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A Cold Civil War

“It makes sense now more than ever, given what we stand for as a couple, what we do for a living, and what we’re worried about as a country.” Some people believe We the People are engaged in a "Cold Civil War" split down the middle into Red and Blue interpretations of our constitution, our political institutions and our civic order.  Charles R. Kesler delineated the "war" in his Imprimus editorial and claimed that, short of natural disaster or a foreign war for which the American people might rally together, and Hot Civil War is almost inevitable. Sloppy Carl Bernstein sees the same "Cold Civil War" - political, cultural and civic divide with no apparent set of facts that people can agree on to even start a healing dialog or heated argument over - but believes (surprise) that the #FakeNews media can resolve the conflict. Case in point:  @Morning_Joe and Mika tied the knot at the National Archives (!!!) over Thanksgiving weekend and if this #NeverTr

The Day of Atonement

A few days before Halloween Megyn Kelly got the Michael Myers/Jason Voorhees/ OJ Simpson treatment from her fellow journalists at NBC. Multiple stab wounds from the masked and unmasked for the "crime" of condoning the painting of face to flesh out a Diana Ross costume when a teenager dresses up. Michael Jackson probably would have understood what she was trying to say to her daytime TV audience, but he's dead, so there was no one in America who could spring to the little ladies defense and besides we're talking about defending the application of Blackface so who in 21st Century America has any (I mean even the most remote) experience with that? The only people I could come up with are Ted Danson who wore it when celebrity roasting his then girlfriend Woopie Goldberg(1993) and Neil Dimond who wore it in the opening sequence of his infamously horrible remake of "The Jazz Singer"(1980). I think those are the only two examples of "blackface" I'v

Trump is Steve Schmidt

Trump/Schmidt For the past few years I've been watching this tool named Steve Schmidt on MSNBC and suffered his tweets popping up unfollowed on my twitter feed where he spouts all kinds of #NeverTrump vitriol while wrapping himself in the red, white and blue. Yes, he is by all appearance a disgruntled GOP apparatchik who is fully committed to the Bush, Schwarzenegger, McCain vision of " Country First " which, being an American communications and public affairs strategist, is a slogan he probably invented. I never pay much attention to what these #NeverTrump haters say since they've been dead wrong for the past 3 years about everything (not almost everything, but... EVERYTHING) they ever predict but when I saw the meme above scroll across my FB feed today I had an epiphany - Donald J. Trump is masquerading as a #NeverTrumper named Steve Schmidt. Talk about your Deep State all you want but this diabolical play is beyond genius and rivals Michelle Obama's fe

Burn the Forest

Kiss it goodbye Long time readers of the KOTCB blog are wondering why I have not yet commented on the Nov. 6th elections considering their critical importance in our national direction and the massive amount of bell ringing events that transpired in and around that day. The short answer is, I'm working on it, and the slightly longer answer is that the elections are not over and the final outcome from counting  outstanding ballots will directly impact what I have to say. In the mean time I've been busying myself with celebrating what's good and truly important in this world and that includes attending The Game held annually between the Episcopal High School and Woodberry Forest School for the past 118 years . This years contest was held at Woodberry on a sunny, windy, crisp Autumn afternoon between to equally matched teams and those present saw one of the best high school football games ever played between these two storied programs. The day began with the tailgating on

Just a cheese-dog in Margaritaville

30 years ago I was strolling down Chestnut St. in San Francisco with a friend and we past one of Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville restaurants which was packed with  Parrothead's eating and drinking and doing whatever it is that Parrothead's do. My buddy quipped that in a just world the song " Margaritaville " should play in an infinite loop inside the bar from opening to last call with no escape or diversion for the pasty patrons who spend good money to eat and drink (especially drink) at a prefab fantasy establishment created by Margaritaville Holdings LLC (a subsidiary of Cheeseburger Holding Company, LLC) based in Orlando, FL. If you've ever been in one of these places you'll know exactly what he was getting at because they are a physical manifestation of Jimmy Buffet and, more to the point of this blog post, America's flaccid penis - especially the STD's dripping off the end and moving ever so slowly toward Cuba. "Wasted away again...&qu