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Off a cliff

40 years ago - that's right, I said 40 years ago - it must have seemed like a good idea to start a publication about Rock & Roll music and "what's new and cool. But this isn't 1964... It's 2004 and Rock & Roll is an ossified shell. The creature has crawled off into the virtual world of the internet and computer games. What we're left with is the empty memories of an eternal adolescent and the glorification of the progeny from those who this sycophant worships. How sad and empty it must to be staring down 20 more years of this regurgitated sewage. Jann Wenner hits a new low

What's the matter with Florida?

Last year Thomas Frank wrote a book called What's the Matter with Kansas? The author took the poor people of this "red state" to the wood shed for having the gall to vote for GWB. Well, I ask you dear reader - What's the matter with Florida? This state has caused more disharmony in this country over the past 10 years than Kansas has in the past 200. A short list includes, Elian Gonzalez , the 2000 vote , this years National Championship Football Game and now Terri Schiavo - All part of the Florida experience. Perhaps it's time to give the State back to Spain? What a way to go.

Happy St. Patty's day

click here for a St. Patty's day joke. leprechaun with a gun
Good bye Dan, don't let the door hit you ass on the way out. 

Martha Kostyra

This editorial by Christoper Byron in the NY Post says just about anything that needs to be said on the subject of Martha. However, some people will never loose faith. Question: What kind of person buys a big estate in a community like Bedford NY and then refuses to keep open the riding lanes on her property? Answer: A no class bitch named Kostyra. "Now she's back, an unrepentant and defiant ex-con,"