Smigel does Xmas

Saturday Night live is a funny show that acts as a window into the twisted morality of the 60's counter culture and its degenerate mutations as the decades have unfolded and the originators influence has shaped the ensuing generation. Nothing shows what an empty hearted lie the show has become more that the cartoons of Richard Smigel and his idiotic "TV Fun House". The Ambiguously Gay Duo and The Ex Presidents are nefarious and sickening (especially when he has Barbara Bush hump GHWB's leg) - But last weekends sliming of Santa Claus was born of the bitter hatred in the heart of a LOOSER. That's right Smigel - You lost! And now your going to vent your rage on Santa Claus - what a pathetic example of manhood you are. Scratch that, you're not a man at all - you're a Clown. Welcome to the KOTCB Bolg, bitch.


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