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The Problem is...

When the history of our time is written, far off in the distant future, I believe that Mike Lindell will be remembered as one of the greatest Americans who ever lived. I know it's a bold, some might say foolish, prophecy but how else can We the People explain the stunning success and beautiful will of this man. On Steve Bannon's War Room: Pandemic show they have given the MyPillow Guy a new nickname - "The Armor Piercing Shell." Indeed, this brave Minnesotan is well on his way to destroying the legitimacy of the entire government of the United States of America. And I'm not just talking about #StopTheSteal sour grapes over what happened to Trump on November 3rd, but I'm talking about the whole enchilada - from POTUS to Congress to Governor to the State House to Mayor to Town Council - which is as dirty as a cockroach infested kitchen in a Nogales whorehouse. These elections (all of them) are rigged and it doesn't matter what the citizens subjects of this city, state and federal dictatorship want in government policy or elected leadership because We will take what We are given. In today's America Mike Lindell has been given Jo(((k)))e Biden and he's not going to take it.

A lot of people, including MAGA people, say that Mike Lindell doesn't have any real proof and that all of the boasting and prognosticating about a late summer GOPOTUS resurrection is hopium based on nothing but diversionary misinformation. This Gopher is getting set up by Deep State actors to undermine the work of real patriots quietly "proving" voter fraud because Lindell is grabbing all the airtime and money to promote his effort. But a guy who made his fortune selling pillows knows something that all the computer scientists, lawyers and voting rights activists don't know - "For the best night Sleep In the Whole Wide World visit" ... the truth needs to have a jingle and heavy rotation on media outlets if you want anyone to pay attention. Otherwise people will suffer sleepless nights floating atop a sea of lies which flood their conscious (and subconscious) mind thanks to the Sharks and Clown and Nerds in the #FakeNews media and the CIA funded globalist garbage culture. The voting fraud that occurred in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin is obvious - these states halted voting at midnight and in the wee hours of the night "found" just enough votes to put a feeble old man into the winners circle. There was also less-obvious fraud in New Hampshire, Nevada and Virginia (plus every other state in the USA) but no "news organization" is willing to go out and expose the true cesspool of American democracy. But Mike Lindell is doing it all by himself and, if We the People know nothing else, We know that Mike has a serious problem with the results of the 2020 election.

The problem is... and weather you love the November 3 Movement's effort to "get to the bottom" of what happened on the 2020 election night or weather you hate the bitter clinger deplorable (and irredeemable) MAGA rubes who keep spitting the blue pill out of their mouths it is undeniably a PROBLEM that citizens are taking a good long hard look at how our representatives are "elected." As the KOTCB blog has pointed out in "No Step On Snek" the election theft was so blatant and "in yo face" that the scope, audacity and near universal buy in from every institution charged with protecting election integrity leaves many of the 330 million Americans without a security clearance grasping at possible reasons for the corruption and criminality.
  1. Trump is truly insane and the world has been wobbling on the cusp of nuclear war from the minute he was inaugurated POTUS. It is nothing short of a miracle that we are still alive and if the people of this country had any idea how dangerous the past 4 years have actually been they would kill, jail and deport every Trump voter in an act of revenge and self preservation. In short, the #NeverTrump scum were right about everything.
  2. Russian hackers did "interfere" in key swing states during the 2016 election and Putin turned a blind eye to these independent contractors because he hated Hitlery so much. The Chinese and Democrats were all set to put HRC over the top in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania (just like they always do) but at the last minute some dark web crew from Belarus broke through the Dominion firewall and cheated the cheaters by thwarting 11th hour, 59th minute vote dumps for the Donkey. It was the untimely end of Her political career and the Elvis from Queens took a seat behind the resolute desk but EVERYONE in DC knew he didn't belong there because the elections are so rigged that only black arts skullduggery could have secured the win for Trump.
  3. Trump played their game like a pro and road an irritable and stubborn Pachyderm through the DC Swamp shooting democRATS from his lofty perch and launching stones of truth from Le Trebuchet to destroy the folly wall that surrounds our nation's capitol. Evading booby traps, pulling himself from tar pits and pools of quicksand, confronting ferocious beasts and charming venomous snakes the Elvis from Queens survived and beat the Uniparty so bad that they had to cheat to win.
  4. All of the above.

The problem is... It's not like we live in a pure democracy with a tyranny of the majority and as long as 51% of the people vote Yea the resolutions passes and every American must eat McDonald's fries or listen to Beyonce. Democratically elected leaders are often quite horrible people and even worse executives and, let's face it, in America most of these politicians are 2nd and 3rd tier yes men for oligarchs, corporate CEO's and Union bosses who pay them to write laws. Politics is an extortion play and the real champs of this game know that making life uncomfortable or uncertain for their wealthy patrons is a great way to squeeze more "protection" money out of them. Riots, taxes, pandemics and every other little thing can be used as leverage to extract money, resources and ballot stuffing for the incumbents re-election. Cheating in US election was codified into law with ratification of the 26th Amendment to the Constitution that changed the voting age to 18 years old which is obviously imprudent unless the Congress that passed the law knows that the actual vote is meaningless. What's important is counting the ballots and then certifying the results of that count without ever auditing the authenticity of the voter, the process of voting or tabulation of the actual ballot. 

Mike Lindell is able to do what he is doing, for better or worse, on election fraud BECAUSE no state or federal government ever actually audits the elections they hold every 2, 4 or 6 years. What's going on in Arizona and Michigan and New Hampshire with audits and law suites and public demonstrations is a direct assault on the purposeful obscurity of the voting process required to put people like Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer in high office. Do you think the people of Kentucky and New York would actually vote for these two losers? No. No they wouldn't - nor would most of these congress critters ever have a shot at winning an honest contest and politicians all know the inconvenient truth of their inadequacy so they have no interest in what the demos of "their" democracy really thinks.

The problem is... you.

Eat your heart out on a plastic tray
You don't do what you want
Then you'll fade away
You won't find me working
Nine to five
It's too much fun being alive
I'm using my feet for my human machine
You won't find me living for the screen
Are you lonely all your needs catered
You got your brains dehydrated

Problem, problem

Problem, the problem is you

What you gonna do


excellent analysis!

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