Monday, December 31, 2018

Becoming... A DC Matron

The year is winding down so that means it's time for Barack's "moment to pause and reflect on the year through the books, movies, and music that I found most thought-provoking, inspiring, or just plain loved" which includes "Apesh*t" by The Carters, "Won't You Be My Neighbor" and, no surprise, "Becoming" by Michelle Obama. It's has long puzzled me that America's Marcus Aurelius has such seemingly pedestrian taste and, speaking for myself, I wouldn't hear, speak or see any of this shit but I'm not FBPOTUS and never will be so there must be some method to his madness:

"I'm a gorilla in the fuckin' coupe
Finna pull up in the zoo
I'm like Chief Keef meet Rafiki—who been lyin' "King" to you? (woo)
Pocket watchin' like kangaroos
Tell these clowns we ain't amused
'Nana clips for that monkey business, 4-5 got change for you
Motorcades when we came through
Presidential with the planes too
One better get you with the residential"

I don't know what it means or what hidden message is contained in these rhymes but I do know that president Obama did love flying on Air Force One and now he has a new residence but no, you won't be his neighbor in The Kalorama Triangle unless you've got phat stacks - I know because I spent part of my childhood living in the sister petit manoir to that which now serves as the new home base of Organizing for Action before my father liberated us by taking our family back to the 18th century (but that's another story). As for Michelle's book, I'm sure he loves it because it's selling like hot cakes (3 Million+) and has humbled his wife ("I'm so humbled") which is doubleplusgood. I won't be reading it but I did do the next best thing by listening to a podcast of Oprah's Super Soul conversation with Michelle about her book "Becoming" (sponsored by Chanel) recorded in November of this year in front of an audience of black schoolgirls because, as Oprah explains in her intro, "at her core she's still a girl from the South Side of Chicago" - Michelle, not Oprah who grew up yoyoing along America's spine and didn't land in Chicago until the mid 80's.

What do I know about the South Side of Chicago? Nothing. There's a song by Jim Croche about Leroy Brown and a harrowing story recounted by a rock n' roll legend of my acquaintance about the time he got busted for some minor infraction and had to spend the night in a South Side prison cell which was, by his estimation, the most dangerous night of his life (and believe me, that's a significant claim) but other than that I know nothing. So I opened my mind and listened to Oprah and Michelle lick each other for 5 minutes before getting to "The Toast Story" which recounts Michelle's reentry into the "real world" which compelled her to write this memoir. She muses on her recollection of "white flight" from her South Shore neighborhood and the feelings of "disinvestment" that prevented her from spelling the word white in class. Systemic racism, as Oprah terms it, and I'm interested so I Wikipoo South Shore:

"As African American families moved to South Shore in the 1950s, white residents became concerned about the neighborhood's stability. The South Shore Commission initiated a program they called "managed integration", designed to check the physical decline of the community and to achieve racial balance. The initiative was largely unsuccessful on both counts. Per the 1950 census, South Shore had 79,000 residents and was 96% white with a large Jewish population. In 1960, the population had fallen to 73,000 people and was 90% White and 10% black. By 1970, the population had risen to 81,000 and was 69% black and 28% white. By 1980, the population had fallen slightly to 78,000, but was 94% black. In the early 1970s, a collaboration between the Renewal Effort Service Corporation (RESCORP) and the Illinois Housing Development Authority resulted in two rehabilitation programs called "New Vistas". When in 1973 the South Shore Bank attempted to relocate to the Loop, the federal Comptroller of the Currency denied their petition to move under pressure from local activists. These local activists became the new management of the bank in 1973. The bank's reinvestment in South Shore led to both residential and commercial revitalization."

This is Wikipedia people, not Infowars or Stormfront or whatever, and they lay it out in Black & White that South Shore transitioned from a 96% White community in 1950 to a 94% Black community in 1980 but when Michelle arrived in 1970 the vast majority of that White (Jewish) flight had already happened a decade earlier. She moved in because the white folks had already moved out, not the other way around, and William L. Dawson represented Illinois's 1st district from 1943(!) until about the time Michelle moved to South Shore so these white people were pretty odd racists by historical standards. And then there's the bit about ShoreBank and "local activists" Ronald Grzywinski and Mary Houghton who played such a large role in shaping Michelle's destiny but that's beyond the scope of her book - probably best not to talk about it. But if you want to know why or how the financial collapse of 2008 happened the ShoreBank is a good place to start looking and if you want to know why bankers were not held accountable for destroying the world economy then these two whitey's are Example A & B. Whatever, it's a rabbit hole I'm not going to go down today so back to the book.

Michelle talks at length about the significant sacrifice made by her parents and larger family to focus her attention on schoolwork, striving to be better and figuring out a way to get out of South Shore. Michelle attended Whitney Young in downtown Chicago during high school and then went to Princeton and Harvard Law - not too shabby - and landed a job with a prestigious Chicago law firm doing, ya know, lawyer work. The kind of mundane, soul killing work that "white people" have been doing for centuries and we come to page 132 in the book that Oprah circled thrice and gave two stars saying "oh my God" and reads:

"I hated being a lawyer. I wanted a life. I wanted to feel whole."

Shout it from the Mountaintops! This star striver/box checker was not satisfied doing document production for her law firm and when she told her mother about the existential crisis she got practical advise - make the money and worry about happiness later. Mom didn't understand because she (and her generation) had fought bitter battles to give Michelle the opportunity to become an Ivy League educated lawyer but Barack did and on that high note the pod cast (part 1) concludes with "a wind threatening to unsettle everything" personified by Mr. Obama and his mysterious approach to life.


I never listened to part 2 of the podcast because I've already seen where it ends - in a way, I lived it along with Michelle - and it's not a happy place. She took the less traveled road of fame and fortune that landed her deep in the belly of the beast and now she needs to scrap it out with the matrons of Washington DC in a status battle sure to cause misery for her and her family. Cocktail receptions, private dinners, gala receptions where A listers dismiss B listers who hate C listers who shit all over D listers and that's your world inside the beltway bubble eating cheese toast on Kalorama Rd. If she thought life was a prison when she was sitting on the 43rd floor of an office building looking over her home town of Chicago reading law briefs wait until she realizes where she's sitting now - far away from family and friends and home with no one to trust or confide in who won't use it as leverage against her. On deck every day trying to stay on top or just plain relevant and indebted to your man for all of it. Michelle Obama Is America's 'Most Admired Woman' of 2018 and that's a cautionary tale so think carefully about your choices in life and what you are becoming.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Running Fence 2

You probably know that the Congress (specifically the Senate) and the POTUS are at loggerheads over Federal funding for the Big Beautiful Wall to be built along the US southern boarder. The reasons for this impasse are long and complex so a quick review of how we got here might be in order.

I have to admit that my conception of The Wall has been pretty constrained over the past 3 years having seen the proposed prototypes, the existing sheet metal fence (which works practically but not aesthetically) and other examples of boarder barriers erected around the world.  I had been picturing some kind of combination of The Great Wall of China and the High-Deterrent Trump Wall pictured below - something that could be seen from outer space and would cost every bit of $50 Billion+ to build and maintain. In other words, an expensive eyesore that would cause maximum shock and awe to The Wall's opponents and serve as a physical rebuke of the Folly Wall they've been building for the past 40 years. 

