Thursday, June 30, 2022

The Putt Pirate


The January 6 Committee is an unconstitutional phony "show trial" put on by compromised & controlled selected Representatives from The People's House for the benefit of the Sharks and Clowns and Nerds that comprise the FakeNews media. The KOTCB blog hasn't commented on its findings because the political theater isn't worthy of comment - it's not ethical to even spend one minute watching the proceedings on television or reading a synopsis in the local paper. Going further, even the headlines and (admittedly humorous) memes should be ignored in an effort to clear the psyop gunk from the conscious mind. Like all politics, the J6 hearings are fake and gay but in this particular case the subjective structure being presented to the collective subconscious has a profound distortion as its foundational component. It is a point that this blog has been making ever since The Elvis From Queens glided down the escalator at Trump Tower with beautiful Melania at his side and threw down like a MAGA champion on June 16, 2015.

  • Dec. 2015 Trump forces Golf to commit suicide makes the point that Trump loves golf and golf should love him back - but doesn't. There is nothing more "Republican" than golf and the ad spend on the Golf Channel proves it but The Donald is kind of like Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) in the film "Caddyshack" who is gregariously ravaging the club. He's disruptive and funny - a breath of fresh air - but not malicious in his intent for a place he obviously loves.
  • March 2016 Blue Shirts compared old men like Trump and Bernie to real revolutionaries and insurrectionists who are almost always firebrands in their 40's with vibrant ideas and a ferocious will to transform the established order. The fact that America's chattering class had any fear or trepidation about Trump's America First fascism or Bernies New Deal 2.0 socialism is pathetic. 
  • Sept 2017 What happened to my apocalyptic blowjob? reviews a very humorous retweet from le trebuchet of the Überfrau driving a golf ball into the back of Hitlery's head and knocking her over. How was this hate crime allowed to go unpunished? Because, like everything that Trump has ever been accused of, it didn't fucking happen (except in the minds of Libs and the NPCs).
  • Sept 2019 Bushwood is burning takes us back to "Caddyshack" for a meditation on The Game and how the main characters in the film and its plot resonate with current events. It makes the point that according to Trump's Rules For Success the #1 Rule is: PLAY GOLF. There is also an explicit acknowledgment that Trump considers himself an artist and this self-assessment eclipses all the other depreciatory appellations invoked by his Deep State haters - especially those pejoratives conjured by the CIA.

And that point is this: Donald J Trump is not an insurrectionist or a white nationalist or a homophobe or any of the names the nerds in Washington DC call him. In fact, Trump is one of THEM to the extent that the globalist billionaire elite comprise a quantifiable "society" and his candidacy was a concession from We the People to the corrupt pedo-cult running the US government and financial system. Trump owns towers in NYC and a palace in Palm Beach along with golf courses and God knows what else scattered around the world. He's a branding and marketing genius who lends his name (for a cut) to worthy AND unworthy enterprises of every stripe. As a side hustle he writes best selling books, fights in WWE kayfabe events and stars in television's top rated program. He has more raw talent as a "politician" than the Bush, Cheney, McCain and Romney families combined and in 2015/16 he beat them like a rented mule - and after that he also beat the donkey. He doesn't want to "threaten the republic" or "destroy our democracy" or "burn down established institutions" because this government and "the system" secure his lofty position and considerable wealth. He simply wants to Make America Great Again - so why all the vitriol and political theater by NeverTrump scum and shitlib busybodies who scurry around The White House, Capitol Hill, SCOTUS, The Pentagon, The George Bush Center for Intelligence and 1,000 other rat-holes in DC (and all 50 states + territories)?

Answer: In January of 2015 the guardians of our 226 year old republic decided that the best presidential candidates to protect the institutions of our country were John Ellis "Jeb" Bush and Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton who would contest each other in a democratic election established to assign a slate of electors who then cast electoral college votes for the winner of their state. There are people who were fine with a Bush vs. Clinton presidential race and those are the losers running the J6 Committee, reporting on it and watching it. And then there are those Americans who would not settle for a JEB! vs. Hitlery theater of the absurd and said "no" - HELL NO! - We the People are not going to eat another shit sandwich served up by the evil cabal in DC. Trump stepped up to the tee and smacked a long drive straight down the middle of the faraway curving slightly to the right. Nothing radical - just traditional GOP boilerplate issues spoken with conviction and humor to a lazy, confused and degenerate culture that couldn't stand the hazing and criticism from this exotic tormentor.

