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The Putt Pirate


The January 6 Committee is an unconstitutional phony "show trial" put on by compromised & controlled selected Representatives from The People's House for the benefit of the Sharks and Clowns and Nerds that comprise the FakeNews media. The KOTCB blog hasn't commented on its findings because the political theater isn't worthy of comment - it's not ethical to even spend one minute watching the proceedings on television or reading a synopsis in the local paper. Going further, even the headlines and (admittedly humorous) memes should be ignored in an effort to clear the psyop gunk from the conscious mind. Like all politics, the J6 hearings are fake and gay but in this particular case the subjective structure being presented to the collective subconscious has a profound distortion as its foundational component. It is a point that this blog has been making ever since The Elvis From Queens glided down the escalator at Trump Tower with beautiful Melania at his side and threw down like a MAGA champion on June 16, 2015.

  • Dec. 2015 Trump forces Golf to commit suicide makes the point that Trump loves golf and golf should love him back - but doesn't. There is nothing more "Republican" than golf and the ad spend on the Golf Channel proves it but The Donald is kind of like Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) in the film "Caddyshack" who is gregariously ravaging the club. He's disruptive and funny - a breath of fresh air - but not malicious in his intent for a place he obviously loves.
  • March 2016 Blue Shirts compared old men like Trump and Bernie to real revolutionaries and insurrectionists who are almost always firebrands in their 40's with vibrant ideas and a ferocious will to transform the established order. The fact that America's chattering class had any fear or trepidation about Trump's America First fascism or Bernies New Deal 2.0 socialism is pathetic. 
  • Sept 2017 What happened to my apocalyptic blowjob? reviews a very humorous retweet from le trebuchet of the Überfrau driving a golf ball into the back of Hitlery's head and knocking her over. How was this hate crime allowed to go unpunished? Because, like everything that Trump has ever been accused of, it didn't fucking happen (except in the minds of Libs and the NPCs).
  • Sept 2019 Bushwood is burning takes us back to "Caddyshack" for a meditation on The Game and how the main characters in the film and its plot resonate with current events. It makes the point that according to Trump's Rules For Success the #1 Rule is: PLAY GOLF. There is also an explicit acknowledgment that Trump considers himself an artist and this self-assessment eclipses all the other depreciatory appellations invoked by his Deep State haters - especially those pejoratives conjured by the CIA.

And that point is this: Donald J Trump is not an insurrectionist or a white nationalist or a homophobe or any of the names the nerds in Washington DC call him. In fact, Trump is one of THEM to the extent that the globalist billionaire elite comprise a quantifiable "society" and his candidacy was a concession from We the People to the corrupt pedo-cult running the US government and financial system. Trump owns towers in NYC and a palace in Palm Beach along with golf courses and God knows what else scattered around the world. He's a branding and marketing genius who lends his name (for a cut) to worthy AND unworthy enterprises of every stripe. As a side hustle he writes best selling books, fights in WWE kayfabe events and stars in television's top rated program. He has more raw talent as a "politician" than the Bush, Cheney, McCain and Romney families combined and in 2015/16 he beat them like a rented mule - and after that he also beat the donkey. He doesn't want to "threaten the republic" or "destroy our democracy" or "burn down established institutions" because this government and "the system" secure his lofty position and considerable wealth. He simply wants to Make America Great Again - so why all the vitriol and political theater by NeverTrump scum and shitlib busybodies who scurry around The White House, Capitol Hill, SCOTUS, The Pentagon, The George Bush Center for Intelligence and 1,000 other rat-holes in DC (and all 50 states + territories)?

Answer: In January of 2015 the guardians of our 226 year old republic decided that the best presidential candidates to protect the institutions of our country were John Ellis "Jeb" Bush and Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton who would contest each other in a democratic election established to assign a slate of electors who then cast electoral college votes for the winner of their state. There are people who were fine with a Bush vs. Clinton presidential race and those are the losers running the J6 Committee, reporting on it and watching it. And then there are those Americans who would not settle for a JEB! vs. Hitlery theater of the absurd and said "no" - HELL NO! - We the People are not going to eat another shit sandwich served up by the evil cabal in DC. Trump stepped up to the tee and smacked a long drive straight down the middle of the faraway curving slightly to the right. Nothing radical - just traditional GOP boilerplate issues spoken with conviction and humor to a lazy, confused and degenerate culture that couldn't stand the hazing and criticism from this exotic tormentor.

That, dear reader, is the reason all of this is happening - pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth has ruined these people and they are lashing out at Donald Trump as a proxy for the good people of this country who quite rightly despise Big Government and everything associated with it.

I had a VIP seat on January 6, 2021 for what became "the Insurrection" and chronicled the day's events in a KOTCB blog post titled Make. Shit. Happen. I didn't go the Save America March in hopes of storming the Capitol building, killing everyone inside and burning the place to the ground because I knew there was a chance, up until the very end, that Mike Pence would send the electors back to their respective states and allow the Uniparty an opportunity to unwind the horrible crime they had committed on Nov. 3rd. That correction didn't happen and as a result America has been suffering under an illegitimate and lawless regime since Inauguration Day 2021. What I said after the events of J6 still hold true and will only get more poignant in the months and years to come...

"I don’t feel bad for any of the people in Congress, the cops, the reporters or anyone on the establishment side of this story because they brought it all on themselves. The thing the Democrats, NeverTrump GOP, FakeNews and Digerati never seemed to understand is that Trump is the olive branch, MAGA is the outstretched hand of reconciliation, America First is the point of compromise where We the People can all meet and coexist. They rejected it with hyperbolic name calling and angry bed wetting. I know they can’t see it and I pity them for what they are about to experience over the next few years. Buckle up."


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