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I'm (NOT) Sorry Again

Once Upon A Time In The Mediasphere Back in 2012, on the anniversary of 9/11, there was an attack on some US Government buildings in Benghazi, Libya and an Ambassador and some CIA guys were killed by terrorists. The whole thing was blamed on a YouTube video - and no, I'm not making that up, for while a lot of raw sewage has flowed under the Benghazi bridge in the ensuing years the fact remains that for the better part of a month the "official" story out of the White House and State Dept. (((echoed by the #FakeNews Scum))) was that the protests resulted from an inflammatory video - titled " Innocence of Muslims ." Hitlery Clampett even said "I'm Sorry" to the Islamic world - not for anything she did, but for the fact that America has a 1st Amendment and sometimes objectionable artwork gets produced and distributed - and promised to punish the filmmaker (Nakoula Basseley Nakoula AKA Sam Bacile did go to jail). There is no accounting for taste

Hanukkah vs. Kwanzaa

When I was a teenager one of my favorite comic series was the classic Marvel Comics JUNGLE ACTION! series from the mid 1970's featuring The Black Panther and his exploits in his native homeland of Wakanda. A particular favorite was Jungle Action #14, Panther's Rage part 9, "There are Serpents Lurking in Paradise" where King T'Challa battles a T-Rex to the death in some prehistoric African valley. The story and illustrations in this comic are epic in scope and theme - A man battling the dragon for survival - and I don't think my 13 year old self considered the race of The Black Panther to be of any consequence in the telling of this timeless tale. By issue #21 the Wakandan royal was in the jungle of America battling the Ku Klux Klan in "The Panther vs. The Klan!" and melanin was the root cause of everything. "Question: What proves a nation's achievement? Technological advancement or individual contentment? He is not as positive of th