Then POTUS Trump loaded up the trebuchet and tossed this bolder deep into my mind.
I began to imagine mile after mile of steel slats winding its way along the  Gadsden Purchase and up the Rio Grand. I pictured the late afternoon light pouring through the slats and casting amazing shadows on the desert floor and the incredible lightning strikes dancing across the Arizona sky when a spring thunderstorm rolled in. The sound, mysterious and fearsome, of the dry wind blowing through these 30 foot metal spikes filled my ears and my mind began to open to the artistic opportunity presented by the "wall or a fence or whatever they want to call it." So here's my idea: hire Christo to build this work of art and use the NEA to pay for it.

Long time KOTCB readers know that I have my issues with Christo and Jeanne-Claude (but I've defended them too) so I'm conflicted but with regards to solving this particular political cat fight someone from the National Endowment for the Arts should get Christo on the phone ASAP. First of all, Christo has done this before way back in 1976, about the time this mass illegal immigration problem was first starting to take off, the artist built a 25 mile long fence in the Northern California counties of Sonoma and Marin for NO REASON AT ALL. No petty justification like protecting American workers, strained social services, cultural disintegration, child and human trafficking, drug smuggling, cartel gangs like MS-13 or murderous crime were required to secure funding for this project and one might even say that the lack of any conceivable objective was what propelled the Running Fence to it's eventual completion. Not that it was easy, because it was not, and that bureaucratic struggle was effectively captured in a film by Albert and David Maysles titled "Running Fence" in honor of the project they documented. Christo and Jeanne-Claude had to win over the rugged agrarians and pitched their vision with earnest intent explaining the benefits of their installation and patiently answering every objection because it was the farmers and ranchers who, after all, would be providing the ground (as it were) for this Big Beautiful Fence and once they had accomplished that task the real trouble started.

"Ultimately the ranchers decided it was a good deal. Some artists and urbanites, however, were not as enthusiastic. They formed a group called the Committee to Stop the Running Fence, dragging out permit hearings with claims that the fence would wreak havoc on the land. More than one artist said the project wasn’t art."

Sound familiar? Pity the constrained and banal minds of artists and urbanites who, due to jealousy and provincialism, can not see the glorious truth. Sad. The battle was ferocious and very litigious but in the end Christo prevailed and Running Fence was erected with wonderful results as chronicled in Sonoma Magazines commemorative article "Christo’s Running Fence 40 Years Later: Photos, Stories & Memories" which ends thusly:

“It was strange,” said Gonnella as she sat in the shadowed dining room of the Union Hotel following the lunchtime rush. “Once the fence started going up, once people could drive out and see this miraculous thing unfolding across the land, all the bitterness, all the protests, just kind of — stopped.

On top of Christo's preparation and accomplished career of building monumental art it is worth noting that he is an immigrant to the United States and this fact would mitigate the common calumny of Know-Nothing xenophobia leveled against proponents of The Wall Fence by our nations philistines who, lacking taste and refinement, can't get past their simple way of seeing the world. The current budget for the National Endowment for the Arts is a paltry $152,800,000 so what are the Democrat obstructionist going to say when Trump decides to juice it to $6 Billion? That's a 3,900% increase in Arts funding from the Federal Government and I just don't think #FakeNews will be able to spin that as a bad thing. The Fence will serve as Christo's crowning achievement and, though nothing is eternal in this world, it will be around for a long, long time which is an opportunity few artists can pass up. So let's get started building Christo's Fence so that we can put all this arguing behind us and come together as Americans.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

the insolvent phantom of tomorrow

I love saying "I told ya so" and today is no exception but since yesterday was a cosmic trifecta (Winter Solstice, Ursid Meteor Shower, and Cold Moon) it feels especially good to anticipate tomorrow. So much WINNING!
Whitaker cleared to oversee Mueller investigation - NBC is not happy but I'll bet Trump is and I'm looking forward to seeing what ORDERS the acting AG gives the office of Special Council.

House Republicans approve bill to fund border wall, setting up a final showdown in the Senate - ABC doesn't explain how something that was never even possible because the GOP "didn't have the votes" became a reality but there it is - Government shutdown for Xmas with no plans to reopen. Count the votes Chuck and Nancy. Even with GOPers Naying it still passed and now we'll get, well, not exactly a wall but a massive spiked fence which, to my eyes, looks pretty damned elegant and leathal.

Trump’s defence secretary resigns amid reports of Syria and Afghanistan troop pull-out - Channel 4 complains that a man with the nick name "Mad Dog" is no longer running the US Military and that the US is finally pulling out of the Middle-East quagmire of Syria. These guys want War All The Time and are convinced the American People don't really care about our troops in the sand.
Yes, Jim Mattis resigned and penned a letter outlining his thoughts and, I suppose, disagreements with the President on world affairs and our national defense in light of changing directives.

"My views on treating allies with respect and also being clear eyed about malign actors and strategic competitors are strongly held and informed by over four decades of immersion in these issues," Mattis wrote in his resignation letter to Trump.

Is the general talking about "allies" like the Kurds who've been helping us fight ISIS in Syria but don't, in fact, have an established country or is he talking about Allies like Turkey which is a member of NATO and will be taking over US duties in their back yard?  I don't know and no one else does either but let's face the fact that the man is a card carrying member of the "military-industrial complex" that another general war hero patriot warned the nation about in his own Farewell Address to the Nation and on that point I'd like to quote a different, rarely commented upon, section of that Eisenhower letter:

Akin to, and largely responsible for the sweeping changes in our industrial-military posture, has been the technological revolution during recent decades.

In this revolution, research has become central, it also becomes more formalized, complex, and costly. A steadily increasing share is conducted for, by, or at the direction of, the Federal government.

Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity. For every old blackboard there are now hundreds of new electronic computers.

The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present – and is gravely to be regarded.

Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.

It is the task of statesmanship to mold, to balance, and to integrate these and other forces, new and old, within the principles of our democratic system – ever aiming toward the supreme goals of our free society.

The task of integrating the Sci-Tech Elite with the "principles of our democratic system" has been a complete failure. These people have no interest in the "supreme goals of our free society" and they use their position of power to undermine these "principles" and "goals" at every opportunity. 

  • Trump was spied on during his campaign and is being prosecuted during his presidency because...
  • The United States of America is $20 Trillion+ in debt but can't find $5 Billion to build a wall (fence) because... 
  • Our fighting men are toiling in Syria (IN SYRIA!!!) and lots of other places because...

