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Ye loves everybody (including Hitler)

The persona of Kanye West is no stranger to the ringing of the Clown Bell and has been cited by this blog on 3 previous occasions: A meditation on human consciousness and creation titled  West World considered the beneficent influence (if not design and manufacture) of Mr. West by forces much greater and more mysterious than himself. A review of Rap Music in general, through the KOTCB lens, titled  where the fuck is Kanye when you need him? highlights the simpatico mindset that forms the Trump/West bonds of friendship and loyalty. In October of 2018 America's First Woman President (FWPOTUS) entertained Kanye in the Oval Office and this meeting afforded Mr. White Chocolate Chas T. the opportunity to ruminate on the recurring theme of (S)He Broke Me - The Überfrau vs. The NPC's which explains Trump's otherworldly power in defeating the White Suburban Women (WiSubWo) and their selected "Representatives." What more is there to say? A talented guy is elevated to bil