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So... how are you planning to kill me?

After the lunar eclipse Those of us living on planet earth experienced a powerful and transformative lunar eclipse on November 18/19 the likes of which  hasn't happened for almost 600 years  and  the effects of this cosmic revelation will be felt by all over the coming months and years . Hard headed (and hard hearted) pragmatists scoff at astrology as nothing more than spiritualist hokum to occupy the minds of flakes and line the pockets of flim-flam artists but not me - I take the music of the spheres very, very seriously. Astrology was first practiced  in Mesopotamian antiquity and then refined in Egypt & Greece by Hermes Trismegistus in which form it has been consulted and practiced by, what I consider to be, the most intelligent people to have ever lived. So when the Sun, Earth and Moon align and glorious light is blotted out causing massive shadows to be cast upon the silver disc in the sky I wake up and take notice.  "The good thing about eclipses is that generally y

Tiger Tails

Mr. White Chocolate Chas T. with some based EHS girls Yesterday was the annual celebration of The Game which, as long time readers of the KOTCB blog already know, is a very important heartbeat for our nation and critical to my peace of mind. The 2020 game was canceled due to Chinavirus panic so the defibrillation to get the world back to some kind of normalcy got another jolt on Saturday afternoon when the Maroon took the field against the Tigers in Orange VA for  the 120th gridiron battle  between the two storied schools with noble histories.  For nubes previous KOTCB blog posts on The Game can give you some context for what follows: 2015 -  What's is all about, Ali? 2018 -  Burn The Forest 2019 -  Glory in the flower In the AM I prepped for tailgating and was tightening my bow tie when my brothers sent me this talking head in a group chat: Mr. White Chocolate Chas T. : What crawled up his ass? MC Merdouche : They disinvited him to speak to Young Republicans at EHS. Earlyman : Not

WiSubWo: The Two-Phase Commit of (un)National Destiny

My brother called me on election night (11/2) at 8:28 PM ET to ask if I was watching the results trickle in for the Virginia Governor's race? Answer: No,  I haven't watched Television for a year , I couldn't care less who wins and whoever wins will be the "winner" of a rigged election. He informed me that Fairfax County in NOVA had just reported tabulation errors and started a "rescanning" of ballots which I considered humorous news. I asked my brother if he had made a credit card purchase or cash withdrawal from an ATM over the past 12 hours (which he had) and then wondered how businesses and banks can account for millions/billions of transactions every day but the  3rd richest county in America  can't tally 436,783 ballots? If Visa or Mastercard ran the voting infrastructure of Virginia they could tabulate the totals on the fly and citizens could watch the returns come in on their smartphone app. There would be an encrypted  two-phase commit protoc