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What Time Is It?

Countdown to Armageddon I knew the world was coming to an end a few weeks ago when Chuck D. bounced Flavor Flav from the band because Flav would not endorse Bernie Sanders . Do I even need to say this? There is no Public Enemy without Flavor Flav. I mean, what time is it? 30 years after Fear of a Black Planet these guys are breaking up the band because Flavor Flav is not woke enough for the Bernie Bros? Get the fuck outta here. Shut it down. Burn it down or Bern it down. I can't take anymore. I give up. This is a betrayal of anything and everything East Coast was all about. It's pathetic and I'm using it as a cautionary tale to impart very important moral lessons to my son (my son loves Rap Music). Don't give me that Fight the Power Revolution bullshit. Don't Believe the Hype - Bernie is no revolutionary. He's a pathetic old man who is, in actuality a Constitutional Monarchist (thought he himself does not seem to understand this) and he's