That, dear reader, is the reason all of this is happening - pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth has ruined these people and they are lashing out at Donald Trump as a proxy for the good people of this country who quite rightly despise Big Government and everything associated with it.

I had a VIP seat on January 6, 2021 for what became "the Insurrection" and chronicled the day's events in a KOTCB blog post titled Make. Shit. Happen. I didn't go the Save America March in hopes of storming the Capitol building, killing everyone inside and burning the place to the ground because I knew there was a chance, up until the very end, that Mike Pence would send the electors back to their respective states and allow the Uniparty an opportunity to unwind the horrible crime they had committed on Nov. 3rd. That correction didn't happen and as a result America has been suffering under an illegitimate and lawless regime since Inauguration Day 2021. What I said after the events of J6 still hold true and will only get more poignant in the months and years to come...

"I don’t feel bad for any of the people in Congress, the cops, the reporters or anyone on the establishment side of this story because they brought it all on themselves. The thing the Democrats, NeverTrump GOP, FakeNews and Digerati never seemed to understand is that Trump is the olive branch, MAGA is the outstretched hand of reconciliation, America First is the point of compromise where We the People can all meet and coexist. They rejected it with hyperbolic name calling and angry bed wetting. I know they can’t see it and I pity them for what they are about to experience over the next few years. Buckle up."

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Psycho Killer, qu'est-ce?

I came into this wicked world in the early 1960's and as a result I have born witness to America's 50 Years of Failure which includes the modern age of mass shootings by psychotic men who "go off" on a given day, for no reason at all (except "guns"), and kill scads of innocent bystanders. Back in August of 2019 a KOTCB blog post titled "Reciprocity City" explored a young gunman 
named Patrick Crusius who drove 9 hours through the west Texas flatlands to shoot up El Paso, TX

The KOTCB has commented on many of these shootings, bombings and knifings over the years - The roots of the Boston Marathon Bombingthe Emanuel AME Church shootingSyed Rizvan Farook and his bride Tashfeen MalikFt. Lauderdale Airport shootingNick Cruz lovesick Parkland shootingthe Iranian, PETA activist, Vegan Bodybuilder, YouTuber's attack on Google and now this very oddly timed and placed "lone wolf" attack on Walmart shoppers.

This list completely forgets to mention the James T. Hodgkinson who drove from Belleville, Illinois to DC with the goal of assassinating 24 pachyderms at the GOP Congressional baseball team practice - and he came damn close to succeeding! House leader Steve Scalise was critically injured as were assorted lobbyists and cops who fought back and, miraculously, subdued the psycho killer but it is only God's intervention that prevented this act of fourth-generation warfare from decimating the Republican ranks on Capitol Hill. The FBI was unable to ascribe a motive for the shootings - Hodgkinson died in the hospital - but because it happened on Donald J. Trump's birthday I've got my own hypothesis - message received loud and clear.

Another bloodbath I forgot to catalog was Stephen Paddock's motiveless decision to open fire on a crowd attending the final night of a country music festival in Las Vegas. The FBI determined that this 2017 autumnal rampage that killed 50+ and wounded ONE THOUSAND PEOPLE (!!!) had "no single or clear motivating factor" by the 64 year old "gambler" who "went to great lengths to keep his thoughts private, and that extended to his final thinking about this mass murder." No, the Feds can't figure out why these guys get "triggered" and start killing randomly targeted(?) victims but social scientists Tristan Bridges PhD and Tara Leigh Tober PhD take their shot in an article titled "Mass shootings in the US are on the rise. What makes American men so dangerous?" Qu'est-ce que c'est? Privilege:

Men have historically benefited from a great deal of privilege – white, educated, middle and upper class, able-bodied, heterosexual men in particular.  Social movements of all kinds have slowly chipped away at some of these privileges.  So, while inequality is alive and well, men have also seen a gradual erosion of privileges that flowed more seamlessly to previous generations of men (white, heterosexual, class-privileged men in particular).  Michael Kimmel suggests that these changes have produced a uniquely American gendered sentiment that he calls “aggrieved entitlement.”  Of course, being pissed off about an inability to cash in on privileges previous generations of men received without question doesn’t always lead to mass shootings.  But, from this cultural perspective, mass shootings can be understood as an extremely violent example of a more general issue regarding changes in relations between men and women and historical transformations in gender, race, and class inequality.

