Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Mask Off

U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle finally did it - after 14 months of mandatory masking by order of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this capricious and ineffectual edict has been ruled unconstitutional and, it follows, illegal.  Since January 29, 2021 the CDC has prohibited citizens to travel without wearing a mask but the insanity actually started as far back as July 14, 2020 when "CDC calls on Americans to wear masks to prevent COVID-19 spread." That's 643 days of stupidity folks - it covers the Kenosha Riots, the attempted kidnapping of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, the Fake 2020 Election, the 1/6 Save America March and Insurrection, Jo(((K)))e Brandon's phony Inauguration, Trump's 2nd Impeachment, a horrible year of pathetic "leadership" from every single elected official in Washington DC, a war in Eastern Europe - and NOW, at long last, a federal judge in Florida ends the mask tyranny with one simple ruling from her bench. Thanks a lot government!

My 10 year old kid had to wear that fucking mask for a year and a half because no federal judge in this country had the simple decency to make a logical (and Constitutional) ruling that prevents the mandates on masking. One year to the day after the CDC instituted their illegal masking order I was writing my son's teacher this letter:

Dear Mrs. Teacher,

I read my son's report card. I got to the section on his conduct and had to read this:  "His goal for the third quarter is “to keep my mask above my nose.” While I think we are all suffering from mask fatigue, it is essential to wear masks correctly in order for them to be effective."

This is the same complaint I heard from his teacher last year and I’m going to give you the same honest response that I gave her.

I despise the school's Mask Policy. I don’t believe masks have any positive effect on preventing the transmission of COVID-19 but I believe they do have very deleterious effects on a child's physical and mental health. My son knows exactly how I feel about wearing a mask for 7 hours a day in school - I hate it. Keeping the mask “above his nose” is a horrible goal for the third quarter. It is not essential to wear a mask for anyone’s safety and I expect the school to do away with the mask mandate ASAP (meaning well before the end of Q3) which will make all of this a non-issue.

Masks are for slaves and criminals and my son is neither one of those things. He NEVER wears a masks outside of school. Please use your influence to end the mask mandate policy at school. Don’t expect me to support the wearing of masks in any way because I will not.

Thank You, 

Mr. White Chocolate Chas T.

Corn Pop Lives!

It's impossible for me to accurately transmit the overwhelming contempt I have for the current system of government the USA has devolved into during its 50 years of failure. We the People have been subjected to wars, kinetic and psychological, directed from the National Security Apparatus with debilitating cultural and spiritual damage to the innocents of this once great nation. Fortunately, over Easter weekend, there was a mostly peaceful BLM protest in Pittsburgh dutifully recorded by Alt-Media journalist Andy Ngô where a photo was taken that captures my mood with an astonishing clarity. It has been said that "a picture is worth a thousand words" but the photo of professional agitator Vuestro Merced getting punched in his/her masked face by a cop (s)he pays taxes to employ exposes the undercount of this adage. This image contains a long novel at the very least and probably a multi-volume history of the first two decades of the 21st Century as I conceive of it. The "diversity strong" kevlar armored Thin Blue Line. The Will Smith treatment for foul-mouthed critics. The pooch wearing a Bane muzzle. The tranny protester in fishnets with a wig and Mexican flag face diaper. The masked onlookers wearing their sweat-shop slave labor seekers.  The denouement of Joe Biden's America is frozen in time for eternity. 

Were I to possess a time-machine I would be tempted to transport this photo back to 1972 and show this artifact to a young Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.  I'd sit down next to him at Katie's Italian restaurant and say, "listen Jack, next year you're gonna get installed as junior Senator from this tiny state and for 5 decades you'll do the bidding of the banks, credit card companies and industrialists that put you up there on Capitol Hill. At the end of your run as a "public servant" this (hold up photo) is the America you will have created." The look on the young politician's face would be confused and incoherent - not too much different than he looks now - but it might have shaken the pig-ignorant confidence in his political mission. Maybe, but I doubt it, and besides, Jo(((K)))e Brandon doesn't set the agenda for the United States of America so his participation in this charade is irrelevant to the results the government produces. Impeach him! Vote him out of office! Let him wander around the stage aimlessly! It really doesn't matter if Joe stays or goes because he's ineffectual and replaceable - that's why he got the job.

