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Obligatory Report On The Techno-Fascist Imperium

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Eat Shit And Die

I’ve got a 12 year old son who grew up with an iPad in his hands and, as a member of the Minecraft Generation,  developed a preference for rap music, European Club Soccer and Andrew Tate. He’s convinced that the FBI killed Juice WRLD, knows the FIFA talent rankings of obscure foreign football players (“use the English words”) and quotes Tate's philosophy - “Gods biggest mistake, aside from creating flies, is allowing the gay mindset.” Watching all this Euro football gave him the notion to learn the french language so he downloaded an app and started parler en français. He's already planning next summer’s European vacation while listening to Kid Cudi's "Pursuit of Happiness" and, wether I like it or not, he's a citizen of the world.  I'm not going to call him un-American but he doesn't watch baseball and he won't eat hot dogs - " have you ever seen how those things are made? " - because of what he's seen on his screen. During my boyhoo

A Apolitical Blues

Well my telephone was ringing, and they told me it was chairman Mao. You got to tell him anything 'cause I just don't want to talk to him now. According to the brilliant troubadour Lowell George the Apolitical Blues are " the meanest blues of all" and who am I to disagree with this soul man now after all these years of living by his maxim.  I first heard the song bursting from the 1972 vinyl of Little Feat's Alt-Rock-Country masterpiece "Sailin' Shoes" in the second story bedroom of my friend John's older brother Edie who, being about 3 years our senior, was instructing us on the importance of good music. This was circa 1975 and a formative time for my musical taste and overall aesthetic which, for better or worse, infuses every aspect of my existence including the KOTCB blog so a debt is owed this unforgettable "older brother" now that  he has shuffled off this mortal coil  and left us with smoky memories. A born rebel with the heart o

If you’re not angry, you’re not paying

  The USA has a new Speaker of the House (that would be the House of Representatives) and though it took 3 days of drama and 15 votes to crown the Kang of Clowntown it was worth every minute for the memes alone. What a treasure trove of humor and good fellowship this “event” bestowed upon the Patriot insurrectionists quietly toiling for freedom across the fruited plain. It’s not supposed to be funny, but in modern America with its tattered constitution, sham democracy and media mind control the significance of our selected “representatives” and their elected leader is so marginal that anger and insults over the process, or objections to it, is absolutely hilarious. According to the written US Constitution the Speaker of the House should be the most powerful political office in America with oversight of lawmaking, spending and war powers but post war (WW2) America moved all those decisions to the Executive and an army of Deep State bureaucratic slaves so, aside from the theatrics and Fa

Ye loves everybody (including Hitler)

The persona of Kanye West is no stranger to the ringing of the Clown Bell and has been cited by this blog on 3 previous occasions: A meditation on human consciousness and creation titled  West World considered the beneficent influence (if not design and manufacture) of Mr. West by forces much greater and more mysterious than himself. A review of Rap Music in general, through the KOTCB lens, titled  where the fuck is Kanye when you need him? highlights the simpatico mindset that forms the Trump/West bonds of friendship and loyalty. In October of 2018 America's First Woman President (FWPOTUS) entertained Kanye in the Oval Office and this meeting afforded Mr. White Chocolate Chas T. the opportunity to ruminate on the recurring theme of (S)He Broke Me - The Überfrau vs. The NPC's which explains Trump's otherworldly power in defeating the White Suburban Women (WiSubWo) and their selected "Representatives." What more is there to say? A talented guy is elevated to bil