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๐Ÿคก๐ŸŒŽ ๐Ÿ”ฎ(Clown World Portal)

A portal into Clown World

9GAG - Just good stuff to read while dropping a dookie ๐Ÿงป.

Oscar - It’s hard to imagine a Clown World without AMPAS which acts as a major propaganda tool for the New World Order. Making its home in America’s WAP this institution honors itself annually by handing out golden statues in the form of a man. The KOTCB has chronicled the death of this ritual: Academy Awards Dump (2014) - Academy Awards Dump 2015 [updated with score] - Academy Awards Dump 2016 - Academy Awards Dump 2017 - The Hart of the Matter - Winners and losers (Academy Awards Dump 2019) - Academy Awards Dump 2020

Babs - Funny Girl, A comic genius who also knows how to belt out a song. Watch her early stuff and be amazed - getting rich and famous was the worst thing to ever happen to her.   KOTCB What’s up, Funny Girl

Gnome - Manufacturing this persona must be hard work. Very destructive ideas in an untrained mind (or any mind) and you know Chomsky’s whimsies can’t be too deep because college aged kids love them and his books sell. KOTCB Hugo the Horrible

Christo&Jeanne-Claude - Art is a racket and this pair of Eastern European film-flamers are all time greats when it comes to a swindle. Don’t believe me? I present you Lori Keevil-Mathews who was crushed by one of Christo’s 500 Lb. umbrellas. KOTCB Notes on a talk by Christo and Jeanne-Claude and KOTCB Running Fence 2

Clampett - The emergence of HillBilly from a place called Hope is the worst thing to ever happen to America and is symptomatic of national decline due to moral degeneracy. William Jefferson Blythe III and Hitlery have received many loud ring from the Clown Bell and I’m sure there is more ringing to come. KOTCB Tear the totem pole down

Durham Wonderland - There are some institutions with a perfect mascot and Puke is one of them.

America’s Flaccid Penis - A gigantic limp peninsula filled with colorful characters who often find their way on to the Clown Bell blog. Examples: KOTCB #Chexxon or KOTCB Parkland or KOTCB Just a cheese-dog in Margaritaville or KOTCB What’s the matter with Florida? or KOTCB Alternate Universe 06/15/2015

Icke - I used to think he was nuts.

Jimmy Peanut - The Dem replacement for Richard Nixon has been almost as bad post-presidency as he was while in office. A depressing example of the oligarchs and multinational corporations giving up on representative democracy as a viable political system and taking matters into their own hands.

BullKrug - Making Frank Rich look good is not an easy accomplishment but the Krughole does it. KOTCB Krugman’s Balls

Ciccone - Whore. 

Maher - A man perpetually on the edge (over the edge) of being Red Pilled, being Born Again and preaching the Make America Great Again message to the BlueAnon kooks who watch his HBO show. He’s so close... so close. KOTCB The scales are slowly falling from his eyes

The National Basketball Association (NBA) - Hoops at the pro level is a freak show and the fact that everyone involved is China’s bitch makes the showboating, moralizing and anti-American hate insufferable. It’s been this way for decades. KOTCB Pacers vs. Pistons vs. Fans

Newingsoc - “All the News That’s Fit to Print” acts as a foundational story line for Clown World and all of FakeNews consumes, digests and excretes the crumbs that fall from the Gray Lady’s plate. KOTCB Sharks and Clowns and Nerds

Page Six - Alexander Hamilton would weep if he were able to see what has happened to his newspaper and the country he helped to create. KOTCB Hamilton and KOTCB Hamilton and the KotGC

Pepsi - The drink of Micheal Jackson and the Spartacus Generation.

Proclamation 4071—National Clown Week - For those wondering when, exactly, We the People first entered Clown World, it was August 2, 1971.

Rolling Stone - Jann Wenner lives with a persistent ringing in his ear courtesy of the Clown Bell.  KOTCB Fireworks for the 1% and KOTCB Off a cliff and KOTCB Purple Smoke on the Water and KOTCB Party at Phi Psi tonight! and KOTCB What Went Wrong?

Rotten - Democracy dies in darkness.

The Smoking Gun - If you still believe in the justice system (or even if you don’t) this web site has some amazing stuff.

Martha Kostyra - A fake person who formed a real business to create a fake world.

Zombietime - zomblog - A great website and blog.

World Beard and Moustache Championships - I grow my facial hair annually from Dec. 27th to March 20th.


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