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If you’re not angry, you’re not paying


The USA has a new Speaker of the House (that would be the House of Representatives) and though it took 3 days of drama and 15 votes to crown the Kang of Clowntown it was worth every minute for the memes alone. What a treasure trove of humor and good fellowship this “event” bestowed upon the Patriot insurrectionists quietly toiling for freedom across the fruited plain. It’s not supposed to be funny, but in modern America with its tattered constitution, sham democracy and media mind control the significance of our selected “representatives” and their elected leader is so marginal that anger and insults over the process, or objections to it, is absolutely hilarious. According to the written US Constitution the Speaker of the House should be the most powerful political office in America with oversight of lawmaking, spending and war powers but post war (WW2) America moved all those decisions to the Executive and an army of Deep State bureaucratic slaves so, aside from the theatrics and FakeNews propaganda, the gavel serves no purpose. 

Too harsh an assessment? Too Blackpilled? Do you really believe Nancy Pelosi had any real power to do anything of consequence to or for this country when she occupied the chair? As the KOTCB blog has pointed out on many occasion, Nancy should be on the ground floor of Gump’s selling perfume to SanFran socialites - not “running” the federal government. And, of course, she didn’t run anything but her pampered, spoon fed mouth for her entire decades long stint in The People’s House because the National Security Agency is not filled with idiots who do the bidding of an octogenarian crone. She doesn’t give orders - she takes orders and does what she’s told with a drunken smile on her face. Ask yourself, would you have it any other way? It’s not pretty. It’s not democratic. It’s certainly not what James Madison and the Patriots forming the Constitutional Convention had in mind when they negotiated out the “First Branch” of the federal government, but it is the reality of our current regime. So don’t get too hung up on who the next Speaker of the House is because he won’t have any more say in how our nation operates than Crazy Nancy, Boy Scout Paul Ryan, Cry’n John Boehner or Pedo Denny Hastert (BTW, that’s a good thing).

An additional benefit of the Speakers Squabble, over and above the wonderful memes, was the total eclipse it provided to shadow the January 6th Insurrection anniversary and the pathetic psyop scolding these dishonorable politicians inflict on normal Americans for the thought crime of despising their federal government. Having had a front row seat at the Save America March on 1/6 I saw what went down with my own eyes and no amount of CNN programming can convince me that the “attack on the Capitol” was anything but a Fed operation designed to cut off debate in the House and Senate chambers and ensure speedy certification of an obviously fraudulent Presidential election. Long Live The Insurrection! It was a great day in American history because it shows how absolutely fake “Our Democracy” is and how blatantly the regime lies in their preposterous propaganda narratives. And the cherry on top of our Congressional confection is a real, honest to God, insurrection that’s been roiling the nation of Brazil ever since their fake October elections installed the criminal communist Lula as president and whipped up a riot at the National Congress two days after Kevin McCarthy squeaked into his long sought sinecure in the US political system.
“We Want The Source Code”

Yeah, they want the fucking source code and they want it, like, three months ago when the corrupt Brazilian judges outlawed any and all scrutiny of the voting machine code except by those authorities favorable to the Worker’s Party. It’s a crime and for the Brazilian’s it’s no Jo(((k)))e that can be shrugged off as dirty politics by the globalist cabal that’s been running the world for the past 80 years because down south they’re on the receiving end of whatever rolls down from The Hill. America is a fat and unhappy place with a roaring economy, gigantic military and scientifically proven system of behavioral control deployed by the Intelligence Community so stealing an election and installing a diaper wearing dementia patient as the leader of the free world is annoying but… it’s not going to effect daily “reality.” It’s not like the Uniparty installed Crazy Bernie as POTUS - in fact, before stealing the 2020 election from Trump the powers in DC stole the Democrat nomination from Bernie Sanders in a cold, calculated and totally fake series of primaries that mocked democracy and truth. Brazilians have to live, work and survive with a fat version of BS running their country as a globalist stooge taking orders from the World Economic Forum and imposing “justice” on the unfortunate citizens of the country. For the Brazilians the truth can not be ignored because it directly effects their lives.


In the United States of America we can still look truth in the eye and laugh. Not that I wasn’t hoping for a surprise vote for Donald J Trump to take the Speaker role, if only for the few weeks needed to impeach Jo(((k)))e Brandon and Lotus Flower and move back into the White House, but I knew it was just a beautiful daydream:

“Just wait until McCarthy nominates Trump this Friday on the 12th ballot at high noon (meridian) on the 12th Day (epiphany). Donald J Trump holding the Speaker’s gavel on Jan 6 is going to have heads exploding all over America.”

That didn’t happen but the 20 MAGA holdouts did force changes on the GOP scum in Congress and the as yet unknown number of McCarthy “supporters” who were acting at Trumps direction stabbed many RINO backs during the 3 day bloodbath. For every heroic Matt Gaetz on the front line there were 2 or 3 Anon Congressman negotiating rules changes and purging subversive hacks from committees. In this prolonged political battle Trump received nothing but scorn and ridicule from the Left and a kind of disappointed nostalgia for what could have been from many on the Right. My chat rooms, IM’s and email were filled with confused and contradictory messages praising MAGA but undercutting Trump’s effectiveness at implementing policy and “draining the swamp” as promised.

To make sense of it all I’ve been using an AI for the past few days by copying chat content from my Telegram channels and feeding it into Google’s app. Paste in some Donald Trump quotes and it will create the Google Description of Trump’s overall goal:
I will drain the swamp. Our movement is about, um, draining the swamp.

