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The World is Round

Tom Friedman is the most maddening columnist of all time - why, because exactly half the time he is totally on target with his analysis and the other half he is totally wrong. Yesterday I watched him on Meet the Press and he explained why he had called George Bush "Radioactive" in last weeks Op/Ed piece. After conceding that "some of it’s excessive, this dislike, this distaste, this hatred of George Bush" - he presses on to dig a little deeper. "But what’s it about? Whenever you see something that excessive, you know? And the way I explain it is this way: Foreigners love to make fun of Americans. Our naivete, our crazy thought that every problem has a solution, that silly American notion, that silly American optimism. But you know what, Tim? Deep down, the world really envies that American optimism and naivete. And the world needs that American optimism and naivete. And so when we go from a country that, historically, has always exported hope to a country that

Russ Yates is as crazy as his wife

Outside court, Rusty Yates told reporters, "It's a miracle." Andrea Yates murdered her children in cold blood and somehow that FACT has been rationalized into irrelevance. Her husband is her friend and everyone is pulling for her to get better, but you have to remember that she killed them one at a time. Each new victim seeing the pile of bodies grow in the bathroom where she took them to drown in the bathtub. No, life in the nut house is too good for her - she deserves punishment and those innocent children deserve justice. I Ring the Clown Bell for Rusty Yates who makes a mockery of compassion. For Andrea, eternal damnation.


Someone should really make a movie about this encounter . "George, whose family is Greek-Cypriot, has amassed a £70million fortune from sales of records including I Want Your Sex and Careless Whisper. He owns a £5million London town house and a £4million Beverly Hills mansion. Kirtland's dingy place just off Brighton seafront, was littered with rubbish, dirty crockery and filthy laundry. His only companion is a 20-year-old cat. " It's an amazing story, but what really jumps out is the 20 year old cat - what the hell? Also, the image of a nude Kirtland greeting the relentless news hounds is pretty funny.

sam jackson is my bro

In a departure from KOTCB tradition, I want to highlight an "intentionally" humorous cultural artifact: the emerging school of meta commentary on the soon to be released cinema classic, "Snakes on a Plane" Here is a amusing home video/ on this topic(bonus points for the Bono parody):

He's Il'n


The Nancy Society we reside in must go!

Ironically, I am now the Public Enemy...All it takes is one car ride from Keswick to Charlottesville. Politcal Correctness finds it way to my car...What is the world coming to? This very weekend I was hosting a lady-friend from Switzerland (she is American, but hates it), another good friend of mine from Washington, DC (he is Brazilian-American, but a liberal), and his girlfriend, also from Washington, DC (She is American, but clearly hates herself). The weekend was going fine as we were watching this pussy FIFA Soccer Tournament. (World Cup my ass...It is more like the World Sippy Cup - Fruits). Of course when the frogs beat my Brazilian friend's boys he was devastated...So I suggested we all go swimming. We did and on our return in the car to Charlottesville (Where everyone is special...just ask Charlottesville people how special they are and they will tell you) I made a bigoted and raciest slur about the music we were listening to...How hard do you think it will be for all of yo

The Journal cancels it's subscription to the Times

The Traitors have finally been stung - by their peers. And in reading this article it looks like this one really hurt. I can only hope that it brings about the total collapse of the New York Times. Cutting to the chase - what drives the boys on 42nd Street mad is this section of the WSJ editorial: "The problem with the Times is that millions of Americans no longer believe that its editors would make those calculations in anything close to good faith. We certainly don't. On issue after issue, it has become clear that the Times believes the U.S. is not really at war, and in any case the Bush Administration lacks the legitimacy to wage it." How true! Count me among those millions. But the Times couldn't care less what I think - they proved that with the patronizing card they sent to me when I canceled my subscription (along with a promise to never buy the paper again) in the fall on 1994. But the fact that the WSJ just sent a public letter cancelling their subscription