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The 730 Project


A lot can change in 2 years and the 730 Project is a republishing of news stories from the spring of 2020 with new commentary and associated material from the Keeper of the Clown Bell.

 First Published March 20, 2020 in Creative Destruction Media this article might well be subtitled “how it started and how it will end” but at the time of writing there was no telling how long America and the world would have to endure the COVID-19 mitigation efforts. “15 Days to slow the spread” was an unprecedented ask and it transformed civic society as the days turned to weeks, months and years of psychological oppression.

First Published April 19, 2020 in Creative Destruction Media this piece marks the unofficial end of the Chinavirus pandemic and the start of the COVID-19 psyop designed and implemented with a goal of pulling the country apart. Looking back on what transpired after its publication I am reminded that Lincoln did not seek reelection in 1864 as a Republican but instead found common cause with a War Democrat named Andrew Johnson under The National Union Party. Lincoln/Johnson won that fractured USA election with 55% of the popular vote and a 212–21 electoral collage landslide because the Confederate States didn’t participate and John Frémont of the Radical Democracy Party dropped out of the race at the 11th hour. Two years ago Trump had the Democrats on the ropes but the #NeverTrump (R)’s were conspiring with the New Confederates to prevent his reelection. Forming a MAGA ticket with a nationalist Democrat as VP would have allowed Trump to ridicule GOP traitors like Pence, McConnell and Barr to expose the “hidden enemy.”

First Published April 27, 2020 in Creative Destruction Media this reflection on the absurd overreaction to the COVID-19 virus and the admittedly unfortunate, but statistically rare, mortality rate that accompanies this particular “plague” sets a time stamp for the end of the WuFlu pandemic. It was written just a few days after President Trump declared America open for business starting on May Day and the FakeNews concocted the “Trump suggests injecting disinfectant as treatment” hoax to obfuscate his victory over the hidden enemy. This fanciful reporting was a low-blow, misinformation psyop because even a “science denier” like DJT wouldn’t be so demonic as to suggest that Americans should inject themselves with an untested elixir on the off chance that it might alleviate the worst symptoms from a viral infection.


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