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The Putt Pirate

Insurrectionist? The January 6 Committee is an unconstitutional phony "show trial" put on by compromised & controlled  selected Representatives from The People's House for the benefit of the Sharks and Clowns and Nerds that comprise the FakeNews media. The KOTCB blog hasn't commented on its findings because the political theater isn't worthy of comment - it's not ethical to even spend one minute watching the proceedings on television or reading a synopsis in the local paper. Going further, even the headlines and (admittedly humorous) memes should be ignored in an effort to clear the psyop gunk from the conscious mind. Like all politics, the J6 hearings are fake and gay but in this particular case the subjective structure being presented to the collective subconscious has a profound distortion as its foundational component. It is a point that this blog has been making ever since The Elvis From Queens glided down the escalator at Trump Tower with beautiful

Psycho Killer, qu'est-ce?

I came into this wicked world in the early 1960's and as a result I have born witness to America's 50 Years of Failure which includes the modern age of mass shootings by psychotic men who "go off" on a given day, for no reason at all (except "guns"), and kill scads of innocent bystanders. Back in August of 2019 a KOTCB blog post titled " Reciprocity City " explored a young  gunman  named Patrick Crusius  who drove 9 hours through the west Texas flatlands to shoot up El Paso, TX The KOTCB has commented on many of these shootings, bombings and knifings over the years -  The roots of the Boston Marathon Bombing ,  the Emanuel AME Church shooting ,  Syed Rizvan Farook and his bride Tashfeen Malik ,  Ft. Lauderdale Airport shooting ,  Nick Cruz lovesick Parkland shooting ,  the Iranian, PETA activist, Vegan Bodybuilder, YouTuber's attack on Google  and now this very oddly timed and placed "lone wolf" attack on Walmart shoppers. This list

It's a small world after all.

I 💗 pirates. I think the golden age of piracy was one of the greatest times to be alive in human history and that pirates, a subject on which I have read quite a lot, lived a raucous, bawdy and "free" lifestyles. I could jump down the rabbit hole here and go deep into my personal favorite pirates, their adventures and the lasting effect their exploits have on Western Civilization which, in my humble opinion, are significant. But I'm going to focus on a fictional pirate named Captain Jack Sparrow from a fictional series of films about Pirates of the Caribbean based on a theme park ride of the same name located in the Magic Kingdom owned and operated by the Walt Disney corporation. This particular pirate was brought to life, so to speak, by a thespian named Johnny Depp who is rather infamous for his on screen (and off-screen) performances as a roguish lothario and all around libertine . The pirate Sparrow, not the actor, is a wonderful representation of these swashbuckling