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Tiger Tails

Mr. White Chocolate Chas T. with some based EHS girls

Yesterday was the annual celebration of The Game which, as long time readers of the KOTCB blog already know, is a very important heartbeat for our nation and critical to my peace of mind. The 2020 game was canceled due to Chinavirus panic so the defibrillation to get the world back to some kind of normalcy got another jolt on Saturday afternoon when the Maroon took the field against the Tigers in Orange VA for the 120th gridiron battle between the two storied schools with noble histories. 

For nubes previous KOTCB blog posts on The Game can give you some context for what follows:

In the AM I prepped for tailgating and was tightening my bow tie when my brothers sent me this talking head in a group chat:

Mr. White Chocolate Chas T.: What crawled up his ass?
MC Merdouche: They disinvited him to speak to Young Republicans at EHS.
Earlyman: Not to him. But he covered that story about how woke EHS was a few years ago and that girl who had the issue with the teacher. And that too I guess. 
MC Merdouche: He covered that thing but before that the Young Rs at EHS invited him to speak and the school cancelled it bc they thought him too politically polarizing .
Earlyman: Well there you go.

The "woke EHS" story was about an October 2020 spat between an irascible MAGA girl from Alaska that somehow found her way to The Holy Hill in Alexandria, VA and one of the sniveling commie teachers The High School has been hiring over the past 2 or 3 decades. The girls lawyer shopped the story around and FNC decided to run with it. A black eye for EHS which forced a letter to alumni and parents from the head master, Charles Stillwell, apologizing for all the fuss over nothing and wrapped with this paragraph:

"In short, the situation is far more complex, and different, than what is being presented. I understand that my lack of specificity may be unsatisfying, but it is necessary. I hope you will reach out should you have questions about our values, our standards, and our practices."

So I reached out:

Dear Charlie - The Episcopal High School has a tradition of being a southern boarding school and there is no way to shake the history of the nation which is mirrored in the history of the school. It will be impossible for you to embrace the current 1619 ethos and its corrosive intersectionality without destroying The High School. Up until Julian Robertson and Lee Ainsley decided to go after the big dollar Mid-Atlantic families and NYC financiers the school was primarily populated and funded by southern, aristocratic Confederates and that community kept the school frugal and stoic.

The decision to admit girls and, especially, pursue the big money oligarchs had a significant impact on the school - some positive and some negative - which you are now dealing with in what must be a very difficult time. EHS got a lot of money, wonderful improvements to the plant and a significant change in the culture of the community. The school also got what appears to be a very “liberal” faculty which hold radically different cultural and political views than the majority of students.

There have been several issues over the years that I’ve raised with you or Mr. Hershey when I had children at the school (class of ’14, ’16 and ’18) and some events that I just let slide because, let’s face it, I can’t ride the administration on every silly thing that happens on The Holly Hill.

Drug use - too much prescription drugs being handed out to too many students. Some of these drugs improve performance but they should not be given out to children. If they can’t perform their studies without drugs then they should find another place to learn.
Homosexuality - I simply can not understand how a boarding school with teenagers can allow openly homosexual students live together on dorm. It’s not acceptable on any level and all homosexual students should be expelled.
Transgenderism - One of the years my girls were attending the school the administration decided to have a transsexual teacher visit as a guest lecturer and teach for a month in the winter. When I consider the incredible pool of resources in the DC metro area available to the Episcopal High School as a guest lecturer I can only consider this choice a willful act of cultural sabotage.
Politics - When Barack Obama was elected in 2012 all students were required to attend the inauguration on the national mall. My daughter was a sophomore that year and did not feel comfortable going to that event but I told her that it was a great opportunity to see history in the making and honor our democratic tradition. When Donald Trump won the election in 2016 the students at the school were allowed to skip the inauguration if they chose to - Outrageous!!!

This current scandal - the one I saw broadcast on a national TV news show the other night - the one you’re writing everyone associated with the school about - need never have happened. My understanding is that the girl causing the problem is very abrasive and hails from Alaska(!?!). EHS should not admit students from Alaska. The Admissions department needs a complete overhaul and a new, more refined and aware focus needs to be implemented to weed out problem students. EHS should stay out of the news in every circumstance and something like this “scandal” should never happen.

You are going to have to make a choice regarding the future of the school. I do not lead the school, but if I did, I would embrace its traditions and try to get back to the regional focus (southern) and traditional ethos the school epitomizes. At the school’s founding the Episcopal Church of 1839 was of a very different mind than the hollow husk of the 2020 version. I think you should start an 1839 Project and infuse the school with the Godly righteousness of that bygone era. 

Good Luck,

Mr. White Chocolate Chas T.

My observations on The High School's values, standards, and practices were received without comment (or even the most perfunctory acknowledgment) from the institution at which they were directed but I did blind copy my brothers on the email and this is what they had to say:

MC Merdouche: That’s bold. I think calling out Billionaires is correct though. I don’t know if they'll step back and see the wake they created. Their vision for EHS might be closer to yours but they “have a tiger by the tail” now. (Pun intended)
Earlyman: Stillwell is a cunt. Period.

Hey, piss off Tucker and let’s go Zebras! You can’t just stick your finger in the eye of the Episcopal High School because the administration treated you poorly due to retarded wokeness on campus. None of these boarding schools are perfect learning environments and, as I remember, your alma mater has its own problems which you never reported on your show. Unfortunately the FakeNewsman got his wish and the Woodberry Tigers won the day, but not without the customary cheating by the referees from Orange - which reminds me, when is Tucker going to do a report on how his “news” network played such a crucial role in stealing the November 3rd presidential election from Donald Trump? When is he going to dive in and do some extended Fox Nation special reports on the most egregious election theft in US historyWhere is "the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink" on the greatest civic betrayal in the entire history of the United States of America?

Anyway, there's the proof of the WSF steal - It’s the 4th quarter, EHS is driving down the field leading 17 - 12 and on the Tigers 20ish yard line with a 4th down. They could just kick a field goal and put the game out of reach but, like men, they go for the first down to prolong the drive and score a TD. I was right there and everyone (including all the Tigers surrounding me) saw the pass interference - everyone but the ref who probably had a big wad of WFS alumni cash burning a hole in his pocket. Not unusual so I'm not surprised but it doesn't make losing any easier and, yes, we Maroons just have to live with the blown call - but I'm not going to live with it in silence.


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