existence so an entire industry needs to be created and maintained to foist the Warhole's and Basquiat's upon the philistine hoard with phat-stacks and multiple homes that need something to hang over the mantel. We're not going to let these bourgeois barbarians get their hands on the good stuff so let's con them into shelling out millions for absolute shit and laugh our way all the way to the Banksy. So when one of these JV team players pulls a prank on the Art World (at Sotheby's no less) I have to tip my hat and thank him for his honesty.

"Shortly after the auctioneer's gavel fell, Girl With Balloon demolished itself. The artwork passed through the bottom of its golden frame, producing a partially shredded canvas. With some of the image hanging down in strips, the 2006 work of spray paint on canvas of a girl reaching for a red, heart-shaped balloon was swiftly carried off."

The timing of this self-destructive act couldn't have been more appropriate, coinciding as it did, with the Brett Kavanaugh insanity unfolding in the US Senate and the final tallying of votes to confirm this formally contemplative, middle-of-the-road, Bush approved jurist. Before the Kavanaugh witch trial he was a thoughtful constitutional conservative who could "reach across the isle" and weigh the arguments of the other side with an open mind and natural eagerness to be liked and respected by his colleagues. This human, all to human, impulse to be accepted and included in the DC social club which includes cocktail receptions, dinner parties, gala events and all the rest of it has been the downfall of many "conservative" SCOTUS justices in the past and the mental virus of "Liberalism" might well have infected Kavanaugh as time passed on Hamburger Hill. It wouldn't have happened all at once and certainly not in his first couple years on the court, but over the years they would have worked on him, subtly and with insidious determination, to see reason and the bigger picture that supports an activist, "living constitution" jurisprudence. His judicial philosophy might well have eroded into a Justice A. Kennedy or even a Justice J.P. Stevens swamp soup of incoherent rulings required to keep the peace and protect the DC established order - all for the good of the people, of course. Well, that ain't gonna happen now.

Before the confirmation process Kavanaugh was a little girl reaching for the red-heart balloon of a SCOTUS seat which he'd been pursuing for decades and living a life, doing a job and making decisions that would ensure his eligibility and fitness for the highest court in the land of the free. Playing the game has probably required countless compromises and significant sacrifice of family time, sporting events and other things Brett would have rather done but didn't because he had his eye on the prize and needed to be the best, most eligible candidate for the court. Which is exactly what he was and it's universally acknowledged that Kavanaugh would have been a top choice for any Republican president weather it be Trump, JEB!, Romney or whoever. That's because there was no sane argument from the Left, Right or Center to reject this good hearted and dedicated public servant from his rightful SCOTUS chair and so the DemocRATS took Kavanaugh, the Senate and the country into a Hieronymus Bosch horror show and pooped that little girl right out their rodent ass.

On Saturday afternoon the final votes were cast and the gavel came hammering down which triggered the shredder and turned that little girl striving for a goal floating just out of reach (Coach K) into sliced ribbons of pulp. What the new Brett Kavanaugh will be like is unknown but my guess is that he'll make Justice Clarance Thomas look like David Souter when it comes to "originalism" and strict interpretations of constitutional principles. What artist will capture the moment and record this transformation for future generations to look back on and contemplate the magnitude of this moment in American history?

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

The End Is Nigh

There is a quality of menace in snail mail that simply can't be captured in email. Electronic communications are ephemeral and easy to delete so scrubbing your inbox (and your mind) of harrowing correspondence is just a mouse click away. The same message in physical form sits on the kitchen counter looking back at you as it is inspected and re-read again and again in search of clues. This is especially true if the return address is from Oregon and there is no name of signature or any identifiable indicators as to who sent it. "All of the robots will be destroyed ruined broken by tomorrow" - you don't say? If it's a prank then I salute the sender of this ominous and anonymous letter for filling my heart with dread and wonder. Let's hope tomorrow never comes. On the other hand, if it's a legit warning from a Deep State operative who's escaped from his missile silo and is franticly warning the citizenry via the USPO because he knows any electronic communication will be scooped up by the NSA and quarantined then let me assure him that I got the message loud and clear. All prepped and ready to go! But because it's Anonymous I'm thinking it probably written by Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao during one of the "private meetings" she's been having over the past year. It's a tough job running the resistance and requires private time to organize your thoughts and coordinate with the #NeverTrump leaders in the Senate but who's a better candidate for the job than a woman from Gina who's married to the majority leader? As Wikipoo explains, Trump knows what he's doing:

"U.S. President-elect Donald Trump announced on November 29, 2016, that he would nominate Chao to be Secretary of Transportation.The U.S. Senate confirmed Chao on January 31, 2017 by a vote of 93–6, with her husband Senator McConnell abstaining."

Now many things come into focus:
Mitch McConnell compares Brett Kavanaugh allegations to McCarthyism
McConnell says only senators will see FBI's Kavanaugh report
McConnell: Senate will hold Kavanaugh vote 'this week'

Let the Democrats and #NeverTrump scum crucify Brett Kavanaugh by giving them everything they want including a public accusation by his lame brained accuser and another FBI investigation. Then vote and drive a stake through their heart. The end is nigh Elaine Chao.

Nuclear Fallout