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spaghettification in DC

Event Horizon Am I to understand that: Gov. Ralph Northam was NOT in the Black Face/Klansman photo in his college yearbook page. Jesse Smollett did NOT fake a hate crime against himself in Chicago. Charlize Theron's adopted (black) son is NOT a boy because at age 3 (s)he decided to be a girl. Just random observations floating in our political/cultural aether and it's best to NOT look too closely because, well, it's just hard to measure and confront the truth of the assertion. Don't ask a bunch of obnoxious questions or push too hard because there's no stomach for getting to the truth. Let sleeping dogs lie. How about this dog? The Intelligence Community was NOT spying on Donald Trump's campaign and presidential transition team. It was not immediately clear what Mr. Barr was referring to, and he did not present evidence to back up his statement. The F.B.I. obtained a secret surveillance warrant on a former Trump campaign adviser, Carter Pag

Honk Honk, give me Clown Kek or give me oof

secret racists The KOTCB blog has been published since 2004 with a singular focus of identifying societies clowns and making fun of them so you can imagine the shock this lighthearted publication felt when Right Wing Watch splashed this headline a few days ago:  White Nationalists Adopt Clowns as Their Next Racist Symbol (Yes, Seriously) . Say it ain't so... Joe. If white nationalists "adopt clowns" to represent their race based approach to society, economics and culture then this blog is going to be very busy and the right-wing shall kek while the left-wing gets kerfuzzled. I happen to be a right-wing Francophile and a non-white supremacist member of the Alt-Right, if by Alt-Right you mean someone who's opposed to losing like the "traditional" right exemplified by Conservative Inc., so I'm already befuddled by the assertions the watch dogs are making about clown memes . On the face of it, nothing will change for this blog - we'll still "R