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Who voted for this guy?

Who voted for this guy?

It's been ten days since the results of the Maricopa County, Arizona ballot audit were released to the public and presented at a hearing held by the state senate. This exercise in democratic accountability had been going on for months and, if reports are to be believed, was completed well over a  month before the September 24th hearing where overwhelming proof of an illegitimate election was presented to lawmakers. The audit showed multiple irregularities, fake ballots, duplicate counts, errors, omissions and egregious acts of sabotage and obstinance by the Maricopa County board of supervisors who did everything they could to withhold and destroy evidence of wrongdoing from the citizen sleuths. The misfeasance of Arizona's political leaders was clearly defined, shocking and (for some) beyond belief but somehow these facts were discovered, organized, packaged and suppressed for MONTHS by the Cyber Ninjas who were attempting to "get to the bottom" of what happened on November 3, 2020. This inconceivable delay in releasing information - the "proof" that everyone keeps demanding - reminds me of the fatal flaw in the Mueller Report and the absurdity of that eighteen (18!) month investigation into claims that Donald J Trump was placed in the White House by means of nefarious Russian spy-craft. I mean, at what point in the investigation does someone run to the nearest news camera or senator or social media influencer and scream, "stop everything right now because Vladimir Putin is running our country" (or in the case of the AZ audit, "Wow, Biden didn't really get elected POTUS") and a Constitutional Crisis starts? Is it when the investigators are 25% sure the civic leadership is compromised by espionage? Is 50/50 odds the tipping point? If there's a 43% probability that Putin is running US foreign policy, appointing cabinet secretaries and tossing the nuclear football around is it okay to stay quiet about it until all the "proof" is collected and organized?

Don't answer that. Those are a bunch of rhetorical questions posed with the objective of triggering speculation and amusement. There is no correct answer but resurrecting the Russian Collusion Witch HuntPlan BPlan CPlan D, the sad example of Jim Comey and Robert Mueller's unpleasant immolation in the context of MAGA style election integrity efforts does raise a question with a nauseating answer?

Why didn't Hitlery Clampett demand a full forensic audit of the Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin elections in 2016?

HRC didn't lose the electoral college vote by much and correctively flipping two of those states would have put Her Highness in the White House. The margin of victory in each of these 3 states was close - they couldn't officially call MI until 3 weeks after election day. Democrats know how crooked these elections are because they've been complaining about them for decades - Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004 to cite two recent examples. Surly the Democrat party has their own deep pocketed version of Mike Lindell (the pillow guy) who would bankroll an investigation into the accuracy of the tabulation machines (computers). Speaking of computers, it's safe to say that Liberals in Silicon Valley could field their own version of Cyber Ninja's to find irregularities in the software, lapses in security updates, internet connectivity, machines with dual bootable hard drives, etc. and "prove" that Russians hacked the 2016 election. The criminality was there waiting for brave champions of democracy to demand audits of the election and expose the truth about Russia's interference and Trump's illegitimacy. Then why didn't Her audit happen?

Strange as it might seem, a Hillary/Soros/Gates 2016 Forensic Audit to expose election fraud (and probable Russian interference) would have generated headlines very similar to these: 
The reason Team Clinton did NOT demand a deep dive accounting of the Blue Wall votes is because the Democrats know that any hard, clear eyed look at democracy will lose them a lot of seats at the federal and state level government and show the American people how illegitimate, by American civics standards, ALL Uncle Sam government is. Normal people don't vote for the candidates our political parties maneuver onto ballots through backroom deals or arm twisting and if the filthy communists or reactionary fascists who comprise the majority of politically committed ideologues were allowed to nominate and vote for their preferred candidates we'd end up with a cesspool in The Swamp. Most of the blocking and tackling required to thwart the will of the masses is accomplished in the pre-primary process of party bosses and oligarchs giving the nod to tested apparatchiks who could never win a popularity contests (see Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer) but will accept an office won through a rigged election. A disgruntled politician appealing the results of a presidential election has the consequent effect of pulling back the curtain on the Hobson's choice We the People are allowed for EVERY candidate in our counterfeit elections. So no one ever audits the elections and politicians who have gotten the okay from on high -be they AOC or Ted Cruz - close ranks, circle the wagons and ignore obvious voter fraud because in exposing it they would implicate themselves.

The KOTCB blog has long postulated that Russia was involved in the 2016 election, though not in the way commonly accused, and the "proof" of that interference was admitted by Putin himself at the 2018 Helsinki summit. But it was not until after the 2020 election that I fully understood the jibes contained in Vladimir's rhetorical question ("Do you believe the United States is a democracy?") which he floated while stabbing John Brennan’s 5 eyes and Irish heart on that long summer's day. The reason John Podesta had to come out on stage in the early morning hours of 11/9/16 and tell the weeping sisterhood of the traveling pantsuit to pack it in and go home for the night is because his people in Philly, Motown and Cream City didn't have enough fake ballots on hand to stuff the boxes AND some hacker geek from Russia or Israel or inside the US Deep State was preventing the electronic flipping of votes in the machines. The Blue Wall of mid-west industrial states was rock solid (until it wasn't) - Hillary didn't even bother to campaign there - because the elections are rigged and they have been rigged for decades. If the Donkeys need more votes on election night they just enter two SQL commands into the Microsoft database installed on the voting machine and Shazam! the (D) wins.

