Collage Football

It's that time of year again... NCAA College Football Bowl Games litter the ESPN cable channels day after day, week after week and my guitar gently weeps. The marathon kicks off on December 17th and refused to end until January 9th when the BCS champs will be crowned after winning the National Championship Game - Roll Tide.

In those 24 days football fans and other layabouts are treated to such oddities as the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, the Insight Bowl. the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl and the Discover Orange Bowl in an effort to distribute as much cash to as many colleges as possible so that this corrupt industry can keep on keep'n on.

Most of what I have to say on the subject has already been posted in years past - here in 2007 and here in 2005 but this year we have the additional horror of the Penn State football program and the disgrace of JoePa -BTW the Nittany Lion got there asses kicked by Houston Cougars in the TicketCity Bowl - SHAME. What happened at Penn State validated everything the haters of Big Time NCAA Football say is wrong with these "educational institutions" and the athletic programs that run them. Child rape - repeated and systemic child rape - that goes unreported and overlooked - an assistance coach afraid to confront or even report what he saw with his own eyes - Joe Paterno, a legendary icon of the game, long in the tooth and still clinging to a job he should have retired from 20 years ago, agreeing to retire at the end of the season now that he's been caught covering up for his child rapist defensive coordinator and one-time heir apparent, Jerry Sandusky. There is no way to sweep this one under the rug - or so I had thought, but here we are again watching the Bowl games drip, drip, drip...

5 years of College Football with no televised games, the elimination of College Football rankings and the entire concept of a National Champion and the creation of a Farm League for young aspiring football players (think of it as vocational schools for football players) would be great way to change things up.


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