Hallelujah, problem partially solved. "Aggrieved entitlement" DOESN'T ALWAYS lead to mass shootings, "but, from a cultural perspective," "a gradual erosion of privileges that flowed more seamlessly to previous generations of men" causes what "can be understood as an extremely violent example (mass shootings) of a more general issue." So we need to address, reverse and correct the "general issue" to mitigate the risk of violent expressions of aggrieved entitlement syndrome, right? Make America Great Again... anyone? Hello?

No. We're not going to "turn back the clock" even if it saves countless lives from the diagnosed blowback of white, educated, middle and upper class, able-bodied, heterosexual men who are shootin' up the place because there's no reserved chair in the corporate boardroom occupied by the atheist Globohomos, bitter mulattos, satanic Jews, techno-tranny weirdos and ferocious Karens who run modern America. These aggrieved dudes are just going to have to learn to cope with the "changes in relations" and "transformations" which imposed the amorphous "general issue" upon their entitlement. Take it from me, the adjustment isn't as difficult as Dr.'s Bridges & Tober claim - in fact, it's rather liberating to exit the board room, faculty lounge, foundation, sports arena, club and any other person, place or thing where the "general issue" permeates the social environment. Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, I am free at last! But not all of the white men will take the Clown Pill so just to be safe the government is going to take away everyone's guns (everyone but the government, that is).

That last part - the taking the guns thing - is not going to be easy because... as it happens, not all of these mass shooters are well adjusted, productive, healthy and, all in all, "normal" men who lost their privilege. It turns out that white guys like Hodgkinson and Paddock were really fucked up losers who leveraged their privilege to the hilt and STILL went about killing unsuspecting idiots for no reason at all (according to the FBI). To make matters worse, not all of these killers are white men and because mass shootings are defined as "an incident where at least four people are hit with gunfire" the vast majority of this bloodshed is perpetrated by non-white, uneducated, low class and defective scumbags. No judgement - it's just the way it is, but those facts make it hard to argue the case for gun restrictions, to say nothing of confiscation, upon those millions of upstanding citizens who stoically suffer their lost privilege and move on under Christ's protection and guidance.

There must be some way to force gun laws on We the People who don't want them, let's see...

KOTCB 6.5.22 Daily Thought

The current epidemic of mass shootings started in mid-April when a gunman fired 33 bullets in a New York City subway wounding 30+ people AND escaping capture for days - video cameras in the subway were not functioning and turns out the FBI "knew" the shooter. Then there were mass murders at a "black" supermarket in Buffalo, NY (Feds knew this killer too) and some Asian church on the west coast and then... and then there was the late May murder of children at Robb elementary school in Uvalde, TX. I've got a son about the same age as those kids so this story hit me pretty hard - I can imagine how those parents felt and I do not like the burning hate my imagination conjures in me. I stewed in it for 48 hours and gave due consideration to what I was learning through conversations and social media (I don't watch television) and then wrote down some clues for posterity. 

I know a few things about this shooting which I’ve picked up over the past two days.

1. No home life + Psych drugs

2. DOJ project had an AI searching web use/social media to “identify” potential mass killers in that district (note: they found him)

3. Expensive guns and body armor.

4. School follows safety protocols but on the day of the massacre the back door is left open.

5. The shooter is active for 1 hour+! - are you fucking kidding me.

6. Cops PREVENT parents from entering the school to save their children.

7. Still not timeline, no background on shooter, no motive, no nothing.

This mass murder is a fucking op planned and executed by some sick asshole in the IC. It’s not natural and it didn’t just happen.

Almost a full month has past and none of these facts have changed. All that's happened in the aftermath is more mass shootings seemingly engineered by a shadowy AI mind manipulator and a concerted effort on the part of the Uniparty to pass federal law that will neutralize the firepower of Patriot Insurrectionists across the fruited plain. I understand why the faction controlling the government wants to do away with a citizen's natural rights including gun ownership or free speech, but I don't like the means by which they achieve their ends - namely, mass murder and censorship. It's obvious now that the stable of tweaked-out human time bombs the US Intelligence Community has planted across the country is massive and they can be "activated" at will.