That's why Fox News Channel asked all their pro-MAGA talking heads like Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine Pirro and others, to stay home on election night 2016 because there would be no place for their hate at the "FNC Decision Desk" when America's Queen was crowned. The election cake was baked, the blond hair-dye was cast and everyone in authority knew that Mrs. Clinton had been tapped to be the first woman president (FWPOTUS). You don't have to imagine the discombobulation of the NeverTrumpers in studio that night because their internal monolog (such that it is) was written all over their face as they tried to make sense of a world turned upside down. Before their unblinking eyes  the Überfrau shocked the political establishment, thwarted the Uniparty election fraud and snatched the crown away from the tired old witch. One of the greatest days in modern American political history but... but, but, but that day was never supposed to happen and EVERYONE in Washington DC knew it.

That is why no politician in the GOP leadership objected to the Russian Collusion Hoax or strenuously fought back against the preposterous lies being leveled against Trump. It's why the FBI and CIA and NSA directors all allowed the illegal FISA warrants, political harassment and  spying on domestic MAGA enemies to proceed unchecked. It is why "conservative media" willingly lead their news stories with Russia, Russia, Russia speculation just like all the other Sharks and Clowns and Nerds in the FakeNews MSM. Trump my have won the democratic election fair and square but "Our Democracy" is comprised of more than simple vote counting and The Elvis From Queens had clearly "cheated" the system because he (or one of his supporters) had prevented HRC from 11th hour election fraud (as was Her right) and Her "win." The reason HillBilly wouldn't (couldn't) demand a detailed forensic audit of any states is because they know how dirty this USA voting sham really is and a buttoned down investigation would expose other illegitimate elected leaders. On Capitol Hill and in State Houses around the country most of the "elected" representatives are crooked and illegitimate - by that I mean they (the congressmen and senators) don't serve with the support of their constituents and they only get "elected" because the counting of ballots is rigged. In other words, the answer to Vladimir Putin's Helsinki question is no - hell no.

Democracy, as practiced under contemporary Liberal political ideology, is a horrible way to choose anything and while I agree that qualified citizen participation in government is, on balance, a net positive I don't fool myself by pretending there is no down side to even the best pool of voters which, as a matter of policy and law, we don't have. One of the unsurpassable joys the Trump candidacy provided to normal people was watching a mischievous pirate exploit the stupidity of our wide open universal suffrage democracy and leverage the tools of mass media, television and social media combined with his considerable fame to Win Bigly and prove how fake and contrived the adulation of other politicians like, say, William Jefferson Blythe III or Barry Soetoro really is in the harsh light of MAGA agitprop. It is impossible for The Cathedral to sell the beatitude of Barack Obama and his celebrity, legions of worshipers and high-minded teleprompter when some garish New York real estate developer can eclipse BHO's fame, draw bigger crowds all while performing an hour long stand up comedy act off the cuff. Oh, how they (the politicos) hated Trump for that - for embarrassing Barack and showing how sycophantic the DC ass-lickers are - but what they really hated, because they screamed about its failure every day, was democracy itself.  

Please stop voting

As fate would have it, simultaneous with the 2020 election fraud executed under Uniparty collaboration and a criminal coverup that requires industrial strength gaslighting from all media and tech platforms, we suffered through a bio-weapon pandemic which put a magnifying glass on the psychology of We the People (i.e. the voters). The result of this ongoing audit of the public brainwashing  can be tracked at the Pew Research Center Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) web site and what you will discover is that human beings are not capable of understanding very simple facts or applying critical thinking to choices when fear, misinformation and censorship distort the problem. In short, the vast majority of people in both major political parties and self identified "independents" are programable sheeple who will believe (and do believe) almost anything the Television tells them. A few days ago Dr. Tony Fauci from the NIH said it was "too soon to tell" if families would be able to gather for Christmas this year and then, 24 hours later, the same "doctor" said, "I encourage people, particularly the vaccinated people who are protected, to have a good, normal Christmas with your family." This equivocation from the guy who's been leading America's health care response to the Wuhan Bio-Weapons lab virus for the past 20 months is unacceptable but, as this blog has repeatedly pointed out, he's been speaking false, contradictory and dangerous lies the entire time and voters love him for it. If Fauci decided to issue a directive that all Americans, vaccinated and unvaccinated alike, should use breath mints as a suppository and gargle daily with kerosene you can be sure that 85% of (D)'s and 65% of (R)'s would agree strongly or somewhat with his prescription. The NIH and CDC are guilty of Munchausen syndrome by proxy on a national scale but a majority of their victims can't accept the diagnosis of this abuse and keep on swallowing Dr. Fauci's poison.

At approximately the eighteen month milestone of the Chinavirus pandemic the Annenberg Public Policy Center at Penn asked around and discovered that "Public Trust in CDC, FDA, and Fauci Holds Steady, Survey Shows." The poll of about 2,000 people found "growing public confidence" in the experimental gene therapy, 2/3 of Americans don't realize COVID-19 is a Chinese bio-weapon and 68% of We the People believe Dr. Fauci "is providing trustworthy advice on Covid-19." Other recent APPC surveys found that "1 in 3 Americans Say They Might Consider Abolishing or Limiting Supreme Court" and "Americans’ Civics Knowledge Increases During a Stress-Filled Year" which is laughable news. We have seen the most outrageous (and blatant) voter fraud ever inflicted on a US presidential election while, at the same time, watching a psyop "pandemic" prove that most people are too easily manipulated to make democracy a viable method for choosing representative government. This sickening reality presents a dilemma - should we be angry that people's votes don't matter or be glad that people's votes don't matter?


Anonymous said…
Wow! That hurt, as well it should! Exceptional work so thank you. Going to read it again!
Anonymous said…
You are a brilliant thinker!

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