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Humbly bend thy knee

  WARWICK :  Who should that be? belike, unlook'd-for friends. SOMERSET:  They are at hand, and you shall quickly know. March: flourish. Enter KING EDWARD IV, GLOUCESTER, and soldiers KING EDWARD IV:  Go, trumpet, to the walls, and sound a parle. GLOUCESTER:  See how the surly Warwick mans the wall! WARWICK:  O unbid spite! is sportful Edward come?  Where slept our scouts, or how are they seduced,  That we could hear no news of his repair? KING EDWARD IV:  Now, Warwick, wilt thou ope the city gates,  Speak gentle words and humbly bend thy knee,  Call Edward king and at his hands beg mercy?  And he shall pardon thee these outrages. WARWICK:  Nay, rather, wilt thou draw thy forces hence,  Confess who set thee up and pluck'd thee own,  Call Warwick patron and be penitent?  And thou shalt still remain the Duke of York. One of the interesting things about writing a blog is seeing who reads your stuff and what they read. For years, " Hail to the Raljon Damn Dirty Apes! &quo

There's insanity in the control room tonight

Have you ever wondered what someone who's hypocrisy and moralistic bile has bought them a fast pass ticket straight to Hell acts like when they're "off camera", so to speak, and the lie of their public persona gets tucked away in the anchorman desk for a few seconds? Well, if you have then here you go: Of course, Lawrence O’Donnell is more than just a news anchor - he's also a Film/TV producer, writer and actor. As Salon pointed out several years ago , we're talking about a real playa here who hates his own TV show and only does it for the money and fame: Salon : Do you try to import some of that moviemaking magic onto the set of your nightly show? LOLO : The comparison is tragic for me. What I'd love to have is a crawl at the bottom of the screen, reading: " You are watching an unrehearsed first draft. " Both of those things are just horrendous notions to me : To put something onscreen unrehearsed is just madness. To expose a first d

It comes to Boston

A supernatural being is fighting to join the ranks of the Boston City Council and based on this campaign advertisement I think Pat Payaso might win.  The Losers Club will be terrorized by their own fears and have no defense against the eponymous being because they are neither pennywise nor pound foolish. What once lurked below the surface and in the dark, forgotten corners of bean town has now flooded the civic mindspace as a result of laziness and stupidity - let the reckoning begin.

What happened to my apocalyptic blowjob?

America's Flaccid Penis Gets A Blow Job What might have been... If you're someone who hates rich people (or just people) then the prospect of Hurricane Irma laying waste to Palm Beach (and the rest of Florida) filled you with glee. The build up to this "act of God" was something to behold and the excitement consumed every news outlet in the land pushing any and all stories right off the air and onto the back pages of the paper/web sites. Even 9/11 was completely forgotten because politicians and journalists kept a laser focus on the eye wall and it's meandering path through the Caribbean. It was the biggest storm ever! " A Nuclear Hurricane " claimed the mayor of Miami Beach and why not? Who's gonna stop you from saying any damn thing you want in this climate of free-range fear. It reminded me of Hurricane Joaquin back in 2015 (remember that). Well, unlike Joaquin and the prophesied destruction of our nations capital Irma did deliver some de