Because the Sci-Tech Elite have made it that way and now is the time to stop them - It's time for We the People to Make America Great Again.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Rainbow Stew

Hang it on The Wall

For my money (and I do pay for it) the Sunday Morning programming on WNRN in Central VA is the best thing on radio. Starting at 7AM with "Bluegrass Sunday Morning" hosted by Rusty Cempre and ending with "Les Temps Perdue" playing "strangest songs of the 70s, 80s, and 90s" from Noon - 2PM the programing is fantastic and that goes double for "Country Feedback" hosted by Bob Mosolgo which serves as a kind of one hour transition from Old Time to New Wave starting at 11AM. It's not the quantity but the quality of Mosolgo's programming which sets it apart by defining the Alt-Rock-Country sound and last Sunday's show was no exception - especially his choice of a tune for closing out the show which blew my mind. To set this up it needs to be noted that WNRN is a "listener supported" radio station meaning that it relies on donations and fund drives like NPR and its ilk which, in Charlottesville, means your corporate ethos had better be a Blue tinted progressive recipe combining heaping portions of Social Justice, Hipster Cool and  #Resistance. So when the JD caps his playlist with Merle Haggard's 1981 dystopian joke, "Rainbow Stew," it's a Red Pill drop on a #NeverTrump stronghold.

You don't have to get high to get happy
Just think about what's in store
When people start doin' what they oughta be doin'
Then they won't be booin' no more

When a President goes through the White House door
Does what he says he'll do
We'll all be drinkin' that free bubble-ubb
And eatin' that rainbow stew

It's not like Country Feedback didn't have a lot of Merle Haggard songs to choose from to stick in the mix because he wrote some real beauties in his lifetime but Rainbow Stew was the feedback they chose. A prophetic song, considering the year it was written, it envisions a time when worldwide war is over and humanity has learned to burn water and heat our homes with the sun which ushers in the new day of Hope when we'll be 'eatin' rainbow stew in a silver spoon" and drinking free beer. It actually happened circa 2008 (as close as we will ever get anyway) and America chewed on this multicolored fricassee for 8 long years and then, after savoring every flavor in the bowl and just before being served a second helping, half of We the People spat it out.

They what??? Yeah, they spit that rainbow right out of their mouths and onto the floor. That wasn't supposed to happen - I mean sure, maybe 10% of the people might not like it or maybe even 20% because there's no accounting for taste, but half! 50% of the American voters (which is really only 20% of the people) wouldn't eat paradise in a spoon and wash it down with free brew? The chefs, who've been working on this recipe since around the time Merle wrote this song, where not happy with the way these people reacted to their concoction. They blamed the customer because, think about it, half the people loved the stuff and couldn't wait for more but even more frustrating was the fact (a fact I tell you) that this stew was good - morally good - and the long arc of rainbow history ended directly on top of this pot of gold. How can anyone be spitting this stuff out? There must be something wrong with THEM. Perhaps they were brainwashed by the Russians or maybe it's their congenital hatred (racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc) that soured their pallet or maybe they're "uneducated" and, through no fault of their own, simply lack the refinement to appreciate Rainbow Stew, but whatever the reason they need to be reprogrammed, punished and made to understand the gravity of their mistake.

But let's take a step back and contemplate the possibility that The Hag wrote this little cockaigne to call bullshit on the folks cooking up this stew and alert his audience to the lie that serves as its base ingredient. It's a Big Rock Candy Mountain for the 21st century and exists nowhere but in the fevered dreams of Davos Men and their minions running various governments, NGOs and "world bodies" scattered around the globe. In other words, what if the rubes who refuse to eat any more of this Rainbow Stew are right and the recipe needs to change drastically or get tossed out all together to bring people together and start eating at the same table again? Where's the harm in that?

The harm is that there are a lot of people (half of them) that love Rainbow Stew and deeply resent the notion that it might be taken off the table. The love it and they're willing to force the other half of the country to eat it rather than change the formula or find a new item on the menu. Exhibit A:

This "comedy sketch" was broadcast the night before Bob Mosolgo's radio hour and I'm not saying that it's the reason he played Merle Haggard but it should be. I'm not apposed to good humor or making fun of the POTUS and I expect Knights of the Golden Circle, who all love Rainbow Stew, to jump all over any GOP president, but there's a level of hate and bitterness written into this skit that would have red lined most of it in a different time (by that I mean 8 years ago). It's inconceivable that SNL would create a skit with this level of vitriol directed at Obama in 2010 or any president and on that point it's not directed at Trump, who doesn't watch the show, but at his supporters. There is the angry, accusatorial script and the scathing ridicule of those people in Trump's orbit and the cockaigne dreamland of a world WITHOUT President Donald J. Trump but at the end we're left with the foul taste of reality swirling around in our mouth - Trump is, in fact, still our President after all. Merry Christmas! That's right, this piece of Anti-Christ slop was aired on the annual SNL Christmas show and it's a big heaping spoonful of Rainbow Stew because of it's content, it's tone and it's timing. It's what half the country spit-up in 2016 and there's no way to cram it back down their throat weather Trump is in the White House or not.

Friday, December 14, 2018

I've Got You Dumb Motherfuckers Eating Right Out Of My Hand

The branches of government
In 2011 John Lasseter wrote an opinion piece for The Onion which exposed Pixar's production strategy and shocking success in the marketplace: "Yes, after the success of our first few movies we had a hunch you'd continue to enjoy the wonderfully designed animation and our smart, lyrical writing, but I didn't think we'd create a horde of drooling morons ready to drop everything just to watch a fucking rat cook dinner." This observation was in reference to a Pixar film titled "Ratatouille" about a rat who dreams of becoming a French chef which, to my lights, created one of the most unappetizing and subversive stories ever told. The idea of rats running roughshod in a Michelin-starred restaurant is bad enough but when the proposition that "Anyone can cook" is taken to its evil and impossible extreme I must object for France and humanity. Using that movie and others as an example Lasseter makes the point that his audience (he calls them "dipshits") will buy anything the company sells them and #FakeNews media will say it "fits perfectly into Pixar's grand tradition of excellence" so there's nothing to argue about. Nobody is brash and confrontational enough to stick their hand up and say, "hey, Pixar, that rat movie sucked ass and promoted a horrible message to it's audience many of whom are children and lack critical thinking but must suffer, as I suffered, the image of a rat cooking food for humans to consume." I guess I should say almost nobody.

"Chuck, did you want to say something?"
You've got to watch the whole thing. Clips and soundbites on the evening news and web properties don't do it justice or disjoint the true narrative of what went down when Trump/Pence met with the Democrat leaders to discuss prison reform, the farm bill and border security (i.e. The Big Beautiful Wall on the US southern boarder). Trump let Nancy and Chuck saw off every branch in their branch of government in the vain attempt to convince the American people to eat the sausage being made by the DemocRATS in Congress. He explains the Bicameral system of government to Nancy by showing that Bills passed out of the House go nowhere if the Senate can't cobble together a bi-partisan 60 vote majority to pass the Bill into law. "Chuck, did you want to say something?" - Schumer cites WaPo (Trump's reaction is hilarious) then claims he can solve the problem without shutting down the Government. Sorry Chuck - No wall, no Government. "Okay, let's debate it privately" and Trump's fine with that so let's wrap this up and send the #FakeNews scum out of here so we can talk because "We all get along" (minute 5:30). Not so fast...

