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If you’re not angry, you’re not paying

  The USA has a new Speaker of the House (that would be the House of Representatives) and though it took 3 days of drama and 15 votes to crown the Kang of Clowntown it was worth every minute for the memes alone. What a treasure trove of humor and good fellowship this “event” bestowed upon the Patriot insurrectionists quietly toiling for freedom across the fruited plain. It’s not supposed to be funny, but in modern America with its tattered constitution, sham democracy and media mind control the significance of our selected “representatives” and their elected leader is so marginal that anger and insults over the process, or objections to it, is absolutely hilarious. According to the written US Constitution the Speaker of the House should be the most powerful political office in America with oversight of lawmaking, spending and war powers but post war (WW2) America moved all those decisions to the Executive and an army of Deep State bureaucratic slaves so, aside from the theatrics and Fa