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Obama Clown

Only in contemporary America could a clown suffer this indignity. The Jester is supposed to entertain and mock the powers that be - this provides the peasants some well deserved relief and humor at the expense of the magistrates pride and ego. But not in President Zero's realm where even the clown must show blind elegance to the "king". For those who might have missed it - here's is the poor rodeo clown portraying Obama with a stick up his ass - laugh until you cry.

Aslan: King or Clown

Much has been written about the Fox News interview of progressive scholar Reza Aslan and the reaction is predictable - how dare anyone question a Muslims take on Jesus? But the real question is how can you respect a milk toast, goody two shoes, academics take on Jesus? What knowledge could a coddled, NPR loving "religious scholar" who's spent 20 years lecturing late adolescents on the subject of "historical truth" in scripture bestow on the good people of planet earth regarding the Christ? Isn't he exactly the kind of person Jesus would be expelling from the temple? Wouldn't Reza Aslan have been a one of Antipas's courtiers in the days of the New Testament? Perhaps all his years of "work" studying religion and playing politics in the academy (and elsewhere) have skewed Reza's perspective. I suggest he read some CS Lewis Narnia and contemplate the fantasy character who shares his name. It might be that he finds the Christ more acces

The I-95/I-91 Interchange

Aside from the Welcome to Florida sign on I-95 South, this takes my prize for the most ominous signage to those traveling the interstate North. Yes, I know there are more dangerous interchanges on the power corridor and many miles of frustrating stop n' go traffic from Miami to Canada, but until you've spent an hour or two on a sweltering Friday afternoon in July looking at this sign its significance probably has never pierced your consciousness. This is the spot on the map where New York City ends and New England begins - where Connecticut's impenetrable ganglia of cow paths is bisected by an eight lane river of black tar. To the west of I-91 pin stripes, to the east red sox. Here one can sit for hours (and I have) contemplating what's east and west of 91.

The Vineyard

While most of America toils away in the fallow vineyard of Americas economy our President takes his escape to THE VINEYARD of the 1% (make that the .1%) for rest and relaxation. Say what you will about George W. Bush, but one of the best things about his Presidency was watching the reports from a disgruntled White House press pool broadcast from Crawford, TX every August - they were priceless. But President Trayvon knows how to play the game and keep the lapdogs happy and one way, tried and tested, is to take them on boondoggles to exotic locations on the company dime. Hence, his annual summer retreat to Massachusetts and the very BLUE waters of the North East Coast. Each summer enclave has it's own unique character - some more unique than others. A full accounting of each spot would require me to write a small pamphlet but in short: South Hampton: Hardened NYC bitches with a lot of plastic surgery and a barbarian soul Fishers Island: Totally protected old money haven imp

OMFG - What next? (your DOJ & DOE tax dollars at work)

Leave it to the New York Times to endorse MORE of this: "Under the settlement agreement, the district will:  •            work with a consultant to support and assist the district in creating a safe, nondiscriminatory learning environment for students who are transgender or do not conform to gender stereotypes; •            amend its policies and procedures to reflect that gender-based discrimination, including discrimination based on a student’s gender identity, transgender status, and nonconformity with gender stereotypes, is a form of discrimination based on sex; and •            train administrators and faculty on preventing gender-based discrimination and creating a nondiscriminatory school environment for transgender students." As it happens, I happen to know something about the town of Arcadia, CA and I can assure you that without these "protections" the  young lady, who thinks she's a boy, would get straitened out real fast by her/his f