One of the greatest things about the Trump presidency is being able to see first hand what it's like when these politicians meet with one of their financial backers or some Billionaire who expects them to do something for them - insert some loophole in legislation, make a floor speech on a pet project, publicly threaten some competitor or enemy - and how the politicians react. Trump is not a member of the Political Class but he is a member of the Donor Class and he "works with"  politicians from that position in the social hierarchy which, if you study the body language in the video clip, makes the politicians VERY uncomfortable. "It's called transparency" and it's got the rats scurrying for the shadows or some hidey-hole where they can ride out this discombobulating circumstance until things get back to normal. But they're going to have to fund a boarder wall because that's what the money men are telling them to do and even though it will cause a lot of upset with their constituency the votes will be found - just like they did for the Secure Fence Act of 2006 when Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton both voted Yea (passed 80-19). That law authorized the building of a 20+ foot fence along 700 miles of the southern boarder augmented by a high tech "virtual fence" at a cost of $50 Billion over 25 years, but Congress only appropriated $1.5 Billion the first year and dribbled out money knowing that neither George Bush or Barack Obama would press the issue. By 2010 the "virtual fence" was completely defunded - not by congress but by the DHS secretary who had been granted authority by Congress in 2007 to do with the money whatever she wanted. It's a shell game played on the American people where the Congress fights and argues over language and mandates while packing the Bill full of pork then pass a law knowing that they'll never fund it and no POTUS will ever enforce it.

Now We the People will get to see what happens when our "representatives" take a vote that really matters. Is Chuck really going to force Trump to shut down the Federal Government because the Senate will not appropriate $5 Billion for a border fence he voted for 12 years ago and should have already received $24 Billion in funding if Congress had followed its own "law" as written?

Build the Wall.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

The Hart of the Matter

It's only after we lost everything that we're free to do anything

Long time readers of this blog might remember that for a few years there was an annual Academy Awards dump just around Oscar time giving thumbnail reviews of the nominees and, at times a critique of the awards ceremony. Check it out at KOTCB Academy Awards Dump (2014) - (2015) - (2016) - (2017) but in 2018 I took the advise of Will Smith and boycotted mostly because I was board with it but also because the Academy will never top its 2017 fiasco. Based on todays news I'll be boycotting again this year because the Hollywood scum demanded that a comedian named Kevin Hart, who had been hired to host the awards, apologize for some twitter jokes he made about homosexuals. So he quit, then apologized, then tweeted out some MLK for good measure.
I don't know anything about Kevin Hart. I don't follow comedians and don't watch comedy acts because I'm pretty funny myself (IMHO) and don't need any help in finding humor in my daily life so I'm not a natural defender of Mr. Hart or anyone else who makes their living telling jokes because it's no skin off my back weather they live or die. Still, someone does have to MC these awards shows and if Kevin Hart will step up and do it then good for him because I just can't take another Billy Crystal schmaltzfest or watch Ellen Degenerate ham it up with social media selfies. So I'm going to defend him now because the principle of asking this man (or any man) to apologize for twitter jokes about ring stingers and rug munchers is simply unacceptable. Have any of these Hollywood people ever read Black Twitter? Kevin Hart is a pussycat where the topic of homosexuality is concerned compared to a huge segment of his audience who still, even in 2018, think fags are really, really funny. If you're a Neanderthal homophobe - even a white supremacist - and want to have some laughs then drive on down to the hood, walk into the nearest barber shop and ask the patrons what's up with Don Lemmon? Trust me, it's funnier than a Kevin Hart movie and only costs the price of a hair cut. I don't mean to be all black and white about it because I believe that homosexuality is a grey area with a lot of recursive psychological (and physical) inputs which I'm not going to describe here but I will make the point that if, as an institution, the Motion Picture Association of Arts and Sciences is going to embrace multicultural diversity then they better be prepared to accept ALL that multiculturalism has to offer. For some cultures that includes a heaping portion of homophobia at its moralizing worst or just the pedestrian observation that imagining a guy stick his dick in another guys ass is pretty damn funny all by itself - you don't even need a set up for the joke. Are our Brave New World jesters to now ignore this ancient and eternal vein of comic gold and publicly renounce it?
Sounds fun, right? I'd actually be in favor of this format as long as there was a PSA at the start that explained the following 35 minutes of drudgery as collective punishment for your repugnant morality brought to you by the Progressive Liberals in your neighborhood.

Unfortunately for America a lot of our fellow citizens don't have a sense of humor and I cite WaPo opinion writer Alyssa Rosenberg as example A. based on her latest threat titled "Kevin Hart’s homophobia caught up with him. Is losing the Oscars enough?" It's the perfect distillation of the SJW mindset and confronts the dispassionate reader, lazy and disengaged in the struggle, with an open and universally accusatory question. Enough for what??? What the hell is this woman talking about? Enough for me? Yes, walking away from hosting the Oscars with a world wide audience of 1 Billion people which an entertainer like Kevin Hart has probably dreamed of performing in front of for decades is enough to receive absolution for some homo jokes. But that's not the question and after a lot of throat clearing Alyssa gets around to asking it straight up:

"What constitutes a proper apology and restitution for hurtful words? And who gets to rule on whether those gestures of contrition are sincere and commensurate to the offense?

Black Pilled

She's Good
So there you have the heart of the matter - who gets to rule? - and the answer (I hope this doesn't surprise you) is that in her opinion Alyssa Rosenberg does. This goofy looking, 4 eyed, cum laude from Yale, WaPo hack thinks knows that she's entitled to rule over Kevin Hart and #YouToo. If she just wanted to rule over her leafy DC neighborhood and "account for the wounded feelings of an entire community" I'd be fine with it. I wouldn't live there, but I'm okay with like minded people freely associating and enforcing draconian codes of behavior (or thought) that account for the fact that "ideas that are widespread in one decade might seem repugnant in the next" and that kind of Change We Can Believe In has a home. But she doesn't want to limit her dominion to her neighborhood or even her festering, dysfunctional city - she wants to rule cost to cost over the land of the formally free and turn it into a place where what you thought was true or virtuous or just funny 10 years ago is now "repugnant." Repugnant = abhorrent, disgusting, hideous, loathsome, sickening, ugly. If you're the kind of person who can swim this rushing river of fire and navigate the rapids while  avoiding the whirlpools along the way then doing a full reversal on your moral or civic beliefs probably doesn't bother you. The more ridged and reactionary person who can't, for whatever reason, simply stop seeing the world in more or less the same framework they did in 2008 has little hope of redemption without more (much more) punishment. There is a deleterious effect on the body politic from Alyssa Rosenberg's rule:

What are we saving? Is it worth saving? Can it even be saved?

Once homosexuality is a fully accepted and normalized lifestyle complete with "gay kids and gay families firmly in the mainstream of popular culture" and "marriage licenses to same-sex couples" a Constitutional right the search for the next oppressed minority is on. Bestiality and paedophilia are a hard sell and polygamy has internal conflicts with the NOW/PP/EMILY's List crowd so our rulers have settled on Transgender people as the new N-word of the world. This pet project of our transgressive Left wing overlords is about as trans as is possible to get and it's seen everywhere - from the pages of the New York Times "My New Vagina Won’t Make Me Happy" to rural colonial Virginia towns "Teacher fired for refusing to use trans student's pronouns" norms are changing. To quote Rosenberg: "And the truth is, we change our behavior when norms change" so the goal of punishing Kevin Hart is to change everyones behavior - it has little to do with tolerance or acceptance of our differences.

