Blue Shirts

Hitler consolidates power in Germany - Age 45
Mussolini elected Prime Minister in Italy - Age 39
Stalin consolidates power in USSR - Age 44
Mao leads his "long march" - Age 41

One of the great things about living in the USA (at least I think it's great) is how little ANY American understands, as in comprehends, the forces of Communism or Fascism. We the People simply have no idea what these movements mean or, in truth, have any first hand experience with the societal forces that give them life and power. Fat, Happy and Free we experience these "movements" as abstractions and go on about our lives drinking sugar water and playing video games - we invented the Internet for Christ's sake. You want proof? Take a look at the two leaders of our political "revolution" in 2016.


On the "left" we've got a 74 year old grumpy uncle who can't keep his mouth shut about all the things that need fixing around the house. A man who's never worked an honest day in his life and because he lives in the land of milk and honey he's never had to. He's a Big Government blood sucker through and through (from cradle to grave as they say) and because this handyman only caries a hammer and sickle everything looks like a nail or something that needs to be harvested. If the Democrat party were not so ossified and corrupt there would be no opening for Bernie's brand of Constitutional Monarchy to slip in and ignite his simple minded army of supporters but, luckily for him, it is. And remember, Bernie is NOT a Democrat - he's just using the party infrastructure for his campaign.

On the "right" we've got a 69 year old billionaire who's planning to sink a ton of money into renovations and make the house shine like the sun. He's a workaholic and because he lives in the land of milk and honey he's been able to live LARGE with private planes and gold plated bathroom fixtures. He thinks and lives outside the box and most of his actions and statements are inscrutable to a gigantic class of pabulum fed paper shufflers who just want civility and calm. The Republican party is filled to the brim with plastic men who abhor disruption above all and simply can't abide this tasteless, braggadocios cad charging into their quiet club. And remember, DJT is not a Conservative - he's just using the party infrastructure for his campaign.

The deep thinkers are all flummoxed by a little bit of democracy and unpredictably. If there's violent confrontation at a pep rally they surmise we're entering a dark period in American history and, excuse them while they pee their pants, they fear things might never be the same. Carl Bernstein, one of those Americans who knows nothing about communism (even though he was a red diaper baby) or fascism, imagines a "new kind of American fascism" emerging from the dialectic. These are lunatic ravings from a man who fears his hyper-generous meal ticket is about to be taken away.

In my student days I studied film and television with keen interest and saw many documentaries on Hitlers rise in Germany. I don't remember seeing the F├╝hrer pulling a stunt like this at one of his rallies in any of those old black and white news reels but maybe this video only proves how "new" this American fascism actually is.


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