Changing the AI Tool to Blog Title and clicking the Create Content button will spit out this beauty:
If you’re not angry, you’re not paying

So true. Ask the AI to create a list from the same content and it give you a 1-7 on post-modern political crisis:
1. The political spectrum has been irrelevant since WW2
2. Hitler was a socialist
3. Ignorance of history will lead to extreme situations that destroy the future
4. All tyrants justify their violence with abstract ideals such as purity
5. All major revolutions have been violent
6. Tyrants always engage in propaganda
7. It is human nature to ignore the truth until you are directly affected by it

An Honest Political Compass

What is the content, the source code so to speak, that prompted the AI to generate all this useful and wise copy that I’m sharing with my reader(s)? Well, it comes from a post election rally Trump held in Iowa after vanquishing Hitlery were he explained the origins of his catchphrase “Drain the Swamp” and what it means. (Note: full context of these remarks is detailed in KOTCB blog post “An Emergent Phenomenon”)
Here is the direct transcript from the 2016 post election Iowa rally:
"Funny how that term caught on, isn't it?"
"I hated it."
"Oh, that's so hokey."
"That is so terrible, er, alright I'll try it."
"Place went crazy, I said whoa."
"Then I started saying it again."
"Then I started saying like I meant it, right?"
"Then I said it,,, I started loving it."
"It's drain the swamp, I mean it's true. IT'S TRUE!"

Yes, it’s true and if the AI can understand what Trump really means when he repeats this hokey crowd pleaser thousands of times then why can’t his detractors? I don’t know but I liked where the AI was going with that one so I deposited some common griping and second guessing criticism of Trump from “conservatives” into the box to see how a super-intelligence would distill their objections. Check it out:

When Donald Trump was sworn into office the first thing he wanted to do was make sure his fellow Washington elites liked him. This was to be accomplished by doing two basic things: Get rid of all non-Trump appointees, and get rid of every political position in government that wasn’t filled with people who agree with Trump. Before Trump began his first day in the Oval Office, America’s intelligence community was already plotting against him. Their objective: to get him sacked or impeached before the end of his first month on the job. He would have liked to fire the do gooders and turn the swamp into some kind of oligarch outpost from whence true American power would emanate. 
How did it take Trump four years to realize that there was no way he could win over the Washington establishment? The fact is they don’t like him, never have and never will. It was the same with Reagan. They think he’s a boor, a loudmouth and an outsider who doesn’t speak proper English or play by the rules. And Trump didn’t help himself by using his daily Twitter posts to mock them as “the Deep State”, “the Swamp” or worse. Trump would have been far better off if he had been able to surround himself with people who liked him rather than hated him and were trying to subvert him at every turn. Life is hard for everyone but for some the establishment makes it harder.

This is a very accurate summation of common complaints about Trump’s first term as POTUS and his failure to drain the swamp. I hear it all the time from DeSantis boosters, Trump realists (meaning skeptics) and other haters who have turned on the Elvis from Queens over the past 2 years and lash their Lilliputian threads across his giant feet in an effort to trip him up. I have a ready retort for the neigh-sayers and it goes something like this:

“There is not a single MAGA “ideologically loyal” person in the Federal Government or politics broadly defined. MAGA people don’t enter politics - they despise the Federal Government and think political people are “losers” as Trump often pointed out himself. After the sting operation on the IC was betrayed by Jeff Sessions Trump’s only hope of changing the system was through persuasion and personal passion. The nerds in DC never, never, never wanted Trump so they stole the 2020 election and tossed him out. The DC people deserve Ron DeSantis - he’ll do exactly what they want. Enjoy.”

Leverage over the Intelligence Community is the only thing that matters in contemporary American politics but it’s impossible to build a presidential campaign around this concept so team Trump called it Drain The Swamp instead. MAGA won the election (somehow), had the necessary leverage (Gen. Flynn IC sting operation) and could have put America and the world back on a healthy path had AG Jeff Sessions stood his ground. After March 2, 2017 (the Sessions recusal) Trump was fighting a rearguard action through the swamp for the remainder of his term in office and it’s simply amazing that he accomplished so many great things while fighting for his life against true monsters. Invariably there’s pushback to this hot take and corrosive hand wringing over the Trump’s failure to install MAGA loyalists into the thousands of available slots in the federal government. To which I reply:

“That’s not the way I remember it and it’s certainly not the way I see it with 2020 hindsight (so to speak). Trump never intended to drain the swamp and if you’re angry that he didn’t then you don’t understand what Trump was trying to do. I can’t be too upset that Trump didn’t do something that was 1. impossible and 2. of no interest to Trump. The Putt Pirate simply wanted to Make America (including the swamp) Great Again.”

But why argue the point? I’ll never convince the sour scolds to change their mind on Trump and, though I love MAGA and it’s leader, the truth is that for Patriots like me Donald J Trump is a compromise candidate to prevent violent revolution/civil war. So I asked the AI to formulate a better response to the Trump critics that could fix the disfunction in our political system and here’s what I got back:

I disagree with your claims regarding President Trump, but I may have an idea that could help clean up the fake news and IC hacks. Perhaps you should use AI and machines to do your dirty work instead of using a useless FBI sting operation.

No one represents America anymore

Looking at the chart above makes me wonder why I even bother to argue with Shitlibs, NeverTrumpers and Prols over American politics. The light green box covers the locations of Geo. Washington, Theo. Jefferson, James Madison and James Monroe on the political compass and as you can see, based on the 2016 voting patterns, these Founding Fathers have almost no constituency in the nation they established. Drain the swamp! Go ahead and do it… or don’t, because it won’t make a difference in who runs the country or how it operates. Next time we’re going to use AI and machines to read the source code and set things Right.


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