It's not suggested that the 47-year-old West Point High School French teacher deliberately referred to the student using female pronouns in the student's presence, but in conversations with others.

For those who do not know, West Point, Virginia is one of the oldest towns in the Commonwealth and was established 100 years before the U.S.A.'s founding. It's named after John West who was the Governor of the Virginia colony and progeny of the powerhouse Thomas West, 2nd Baron De La Warr who's seed found fertile soil in The New World. It is one of those small towns being assaulted by changing norms that Blondie is talking about in her Black Pill rumination on the ruination of America. The people who live there, by and large, have no interest in being ruled by Fräulein Rosenberg but it only takes one disgruntled parent with a confused teenager to enforce her pogrom. There is no place to retreat to - as a beloved (by some) Nationalist POTUS once said, "There are no Blue States, there are no Red States, there is only The United States" and it's lost. Long gone. Not much left to "conserve" and no one is interested in conserving what's left.

Suicide of the West

When a Sylvia doppelgänger named Andrea Long Chu (I am NOT making that name up) can cut shis dick off and replace it with a vagina which, by shis own admission, will not make shim happy and she's afforded lots of ink in the NYTimes to explain sher "thinking" the self-negating impotence of Trans-America is exposed.

"Nothing, not even surgery, will grant me the mute simplicity of having always been a woman. I will live with this, or I won’t. That’s fine. The negative passions — grief, self-loathing, shame, regret — are as much a human right as universal health care, or food. There are no good outcomes in transition. There are only people, begging to be taken seriously."

Murder, which is what suicide is, has it's roots in the human desire to be taken seriously and Transitioning is a form of living suicide which is why a school teacher can loose his job for "dead naming" a student. This long chewing Suicide of the West is not a new development in our tumultuous civilization and thoughtful historians have identified it's pernicious and persistent impact on our culture as a feature rather than a bug. Societies form and gain stability around a set of broadly accepted concepts including heredity, religion, homophilous oaths of solidarity and a geographically defined "home" which, in modern times, evolved into the concept of a Nation. This abstract entity is by its very nature removed from the people who adhere to the social compact the Nation State defines and violent force (police) or non-violent force (taxes), more often than not, is employed to keep the "little people" in line. The conceit of the US Constitution is that a Nation can be formed and preserved where We the People decide how the Nation State will function, enforce it's laws and secure our future. In a perfect world it's a great idea, but it's not a perfect world and people get upset when they realize it doesn't work and like Blondie give up or like Ms. Chu cut their dick off or if they're a #NeverTrump "conservative" they write a book about it.

If you buy "Suicide of the West: How the Rebirth of Tribalism, Populism, Nationalism, and Identity Politics is Destroying American Democracy" by Jonah Goldberg at Jeff Bezos will bundle it with "Suicide of the West: An Essay on the Meaning and Destiny of Liberalism" by James Burnham which was written in 1964 and that was 54 years ago!!! I don't mean to sound closed minded or irrational but for the love of God - Times Up. The West - from the west bank of the Tiber River to Westminster to West Point, VA is gone and that's a great thing because now we get to decide who rules the new order. Are we going to submit to the rule of Alyssa Rosenberg, Andrea Long Chu, Jonah Goldberg and the legion of like minded scolds demanding our allegiance to their conception of rights and duties? Or are we going to build a society (the "MAKE" in MAGA) that conforms with Natures Laws and Natures God and destroys the Marxist Machine Religion that chewed up and spat out the old civilization? There is no giving up in this battle because there is no safe haven to retreat to - that territory is lost - so EVERYONE is going to have to pick a side and fight.

I really don't care about the odds of success or the wealth and power of the forces arrayed against me. Their goals and methods are foul and though they win many battles they cannot win the war. They don't have the balls (post-op) to take a Christmas Eve midnight paddle across the Delaware River (named after Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr) to ambush and kill a band of foreign mercenaries but my side does have the stones and the guns. The truth will win out in the end and some day the exploits of our modern day patriots will hang in gold leaf as inspiration for generations to come who, in due time, will have to battle and sacrifice and create a new world all over again. Call it the eternal return or the infinite 8 of a snake eating its tail but history does not travel in a straight line. The oppression of man is the eternal project of other men and they will use any tool to keep those unfortunate people begging to be taken seriously - murdering their brothers and themselves until their suicide is complete and there's no one and nothing left to kill. Then, and only then, will they start to build again and proclaim their rule.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

A Giant Sucking Sound

In the summer of '79 I was kick'n back in Palm Beach crashing at my girlfriends parents while she was traveling around Europe on some school related boondoggle. Her parents liked me and asked me to stay with them after they put their daughter on the jumbo jet and I, being a teenage layabout, was happy to "camp out" (so to speak) beside the pool, drinking Heineken's or fly around the Bahama's on the family plane. Why not? These people were great - warm and welcoming to all, they had migrated to America's Flaccid Penis from The Heart of America (where they still had strong connections and retained their Southern hospitality) and for the subject of this blog post I should make it clear that they were Establishment GOP with a capital "E" (the Mrs. was deep in the PB Republican committee) which was fine by me. The ground work for the 1980 presidential primaries had already started and Florida, scheduled for an early March vote, was going to be very important in choosing the eventual nominee for the party. My hosts were all in on making George Bush (there was only one at the time) the 40th POTUS and were working overtime to dismiss Ron Reagan, Bob Dole or any other backwater striver from grabbing the brass ring from a man who was clearly the most qualified person to hold such high office not only by resume - Ivy's, war hero, businessman, Congressman, GOP Committee chair, Ambassador, head spook - but also by temperament by which they meant that he was a great guy (as I'm sure he was). While I was "visiting" (I hung out for about a month just doing chores around the house, helping the old man with his boat, midnight shark hunting with Cuban exiles, etc.) there was a fundraiser for GHWB and one of his sons stayed at the house where we partied and prattled on about mutual friends and whatever while day dreaming about his dad's glide path to the Oval Office. The point I'm trying to make is that George Bush was the hands-down favorite candidate of the GOP Establishment in 1979 (he had "the big Mo") and the idea of some 70 year old thespian retread with wacky ideas getting any support this time around, having already lost his insurgency bid in '76, seemed impossible. Wrong.

Instead America got the Reagan Interruption where a Cali geriatric stuck his cowboy boot in the revolving door of cultural decay and relinquished liberty for 8 glorious years while the powers that be in the DC Swamp used emergency exits and open windows to carry on business as usual. At the 1980 GOP convention in Motown the Gipper tossed the disheartened Palm Beach Republicans a bone by selecting their man to be his Veep and that's how a guy (a great guy) who lost 1. to Lloyd Bentsen in the Texas Senate race('70) and 2. Ronald Reagan in the GOP presidential primary('80) came to find himself a single heartbeat away from the Resolute Desk. If John Hinckley Jr., the son of Bush family friends not dissimilar from my girlfriend's parents, had shot straight in 1981 we would have experienced the thrill of noblesse oblige leadership even sooner but Hinckley merely wounded the president so we got two full terms of Ronny & Nancy the second half of which included the onset of Alzheimer's disease. In 1988, at long last, George Bush became the 41st POTUS and so de-booted the revolving door and rebooted The New World Order we've been living with for the past 30 years. I'm not going to go through the highlights or lowlights of Bush's life filled with conspiracy theory and Deep State Skull&Bonesduggery because I don't give a shit and a lot of other bloggers spend considerable time and effort uncovering the misdeeds and drawing connections that are far beyond my capabilities to illuminate. To sum up my thoughts I will simply quote the man himself in two letters that, for me, serve as bookends to a political career that is revealed in their contents and context.