  • On June 8 a young man named Nicholas John Roske flew from Simi Valley, CA (home of the Reagan presidential library) to Washington DC with the objective of killing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and family in their suburban home. He had his Glock and crowbar and zip ties but at the moment of eternal infamy his programming glitched and he called the Montgomery County Emergency Center admitting his intentions. The story was buried by the FakeNews media - nothing to see here - but I'll bet Kav got the message.
  • On June 14 a middle-aged guy named Brandon Keith Ned went into a Dallas-area gymnasium where about 150 children were attending a day camp and started shooting. Fortunately, he missed his targets and the cops responded quickly and with lethal force. Whatever Mr. Ned's motives were (we'll probably never know) I think we can cross his loss of white privilege off the list.
  • On June 19 someone (still on the loose) opened fire at a Washington DC Juneteenth celebration leaving a 15-year-old boy dead and three people wounded (including a cop) which makes 4 = mass shooting. 

I could go on listing mass shootings from the past 2 months because there have been a lot of them and, as I say, they will continue until the puppets on Capitol Hill get the prescribed "gun control" legislation passed and signed into law by the #1 Diaper Donkey in the White House. So we know what the objective is but I want to know who is pulling the strings - who is inflicting this terror on the American people and demanding they submit and obey?

Coincidentally, while all this mass murder is happening, in Clown World Federal Judge Paul Friedman decided to release from custody John Hinckley Jr. who is one of the most infamous mass shooters and would be assassins in American history. “If he hadn’t tried to kill the president, he would have been unconditionally released a long, long, long time ago,” declared the judge on June 1 (one week after the Uvalde murders) and two weeks later the inspiration for Jodie Foster's Army was FREE. Talk about your white privileged! This freak was the son of an oil Exec in Dallas and friends of the Bush family with not a care in the world except a girl from the silver screen who tormented him and, eventually, drove him to his violent act of love. Hinckley’s girl gun bullets hit the Gipper, two security men and a press Secretary named Brady who took one to the brain but the 22’s didn’t kill anyone - just another mass shooting in our nation's swamp. Inspired by the film “Taxi Driver” and other clandestine operatives who “helped” the young man work through his feelings concerning the “general issue” this white male loser acted out like a true Knight of the Golden Circle. He should have been publicly executed on gallows erected beside the White House rose garden but instead he spent 40 years in a psych hospital being studied by shrinks and making music.

It’s almost funny, but then you start thinking about the death and terror these shadowy ops inflict on the innocent. The callousness of the perpetrators, the cowardice of the government administrators and the downright mendacity of the legal profession wipes that smile right off your face. This is sick. John Hinkley had a schedule of sold out performances at music halls this summer (now cancelled) where people were going to pay good money to watch this psycho killer sing his songs. At the same time Senators, including John Cronyn (R-TX) representing Hinckley’s home state, are signing off on federal legislation to restrict gun ownership and confiscate guns from law abiding citizens. Not that any of these laws would have stopped Mr. Hinckley Jr. then or now because he used a glorified cap gun for his mass shooting.

The short-barreled .22-caliber revolver, described by authorities as a Rohm R.G.14, is an unlikely choice for a would-be assassin. The six-shot revolver is chambered for the .22 rimfire cartridge -- the smallest and least powerful commercially made ammunition. It is not only the smallest but also the oldest, dating back almost to the middle of the last century (1800’s) when breech loaders replaced muzzle loaders.

It’s almost like whoever put Hinckmeister up to this “assassination” fantasy didn’t intend for anyone to get seriously injured. Banning this weapon would be akin to banning sling shots (I probably shouldn't be giving these people any ideas) and no law could have prevented the crime. The Congress might as well ban movies like “Taxi Driver” due to the corrosive influence they have on the mind of fragile film buffs. Since these gun safety laws don’t (can’t) stop psycho killer shootings the push for new legislation forces a man start to ask himself uncomfortable questions.

On June 24th, just one month after the Robb Elementary School shooting, the House passed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act that was handed to them by their Senate masters. The "People's Representatives" passed this unconstitutional gun grab legislation on the same day that the SCOTUS overturned a 50 year old abortion "law" which, until yesterday, was a fundamental "right" that terminated the lives of 50+ million humans - mass shooters are tenderfoots compared to justice Harry Blackmun. The predictable screeching of womyn who's minds have been brainwashed with images of A Handmaiden's Tale wiped the gun law story from the front pages and gave cover to the usual suspects on the GOP side who voted with the Dems: Fred Upton (Mich.), Mike Turner (Ohio), Steve Chabot (Ohio), Anthony Gonzalez (Ohio), Liz Cheney (Wyo.), Chris Jacobs (N.Y.), Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.), Tony Gonzales (Texas), María Elvira Salazar (Fla.), Dave Joyce (Ohio), John Katko (N.Y.), Adam Kinzinger (Ill.), Peter Meijer (Mich.) and Tom Rice (S.C.)

