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Intractable and adamantine.

I should make it clear right up front that I haven't watched any television since the November 3rd election and I doubt I will ever watch the boob tube again. To qualify that declaration I need to explain that I grew up with television in it's 2nd golden age, when there was still only 3 networks and a few UHF channels that were pretty fuzzy on the cathode ray tube, and it was "on" in my house pretty much all the time. I watched all the famous shows as a kid and people of my generation have a strange kind of shared consciousness from a virtual world that we ALL experienced regardless of where we grew up - from Washington DC to Washington State, from the Alamo to Niagara Falls,  from America's flaccid penis to America's erect penis  - we all were marooned on Gilligan's Island. As I grew older and moved into my own home I maintained the habit of my youth and kept the TV on as a kind of electronic squawking carnival in the background of my busy life. By the ti

Welcome to your new country

  Hey, what the hell is going on in DC? I was there on January 6th and it was a great party filled with Patriots and friendly folks from all over the country. Yes, a few exuberant people “stormed” the Capitol but no harm was done. The Congressmen went right back to The Peoples business after a little break and promptly violated their oath of office by certifying votes for an incontinent dementia patient. So, next thing you know, they fill the Swamp with 20 thousand troops and build 12 foot prison wall for the inmates. It’s strange, even ominous and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

@POTUS hasn’t Tweeted

What happened to the 11,000 tweets? Twitter has conducted a "purge" of "conservative" voices from its "platform" and that includes the account of one Donald J Trump who happens to be the President of the United States of America. To which I say GOOD! Let's take it from the top. A purge (the bad kind) does not include getting kicked off a social network. If that's such a bad thing then the problem is with the society and not the network. Purges are when police officers bust down your door at 3AM, grab you and drive out to some empty field where they shoot you in the head and then tossed your limp body in a mass grave. A conservative is someone like Mitt Romney or these tools at the Lincoln Project who are free to post whatever lies or inflammatory rhetoric they want on Twitter. Twitter has no hatred for “conservatives” or Republicans as far as that goes and I don't think a single member of Congress or the political establishment has been "p

Make. Shit. Happen.

I loved the idea of the Save America March on Washington DC and enthusiastically drove up to our nation's capitol on the night before the rally so that I could wake up early and get down to the Ellipse between the White House and Washington Monument obelisk to participate in this historic event. Milling about the national mall with the hundreds of thousands of MAGA faithful adorned with their fanciful garb, flags and funny t-shirts was wonderful and I felt good being among my people. It was the perfect bookend to Trump’s first term as I reminisced fondly about the Trump Rally I attended the on the last day of the 2016 campaign and was happy to know the energy and love of Trump’s hate (hate for communists, child molesters and FakeNews scum) was still going strong. What a day! The sky was overcast and there was a cold January DC breeze blowing across the Potomac river and chilling the American Patriots as they patiently sat through warm up routines by the Trump kids and faithful fr


The Cold Civil War had a compromise candidate It has long been the proposition of the KOTCB blog that, had Donald J. Trump never entered the 2016 presidential contest, national hatred of Her Would have allowed JEB! to capture the highest political office in the land. I even rewrote JEB!’s speech announcing his candidacy to help him capture the imagination of the deplorable and irredeemable citizens who might be attracted to a “staunch conservative” like John Ellis Bush. Unfortunately for JEB! a brash and unapologetic New Yorker glided down the golden escalator of his mid-town tower and completely eclipsed the competition with a pretty good speech of his own. The rest, as they say, is history (not Herstory). JEB! got washed out. Mission accomplished . Aside from a few funerals and chippy comment from Kennebunkport or Boca Grand the Bush Clan have been sidelined. But today we got an image of what life could have been like for Americans and the world if events had turned out differently

Broken Compass

There is such a thing as the political compass which can chart your place in the 4 corners of the crazy world of someone’s imagination. There is a test, of course, but then you’ll know where you stand. Here’s me: In Zardoz just under the Planet of the Apes.

The Washington Rollerball Team

Longtime readers of the KOTCB blog know that I am a lifelong Washington Redskins fan, as was my father and his father and grand-father. Season ticket holders at  Griffith Stadium and D.C. Stadium (RFK) during the glory days of  "Slinging Sammy" Baugh. George Allen’s Over the Hill Gang and Joe Gibbs championship years with Riggo, The Hogs, The Fun Bunch and Super Bowl glory. We gave up our season tickets when the team moved to FedEx Stadium in RalJon, MD near century’s end because the venue sucked - bad location, design and vibe. What new readers of the Clown Bell might not know is that for years the most popular posting on This blog was a tongue-in-cheek defense of the Redskins name and logo titled:  Hail to the Raljon Damn Dirty Apes! That was 2014 and though my intentions were pure and the advise was certainly read by many loyal fans and, one can only assume, (I hope) the stubby fingered tyrant who currently owns the team none of my suggestions were acted upon. Last year, a

1221 Is A Palindrome

 Do you follow Q? You know, QAnon? The anonymous IC White Hat that has been dropping inside dope on 4Chan and 8Chan since the Fall of 2017. Do you even know what I’m talking about? I’d send you to the QMap web site to learn all about it but in September of last year (((they))) shut it down so you’ll probably never know the truth about Q. The QAnon theory posits that President Donald Trump is battling a “deep state” ring of child-sex traffickers . Asked about this definition of QAnon at a press conference the President famously asked the rhetorical question, “is that a bad thing or a good thing?” Beautiful, just beautiful. Q Codes are everywhere People actually get mad about Q drops and the effect they have on their fellow citizens. Those who don’t believe get all heretical ‘n shit with the QAnon cult and go deep into the weeds to disprove the veracity of the info. The Kardashians are okay, pro football is okay, degenerate “entertainment” pumped into the minds of Americans 24/7 is oka

#StopTheSteal or What?

"This may be the most important speech I've ever made...." Yes, it may be, but there is something left unspoken... Everyone who knows anything about elections in the USA will tell you that this election was "stolen" through a combination of voter fraud, human/electronic ballot stuffing and unconstitutional changes to the process at a state level. No “proof” is required because all the relevant parties - the decision makers who could correct this travesty by overturning the Electoral College certifications of the polluted swing states - already know what happened and why. The GOP leadership wants Trump out with MAGA destroyed and that Republican establishment is willing to lose the House, Senate and Presidency (all of which they won in the 2020 election) to make that happen. Prove the fraud all you want POTUS but don’t be too upset when none of the GOP leadership at the Federal or State level ignore the proof and toss you out of the White House. The Senate majori