The first letter is one George Bush, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, sent to Richard Nixon at the crescendo of the Watergate coup that tells me a lot about the character of a man called Poppy.

"Dear Mr. President,

It is my considered judgment that you should now resign. I expect in your lonely embattled position this would seem to you as an act of disloyalty from one you have supported and helped in so many ways. My own view is that I would now ill serve a President whose massive accomplishments I will always respect and whose family I love, if I did not now give you my judgment. Until this moment resignation has been no answer at all, but given the impact of the latest development, and it will be a lasting one, I now firmly feel resignation is best for the country, best for this President. I believe this view is held by most Republican leaders across the country. This letter is much more difficult because of the gratitude I will always have for you. If you do leave office history will properly record your achievements with a lasting respect."

Always the gentleman, this is what's called kindly and gently shoving the knife in the back of your leader and Nixon resigned the next morning knowing, based on GHWB's missive, that the money and the political support was gone. I can hardly read it without puking on my shoes and I can't even imagine what Dick Nixon must have been thinking as he pondered the "judgment" and feelings of this ingrate who was enjoying the perks of high office because, and only because, Nixon put him there. The last sentence about history giving a fair and balanced appraisal of Nixon's achievements is particularly cutting and, Tricky Dick being a history buff, must have stung deep down knowing that he'd always be remembered as a failed president forced to resign. Nixon took over in 1968 in the middle of a cold revolution and saved Western Civilization, America AND the stuffy Yankee GOP establishment and once he'd accomplished the impossible and laid the groundwork for a multigenerational political majority these guys cut him down. It makes me sick and I'm not alone - a lot of Republicans never forgot it like, say, for instance, Bob Dole who visited the Rotunda yesterday and stood (w/assistance) over the coffin out of respect, to be sure, but also in testament to his fleeting victory for it is a wonderful feeling to stand alive over the coffin of your bitter advisory.

The second is a letter former president Bush left on his desk for an incoming slice of Wonder Bread named William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, 3rd.

"Dear Bill,

When I walked into this office just now I felt the same sense of wonder and respect that I felt four years ago. I know you will feel that, #MeToo." <Screech... crash... bang... crunch> [the letter is truncated at this point to contemplate the hope vs. the reality of this admonition]

I don't think The Great Stain Maker ever got the message that George Herbert Walker Bush was trying to impart to the young, sax playing, whoremaster but that's a different story and if you watch TV or listen to the radio one of the key aspects of 41's legacy is that he was replaced, after one term in office, by an incredibly gifted natural politician representing generational change. This all to common retelling of America's political history is #FakeNews of a high order designed to elevate Clampett and obscure a 5'5" crypto-fascist whack-job named Ross Perot who beat the Bush dynasty/machine like a Tin Drum. This diminutive tyrant was one of those, like Bob Dole, who never forgave George Bush for his note to Nixon and didn't trust him - didn't like him - so much that he squandered his own fortune and ran a quixotic bid for the presidency in 1992 with a single goal. The Perot run stole the election from Bush and handed it to a flim-flam man (and his co-president wife) completely unsuited to the office and if anyone ever tells you that Perot didn't cost the GOP the electoral votes required to win then tell them to examine the State by State numbers. While it's true that Clinton won 43% of the popular vote nationally there were 10 (D) States where he polled below that national average and while it's true that Perot only(!!!) won 18.9% of the popular vote there were 17 (D) States where he polled above the national average. The Perot voters were Liberal Republicans and Conservative Independents who would have pulled the lever for the GOP if the party had run any other candidate.

Bush couldn't beat Perot. Clinton couldn't break 50% of the popular vote in '96 running against Bob Dole. Bush 2 couldn't beat Gore but did it anyway thanks to Ralph Nader. Mrs. Clinton couldn't beat Barack. And when January 2015 came around America was staring down at the toilet bowl of a Bush vs. Clinton contest which almost nobody in America wanted with no rational explanation as to how it happened. JEB! couldn't beat Ted Cruz. Hitlery couldn't beat Bernie Sanders(!!!) without rigging the primary. And here's the most important thing - everyone "in power" was just fine with that and were perfectly content to force through the nominations of JEB! and HRC and make the American people chose between the two. That includes everyone in attendance at GHWB's funeral (save one) and all the #FakeNews reporters slobbering over the virtues of those sitting in the pews. No mas. We must Build the Muro del vudú and #MAGA because this New World Order, for all it's promised benefits, gives us citizens a bowl of dookie and expects us to eat it. Today I hear A Giant Sucking Sound of a mighty flush that washes the mediocrity of our decades long political, cultural and spiritual crisis down the memory hole. RIP President Bush but we the living must awaken to a new day.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

A Cold Civil War

“It makes sense now more than ever, given what we stand for as a couple, what we do for a living, and what we’re worried about as a country.”

Some people believe We the People are engaged in a "Cold Civil War" split down the middle into Red and Blue interpretations of our constitution, our political institutions and our civic order. Charles R. Kesler delineated the "war" in his Imprimus editorial and claimed that, short of natural disaster or a foreign war for which the American people might rally together, and Hot Civil War is almost inevitable. Sloppy Carl Bernstein sees the same "Cold Civil War" - political, cultural and civic divide with no apparent set of facts that people can agree on to even start a healing dialog or heated argument over - but believes (surprise) that the #FakeNews media can resolve the conflict. Case in point: @Morning_Joe and Mika tied the knot at the National Archives (!!!) over Thanksgiving weekend and if this #NeverTrump Republican can find a way to live with this Democrat bimbo then maybe there is HOPE for our nation. Time will tell, but if the past is prolog to the future I'm not placing any bets on these adulterous yak-yaks to save the Republic and will hang my hopes on something bigger. believes we're in a race war and they seem to like that idea. declares "the American republic is in its last days" because demographics will swamp MAGA with immoral Left wing zombies. Derb (prescient as always) called it way back in pre-Trump 2014 when he wrote "The Cold Civil War: Two Groups Of Whites Fighting Over America, With Minorities On The Sidelines" which expounds on the international quirk in the "civil-ness" of the war and the fact that this conflict, as it is commonly defined, is decades old with no clear winner on the horizon.

"Those thirty years have seen five presidents and sixteen congresses come and go. Republicans had total control of Congress—both houses—for twelve of those years, six of them under a Republican president; Democrats likewise controlled Congress for twelve years, four of them under a Democratic president. Nothing was done."

Nothing was done to strengthen the culture. Nothing was done to defend and protect Constitutional liberty. Nothing was done to restore civic order and patriotic citizenship. And because nothing was done all of those things atrophied and finally broke.