Together with the NRA A+ rated Senators who passed the bill earlier in the week the US Congress has crafted a law that will allow cops to confiscate the guns from any person they deem problematic or a threat. And before you get mad at Mitch McConnell or Liz Cheney just remember that they have no agency to do anything other than what they are told to do by the Intelligence Community. They are actors - true thespians - reading a script typed up in Langley or Fort Belvoir so their "votes" (like everything else) are determined for them from the higher authority. Almost all of these guys and gals on Capitol Hill are compromised and controlled by the IC - the sad fact is that 70%+ of them are not even legitimately elected to office by their constituents - so what We the People in their states or districts want doesn't correspond to the laws they pass. Put yourself in their position and imagine an FBI or INSCOM representative visiting your office to inform you that horrific mass shooting like the one in Uvalde, TX will continue until gun safety laws are passed whereupon they hand you an outline of the "law" they want. What would you do? Stand on principle and let them go on killing children in schools and summer sports camp?

I've stopped caring about what makes these mass shooters carry out their violent acts because Jody Foster fanboys, The Matrix nihilism , MSNBC programing or access to a pawn shop revolver can't be fixed - people can 3D Print wonderful guns that are very lethal. I want to know who is identifying these insane people in society, loading them full of long ago perfected mind control technology and pulling the pin on these human hand grenades? At 9:00 AM EST Jo(((K)))e Brandon signed the bipartisan gun safety package into law but he's a diaper wearing clown with dementia. Who is actually running our country?

Wednesday, June 08, 2022

It's a small world after all.

I 💗 pirates.

I think the golden age of piracy was one of the greatest times to be alive in human history and that pirates, a subject on which I have read quite a lot, lived a raucous, bawdy and "free" lifestyles. I could jump down the rabbit hole here and go deep into my personal favorite pirates, their adventures and the lasting effect their exploits have on Western Civilization which, in my humble opinion, are significant. But I'm going to focus on a fictional pirate named Captain Jack Sparrow from a fictional series of films about Pirates of the Caribbean based on a theme park ride of the same name located in the Magic Kingdom owned and operated by the Walt Disney corporation. This particular pirate was brought to life, so to speak, by a thespian named Johnny Depp who is rather infamous for his on screen (and off-screen) performances as a roguish lothario and all around libertine. The pirate Sparrow, not the actor, is a wonderful representation of these swashbuckling criminals and though the plots of these Disney pictures are about as believable as a theme park amusement ride the actors (Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley and especially Geoffrey Rush) animated their respective characters with such earnestness that the leaky ghost ship of a production did sail on to box office glory. (Note: I focus only on the first film, "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" which, like Star Wars, should have been a one-off masterpiece of Hollywood fluff but was turned into a franchised monstrosity by unimaginative money-grubbing scum). 

So iconic was Depp's portrayal of the piratical Jack Sparrow that his animatronic likeness was inserted into the "dark ride experience" from which the PoC lunacy originated - a full circle journey into the the Uncanny Valley. Seeing yourself as a puppet in a Disney theme park attraction would be a surreal experience for most people but, as was evident to anyone unlucky enough to watch the televised civil trial with ex-wife Amber Heard, it's just another day for Mr. Depp. I say this as someone who doesn't watch TV and hasn't seen any of the John C. Depp, II v. Amber Laura Heard trial (save one clip which I'll get to in a minute) but have simply seen FakeNews headlines, funny memes and listened to various podcasters (Tracy Beans, Russell Brand, etc.) talk about the testimony. I'm one of those people who couldn't give less of a shit about these people - I didn't even know who Amber Heard was before this dog & pony show got started. Aside from his Capt. Jack Sparrow role I haven't seen any of Johnny Depp's TV shows or movies other than trailers and clips on the internet. I'm not a fan of the actor or the roles he takes on and I'm certainly not a fan of the licentious, drug and alcohol fueled degenerate persona that shuffles around La La Land between takes. Obligatory Note: I do admire the wonderful moments when Depp visits children's hospitals dressed as a pirate and entertains leukemia patients - the man's got a heart. But I also realize that my obliviousness about these Hollywood celebrities is countered by millions of people who care, and I mean care deeply (or should I say Depply), about ALL of it to the point where this show trial consumed weeks of their life.

