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The Future Must Not Belong To Anyone

Obama: "The Future Must Not Belong To Those Who Slander The Prophet Of Islam" 0 spoke at the UN and espoused the usual platitudes of soft hearted mush -  girls who go to school , people chanting  “Muslims, Christians, we are one”,  Gandhi. It's just so disheartening to listen to THIS droning hum of " tolerance" when you know the speaker is signing THAT drone attack death sentences on Muslims in the Paki/Afghan mountains. The UN is a land of make-believe, conceived and implemented by believers in make-believe so I guess it was a pitch perfect speech for the audience in the room. But for people in the "real world" it's painful to see a man's ideological impulse mutated by events to such an extent that this speech is his way of dealing with it.

Boston Globe Endorses Huntsman

You've got to be kidding me. "Jon Huntsman would be a better president than Mitt Romney, writes the Globe’s editorial board. But if he fails in his quest, he could still make Romney a better candidate." If you pay the Boston Globe 99 cents they'll tell you why

Princess Nancy

There are unexplainable facts of political life and one of those facts is that Nancy Pelosi keeps on getting elected to Congress. Even more baffling is that she was elected, by people who know and work with her on a daily basis, to be Speaker of the House of Representatives. Her embarrassing tenure as Speaker went a long way to costing her political party control of that body in the 2010 election cycle and yet her incompetence was rewarded by being voted minority leader and she, having no sense of honor or shame, accepted the position. Now she salutes BHO for overriding Constitutional limits and established convention in his appointment of a "Consumer Protection Czar" and some Union hacks to the NLRB. In a just world she would be selling perfume on the ground floor of Gumps but in this world - the twilight of America - she's writing Federal laws and making big cash through insider trading .

Goofus and Gallant

Goofus is taking off the gloves and he's going to bloody Gallant's nose in New Hampshire and take him down in South Carolina and Florida. Mr. Magoo is going to hold fast and grab 20% of the GOP delegates in the primaries before Super Tuesday.  Looks like we're headed for a brokered convention - it's going to be pretty hot in Tampa this August.

Dan Quayle Wins Iowa!!!

You say potato, I say potatoe - let's call the whole thing off.

Collage Football

It's that time of year again... NCAA College Football Bowl Games litter the ESPN cable channels day after day, week after week and my guitar gently weeps. The marathon kicks off on December 17th and refused to end until January 9th when the BCS champs will be crowned after winning the National Championship Game - Roll Tide. In those 24 days football fans and other layabouts are treated to such oddities as the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, the Insight Bowl. the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl and the Discover Orange Bowl in an effort to distribute as much cash to as many colleges as possible so that this corrupt industry can keep on keep'n on. Most of what I have to say on the subject has already been posted in years past - here in 2007 and here in 2005 but this year we have the additional horror of the Penn State football program and the disgrace of JoePa -BTW the Nittany Lion got there asses kicked by Houston Cougars in the TicketCity Bowl - SHAME. What happened at Penn State va

Who gives a damn what people in Iowa think?

The question has to be asked - aside from the musings of IOWAHAWK who gives a damn what people in Iowa think? I don't. It's the State that gave us Herbert Hoover* and Henry Wallace* which might well disqualify it's citizens from participating in national elections in a sane republic, but as the Presidential primary season confirms, this republic has lost it's sanity. If memory serves, the good people of Iowa gave us two beauties as winners of their parochial caucuses 4 years ago - On the Republican side they saw fit to promote former Gov. Mike Huckelberry (the Lawrence Welk of Arkansas) and for the Jackass Party they nominated a wet behind the (big) ears freshman U.S. Senator Barack Hussein Osama (the Alfred E. Neuman of politics). Thanks a lot you fine midwestern corn farmers from the 'heartland of America" for launching an entertaining program on Fox News Saturday and the Hope and Change Presidency that has this Nation stuck in neutral (at best) wh