In 2015 the Cold Civil War (the real one) started and it has little or nothing to do with the 40+ year culture wars or Red State/Blue State tribalism or even the balkanized micro-societies scrapping out an existence in the Land of the Free. Just like the Cold War that ostensibly pitted the USA against the USSR this Cold Civil War is a Spy War where the battle field is everywhere and the weapons are unconventional and psychological rather than lethal. That's not to say that people aren't getting killed because there's plenty of death and destruction but most of it is collateral damage or straight up spy vs. spy killing. For example, the explosive fate of Steven Martin Beck has never been investigated to my satisfaction and reporting on the incident is suspiciously sparse. The Charlottesville, VA white supremacy FBI psych-op which resulted in the death of one very unfortunate woman gets a lot of news coverage but a mass shooting in Las Vegas, NV which killed 50+ and wounded hundreds disappears from the daily papers in under 48 hours and after 10 months of investigation no motive for the massacre was ever discovered. As strange and uncomfortable as these bloody events might seem there are even stranger things going on in the corridors of power in DC and other capitols around the world. No one knows how this Cold Civil War will unfold or who the eventual winners will be but we will know the losers dressed in the trappings of American patriotism for a Vanity Fair photo shoot of their unholy union surrounded by their disillusioned children.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

The Day of Atonement

A few days before Halloween Megyn Kelly got the Michael Myers/Jason Voorhees/OJ Simpson treatment from her fellow journalists at NBC. Multiple stab wounds from the masked and unmasked for the "crime" of condoning the painting of face to flesh out a Diana Ross costume when a teenager dresses up. Michael Jackson probably would have understood what she was trying to say to her daytime TV audience, but he's dead, so there was no one in America who could spring to the little ladies defense and besides we're talking about defending the application of Blackface so who in 21st Century America has any (I mean even the most remote) experience with that? The only people I could come up with are Ted Danson who wore it when celebrity roasting his then girlfriend Woopie Goldberg(1993) and Neil Dimond who wore it in the opening sequence of his infamously horrible remake of "The Jazz Singer"(1980). I think those are the only two examples of "blackface" I've ever seen in my entire life which spans 56 years and I've been around - I haven't been living a sheltered life in the hinterlands.  So when I got the Apple News alert on my iPhone that Megyn got fired I started scrolling and skimming through the story until I got to the screen grab which I captured and have inserted in this blog post. The photo at the top is one of Megyn (post Trump transformation) making a very public apology for the comments that got her in trouble and the photo at the bottom is an web ad for the new Spike Lee Joint titled "BLACKkKLANSMAN" which chronicles the "true story" of a Afro-American FBI agent who infiltrated the Klan in the 1970's (actual events occurred in '71-'72 but Spike set his movie in '79-'80 to play up the Regan angle). Now the top photo of Megyn really doesn't do justice to the apology because though it does capture the anguish of the moment the full video needs to be watched and digested to appreciate the irony of the photo at the bottom of an FBI agent posed in front of an upside down black and white American flag (i.e. defaced and in destress).
So NBC forces her to grovel like a dog, sit there crying like sap while a studio full of rubes give her a standing ovation and then, the next day, they fire her - total humiliation. That's NBC for you but in the same frame, inserted by some soulless AI algorithm, is an advertisement for a movie about how the FBI (and other law enforcement) has been crawling up the KKK's ass and busting up that organizations nefarious racists plans for the past 50 years. The Klan is so stupid that even a black guy can infiltrate the club and arrest them but Megyn Kelly can't promote the idea of a white kid (or Asian or Hispanic kid) painting their face to emulate a black person because it's "racist." Is this what they call progress?

As a cinephile I must point out that two of the most influential films in American movie making are D.W. Griffith's "The Birth of a Nation"(1915) which is about the formation of the KKK and Al Jolson's "The Jazz Singer"(1927) which is about a Jewish Cantor who throws it all away in the pursuit of fame as a black faced thespian. These two movies started rattling around in my mind and current events like the Squirrel Hill synagogue massacre and the migrant caravan/invasion played out in this context leading up to November 6th - Election Day. My observation is that the pre-1932 America was a very different place than the America we live in today but the strains of xenophobia, racism, anti-semitism and other (new) social pathologies like sexism and homophobia live on and, in a strange way, these sins are almost worse. I say almost because as a practical matter, which is to say the day to day experience of most Americans, these "isms" have no institutional and only marginal cultural support in the way they did back in the day when the KKK was marching on the National Mall or Woodrow Willson was holding a private screening of "The Klansman" at the White House. Those days are long gone but something worse (if that's possible) has taken it's place and that something can be summed up in one "joke" delivered by Her Highness while talking about civility in politics during a discussion with Recode co-founder Kara Swisher.
Several points come to mind:

A. Corey Booker and Eric Holder don't look alike and I dare say that I could identify each of them at 100 yards but I couldn't help but think about the reactions of each principle who served as the butt of this joke. Because Senator Booker appears to be emotionally unstable and pretty touchy on the race thing I imagine that Hitlery really hurt his feelings but I have to think that Holder, who's carried water for the Clinton's since the early 1990's, is pissed off.

B. Sympathy for Ms. Swisher who spent the interview tossing softballs at a woman who was undoubtedly her preferred candidate in the 2016 election and was rewarded with an off-hand accusation of racism. Her cowering riposte of "well done" over the howling laughter was sad in comparison to what should have been delivered with steely eyed firmness - pregnant pause allowing the audience to settle, "you know what? Fuck you!"

C. The timing of this politically incorrect quip is what sticks and to understand what I'm saying it's important to know the context of this joke because it was delivered after HRC had been talking at length about how the Democrat party has been the welcoming home of American kooks (the good kind) from it's founding and that in the post civil rights era the party has opened it doors to kooks of every race, religion, sexual orientation and nationality now that the party is boarder-less and ubiquitous and eternal. This unprecedented inclusivity and tolerance is what's driving the incivility on the Right which is personified in the character of Donald J. Trump and as a kind of exclamation point to this line of reasoning Ms. Clinton laid down a joke that I honestly believe would have never entered president Trump's mind and if it had would have never crossed his lips if only because it would have confirmed the worst accusations leveled against him by the likes of Corey Booker, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton. And it is here, at second number 13 in the clip, where you see the former First Lady formulate the joke and deliver!!! in a nanosecond. The raw short cut in her mind and the comedic alacrity to land this joke (ruthlessly I might add) on an unprepared sycophant while disparaging two important political supporters shows you the real woman and buried in THAT tortured, befouled and abused muck is the truth.
"May all the people of Israel be forgiven, including all the strangers who live in their midst, for all the people are in fault.
O pardon the iniquities of this people, according to Thy abundant mercy, just as Thou forgave this people ever since they left Egypt.
The Lord said, 'I pardon them according to your words.'" 
One of the most poignant scenes in "The Jazz Singer" is when Mrs. Rabinowitz goes to the theater to beg her son Jakie (AKA Jack Robin) to sing Kol Nidre at the temple on Yom Kippur in place of his ailing father, the Cantor, who has disowned his wayward son. When Jack's mother shows up he is in black face getting ready for a dress rehearsal and she does not recognize him - she can't see her own beloved son due to the mask he's applied to his face. She can't see the real person and a very difficult either/or question is posed in this moment: Is her perception so biased that she can't recognize her schwartza boy or has Jakie Rabinowitz melted so thoroughly into caldron of America that he's been fundamentally transformed into Jack Robin? Either Jack is still Jackie but his mothers "blindness" prevents her from seeing what's right in front of her face or Jackie is gone and vanished into the black void where he lost his family, religion and history. For those who've never seen the film I will not spoil the ending but to say that it plays out a uniquely American schmaltz which postulates that both options are true which is, of course, a lie (but it's a lie with a lot of utility).