And from what I've gleaned through casual, all be it very distant, observation of this circus is that many normie, NPC, #MeToo types got Red Pilled (or even Clown Pilled) through the process of watching hours of uninterrupted testimony via TV or streaming services and then listening to the FakeNews media completely misrepresent and lie about what happened. Those folks who despise the Deplorables, mask up and get jabbed, support the latest thing (Love Trumps Hate, Believe all Women, BLM, Ukraine, etc) learned the hard way - by watching their Dream Factory idol get muckraked - that media corporations do not tell the truth about history and mostly tell agenda driven lies about current events. It's sickening for those of us who are aware but for those infantile minds who blurp-blurp the spoon fed psyop pabulum into their system without a care in the world this incongruity between what they saw with their own eyes and what the FakeNews tells them they saw is a triggering event. A complete and total ontological meltdown opening a pit and subsequent journey to the center of the earth = Hell.

When such an act of cultural terrorism afflicts the nation I think it's only proper to go back and explore the root causes that set this terrible chain of events in motion. As luck would have it there was a moment in the trial where the culprit who gave birth, so to speak, to this enfant terrible was identified and named before an international audience of millions (billions?) and that person is Ilene Feldman. Yes, that's right, I said Ilene Feldman and this little lady has got a lot to answer for because it is she, and she alone, who made Johnny Depp an "actor" and escorted him through security to the long and winding road of infamy. Depp tells the story: "I started acting by accident... was playing in a band... filling out job applications with my friend Nicolas Cage (Coppola)... Nick thought I could be an actor... sent me to his agent Ilene Feldman... read for Wes Craven... somehow got the job.... didn't want to be an actor... got SAG minimum which was a lot of money.... made more stupid movies... needed to pay bills... acting was foreign to me... no ambition to be an actor... very shy person... introverted... strange metamorphosis... very uncomfortable with it... it was odd... still not used to it now..." Hey, I'm not making this up, watch it yourself.

Did you process that confession, all you Glee obsessed hoofers trucking down to rehearsal at the local dinner theater or belting it out at the upstate summer stock? All you thespians waiting tables and scurrying across town to the actors studio to polish your craft and audition for that big break playing a house wife in a washing detergent advertisement? How about you pirates sailing the high seas looking for a Spanish treasure galleon, eating salted beef and drinking warm rum in the sweltering still air while your fellow crewman plan mutiny and murder? You guys are working your ass off on a wing and a prayer but what you really need to do is befriend a blood relative in the Coppola nepotism network and get a meeting with Ilene Feldman - the world will be your oyster and you'll sail on its Black Pearl. It's really just that simple - they made Johnny Depp a movie star and he didn't even want to be an actor (he's "STILL not used to it"). In Hollywood it's a small world and the talent agents who manage the product like to keep it that way because, after all, they get a cut of every contract so the troupe must be curated and approved. For example, in 2011 when a 50ish Johnny started dating a 25ish Amber she co-stared in a movie titled "Drive Angry" with none other than Nicholas Cage. The lovebirds had to dump their significant others - he left a beautiful French actress and singer named Vanessa Paradis who was the mother of his children and she left lesbo shutterbug Tasya van Ree who was, essentially, her common-law husband. Johnny and Amber married in February of 2015 and she filed for divorce a year later in May 2016 and here they are 6 years later wallowing in their small world pig pen.

It's not my ambition to run down Depp or Heard any more than what they've already done to themselves but I would be remise in not pointing out that probably the most damning and salacious acts of violence and terror were omitted by the respective legal teams. Attorneys Ben Rottenborn (real name) and Camille Vasquez know they can't tell the truth about these two sensualists in a televised trial wired into the homes of ignorant movie fans all over the planet. People would freak out if they saw the raw dog lifestyle captured in porn clips, key witness testimony and text msg/IM cyber-bullying between these irreconcilable entertainers. What America got was something very much like a dark tunnel experience  at Disneyland where robotic animated characters perform the same act they did yesterday for the people enjoying the ride - and they'll do it all over again tomorrow. This is the "small world" they live in - the prison of life - and for them, the ride never ends.

In our history there are records of those who lived free and easy to the very end (and they weren't actors) so I will list my top pirates here with the hope of someday explaining my choices and the order of my list. Until that time I encourage you to research and study the real pirates and emulate their courage and truthfulness. 

  1. Thomas Tew
  2. Francis Drake
  3. William Kidd
  4. Edward Teach "Blackbeard"
  5. "Calico Jack" Rackham

Not quite pirates but still amazing spirits and immortal champions for all that is right.

  • Sir Walter Ralegh
  • John Paul Jones

Nuclear Fallout