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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Xmas Clown

Smigel does Xmas

Saturday Night live is a funny show that acts as a window into the twisted morality of the 60's counter culture and its degenerate mutations as the decades have unfolded and the originators influence has shaped the ensuing generation. Nothing shows what an empty hearted lie the show has become more that the cartoons of Richard Smigel and his idiotic "TV Fun House". The Ambiguously Gay Duo and The Ex Presidents are nefarious and sickening (especially when he has Barbara Bush hump GHWB's leg) - But last weekends sliming of Santa Claus was born of the bitter hatred in the heart of a LOOSER. That's right Smigel - You lost! And now your going to vent your rage on Santa Claus - what a pathetic example of manhood you are. Scratch that, you're not a man at all - you're a Clown. Welcome to the KOTCB Bolg, bitch.

Chevy Chase is a washed up has been.

The public face of People for the American Way ? Fucker

Enjoy Prison, Bitch

I don't know all of the crimes Scott Peterson is guilty of but one of them is taking up too much space/time in the national consciousness. For the love of God, end this madness. Send him to prison and let's not speak his name again in this Century. He's also guilty of dying his hair and growing a trendy beard while wearing a polo shirt at the same time - Verdict: DEATH He dyed so he must die!

Dimebag is dead. God bless America

"Witnesses said the guitarist continued playing right up to the moment he was shot." Reading the excellent article by Todd Venezia on the mass murder that took place in Ohio last week at a Heavy Metal concert I though to myself - you couldn't make this stuff up. "This is the worst day in metal history," Damageplan said on its Web site. Really? How about when Def Leopard's Drummer Rick Allen lost his arm or the establishment of Motley Crue ? Even the names of the characters in this saga are incredible. "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott - Guitarist extrodinar who suffered a heavy metal Jihad for the causing the break up of Pentara Nathan Gale - Semi Pro football player and headbanger who killed Dimebag for his transgressions. Officer James Niggemeyer - the policeman who killed Gale. Sgt. Brent Mull - Niggemeyer's superior who a saluted his decisive action. What a strange nation we live in. I can't wait for the movie.
This photo says it all. 

America, Fuck Yeah!

Someone has taken the Team America theme song and created a colorful montage of American greatness. Canadians should be forced to watch this video at re-education camps. Click here to view this masterpiece.

Blame Canada!

I turned on the TV last night to see three Canadian Clowns spouting their views on USA/Canada relations and George Bush (They all thought he is a lousy President - surprise!) As I listened to them bitch I realized that I don't even know who the new PM of Canada is and don't really care - FYI his name is Paul Martin . Mark Kingwell (one of the Clowns) pointed to the selection of Tommy Douglas as the Greatest Canadian as proof that our two countries don't share the same baseline values. Boy, you can say that again. Perhaps if the US had elected Henry Wallace as our President in 1948 we would be have less conflict with our neighbors to the north, but thank God that didn't happen. Other great Canadians lionized in the CBC contest were Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau - the airwaves in the great white north need FOX News ASAP. Well? Blame Canada! Blame Canada!It seems that everything's gone wrong since Canada came along..Blame Canada! Blame Canada!They're n