On November 6th I was manning the GOP election tent at my local voting precinct from dawn to dusk and while setting up the pop tent in the pouring rain at 5:30 AM was difficult the breakdown on what had become a beautiful fall evening was not bad at all. Handing out sample ballots and issue rack cards to my neighbors is fun and one of the best parts, for me anyway, is the look of utter shock and incomprehension on the faces of friends when they realize that I'm a Republican. Being a Right Wing Francophile gives me tremendous license in my personal dress, comportment and language (even my philosophy) which, to the lazy observer, would peg me as a Left Winger so I've grown accustomed to the misunderstanding. I'm very congenial with the (D) tent which was positioned beside mine and I love to watch voters roll into the polls and guessing their affiliation. The Donkeys get a lot of traffic and kibitzing about politics by concerned citizens and not too few kooks in their hippy garb while the Elephants usually just get a thumbs up by passers-by signaling their approval. Over the course of the day not one person had a nasty word for me save one - early in the day, at about 6:30 AM, a proper and erect gentleman wearing a suite and bow tie stopped at my table and declared that "we" needed to "take back our party" and that "I" would never get his vote until "our" party had expelled the odious POTUS who's inappropriate campaign style - mocking the disabled for instance - was causing him such discomfort. A text book #NeverTrump goof I really enjoyed my opportunity to inform him that "his" party was gone and he'd have to start thinking of himself as a Democrat from now on. That didn't make him very happy but I must say, better him than me.

Yes, this is the KOTCB post election blog posting and it's been in limbo waiting for the Democrats to finally allow Florida to certify their votes and call the race for Senate which is something they've stalled for almost two weeks. Why? Is it because they didn't know who won? No. Maybe they thought they could dig up enough votes to unearth and reanimate the smiling corps of Bill Nelson? No. Then why put America's Flaccid Penis through the torture of a Broward County recount again when everyone, including and especially the #FakeNews who dutifully reported it as a legitimate thing, knew what the final result would be? Answer: They were stalling. Buying time. Freaking the fuck out because DJT now had 52(!!!) GOP Senators + a VP named Mike Pence as a tie breaker which means that Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins can go pound sand for the next 6 years while the MAGA agenda gets its 50 + 1 votes in the worlds greatest deliberative body. Flake and Corker are gone and everyone else is pretty much on board - even Romny - and we've still got a special election in Mississippi on Nov. 27th which is going to make it 53 GOP Senators and that is just enough to make the #NeverTrump/Democrat Deep State Swamp burn.

Trump knew what the final score would be on Nov. 7th and started the day with a very entertaining announcement and press conference where he gave the #NeverTrump GOP loser congressmen the kiss-off and then called the #FakeNews media rude and stupid. Later in the day he fired Jeff Sessions and installed Matthew G. Whitaker as acting AG and that appointment is what kicked off the Florida recount charade in order that the Democrats might plan a counter attack to the looming justice which might lop off their heads at any moment. Whitaker is not part of the DC Swamp but he does know the Clinton crime machine like the back of his hand and he's the perfect hatchet man to file all the indictments (already prepared) against the high and mighty - then step out of the spotlight and let the new AG prosecute the crimes. And so, We the People wait. We wait for the Democrats to make up their mind while they delay (using recounts) and delay (using the courts) and delay (choosing their leadership) but they will, at some point in the near future, have to finally make their decision because the Day of Atonement has arrived. They must decide to accept and work with the MAGA agenda or to #Resist and tear the nation apart. The Whitaker appointment is Trump's way of saying, "if you choose resistance I will nuke your world so think about this long and hard."

Defeat is not an option. The election, despite Dem pickups in the House, was not a Blue Wave because the margins of victory in most races were razor thin. The House majority is tight and filled with "moderate" Dems who probably want to be re-elected in 2 years.  Trump holds the indictments of HRC & Co. over the Dems heads and the choice is to work with Trump as a legitimate POTUS and heal the breach or... civic chaos. Why are the stakes so high? Well, if Trump had lost in 2016 (like he was supposed to) the Republican party would be dead today having devoured itself with resentment and recriminations while HRC racked up legislative victories and SCOTUS appointments. But Trump won(!) and his racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic supporters are still supporting him 2 years later so if Trump goes down then everyone on his side is going down with him because the purge will be violent and merciless - this isn’t a Nixon in ‘74 situation. Examples will have to be made of Trump’s supporters to have the proper impact on the electorate and the Dems would be supported (with glee) by the #NeverTrump scum in the GOP. Every MAGA patriot knows, somewhere in the back of their mind, that they collectively said, "screw the vig" in 2016 and let it ride with all their chips on The Elvis from Queens. There is no substitute for victory because the alternative is desolation.

He's white
Which brings me to what is surely the most misunderstood and slandered masterpiece in American film history in which a freed slave named Gus is lynched by the Klan as punishment for his unrequited love. D.W. Griffith did not cast Sidney Poitier or Denzel Washington in this role but chose a very caucasian Walter Long masked in black face which means the KKK hung a white man. Get it? The lessons contained in of "Birth of a Nation" are many but one is that when the civic order collapses and the republic fails a dirty democracy can not save society, and in fact, democracy makes it worse because the majority is given power to oppress and terrorize the minority. Contemporary critics object to D.W.'s racial stereotypes of newly liberated black slaves (not so much his stereotypes of Northern and Southern whites) and the explicit "racism" depicted in the Klans formation - a formation the movie justifies as absolutely necessary to ensure self preservation (talk about transgressive art! - this movie could never be made today). But the focus on race misses the larger point that cultural ruin, which for better or worse is what the reconstruction South was left with, turns people one against the other and forced multi-culturalism doesn't alway look like a Pepsi commercial. The waring parties must be brought together either through dialog and established political processes or, failing that, at the end of a rope through terror because people will not accept the "new normal" of  chaos.

The most important thing that happened on November 6th was that the election happened at all. Trump had not set up his dictatorship (yet), George Soros was not in a concentration camp, Americas women were not marching around in Handmaidens Tale outfits (except those who wanted to), Immigrants were still coming to America, Black people could still vote, everything went along just like it always does and We the People are sovereign. Now is the time to put away the weapons, cool the rhetorical excesses, extend a hand in friendship and get down to the business of Making America Great Again together because that's the only way it's gonna go from here on out. The Democrats must cut loose the #NeverTrump scolds who started the fierce animosity to this national renewal in the first place and let them collapse into the gravitational pull of unification. The atonement has already begun.

Nuclear Fallout