As Sundance points out in a cleaver article titled Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop over at The Last Refuge the photo above is brought to you by a public-private partnership I like to call techno.comism. The Intelligence Community seeds the hideous psyops of racial strife, sexual confusion, drug violence and bio- terror that most Americans struggle to survive and navigate every day. The IC has their reasons for doing this to the sheeple they stand watch over but mostly they do it because they can. If the Deep State IC has one of their agents in the CDC issue an "order" to wear a mask it follows that 65% of the general population will do what they're told. If a politician objects to the CDC's edict the IC pays them a visit and tells them to shut their mouth and get with the program. No "elected representative" in DC leadership made an impassioned argument against illegal mask mandates or threatened to cut off funding for the CDC until the busybodies in Atlanta stopped their unconstitutional demands. The mask mandates are not legitimate, according to the Federal Judge, so are the lawyers who populate the House and Senate incapable of reading or understanding the US Constitution? It doesn't matter if they are - They don't have any real agency.

This crisis of IC directed mind control of the people using time tested methods of behavioral modification by psychological torture or social conformity enforcement that exploits human weakness invalidates the basic tenants of representative democracy. My brother was flying on the day of judge Mizelle‘s ruling and he informed me that many (most) travelers in the Florida airport were still wearing their masks! These people don’t want to take off the mask for any reason - their physical health, their mental stability, the Constitution - none of it matters because someone in authority on the TV told them that wearing a face mask was good and wearing 2 masks would be doubleplusgood. These manipulated and controlled people can not be allowed to choose their leaders or govern themselves without oversight - can’t happen! And yes, I’m still pissed off about the 2020 election and the way the Donkeys and Elephants in the Uniparty conspired to steal a historic win from Trump and give the crown to a feeble minded, diaper wearing political hack. But do I condemn them as evil for doing it? Not really. Not after watching my fellow countrymen curl up in a ball after Nov. 3rd, put on their masks and get jabbed with experimental poison.

The mask is off. The face of America’s true leadership is hidden behind the walls of the National Security Agency but the illusion of elected politicians working on behalf of their constituents best interests has fallen away. Will the White House reformulate its policy? Will the DOJ appeal the court ruling? Does the CDC stand behind its recent extension of the masking order? What do the court jesters of the Administrative State think of this troublesome judge? None of the politicians or talking heads can say a definitive word until they get orders from Fort Meade or Langley. This picture is the country you live in - it’s not your fault because you didn’t create it (you didn’t even vote for it) - it was imposed on you by people you’ve never heard of and don’t understand. Find a way to thrive and survive - the insurrection starts in the mind - and prepare for DarkMAGA.

Friday, April 08, 2022

The bank of justice is bankrupt.



One of the first "politically aware" moments in my life occurred in 1991 when President Geo. H. W. Bush nominated Clarence Thomas to replace retiring Justice Thurgood Marshall on the Supreme Court. I'm not a lawyer and I didn't care about SCOTUS rulings at the time or the ethnographic/religious makeup of the High Court or Marbury v. Madison or any of that crap I'd learned in American History 101 - but I did care about a guy getting denied a job promotion for the "crime" of making a joke about a  pubic hair on his can of Coca-Cola. Oh, I believed Anita Hill all right, but I didn't believe that anything she said about Clarence Thomas disqualified him from being a judge and, at my relatively young age, I really got myself worked up over the high tech lynching of this share cropper's grandson. I was living in DC that summer and followed the scandal from the start when Nina Totenberg broke the sexual harassment allegations over government radio (NPR). Decades have past and the intrepid "reporter" recounts the Realpolitik of the moment:

"Well, I think Republicans thought Thurgood Marshall, one of the great legal figures of our times and the first African American to serve on the court, was resigning, and that you could not replace him with somebody who was white. It would make the court back into an all-white institution. You just couldn't do that."

No, you can't pick a white guy because... because you just can't do that so Bush served up Constitutional Conservative Afro-American and (you probably already know this but) you can't do that either. 

You can't do it!

You can't do that because there are only 9 seats on the Supreme Court and that means only one black guy (or gal) at a time and if, as was the case for Justice Thomas, that man lived another 30+ years it would effectively close the top dog opportunity for ALL negro judges in America for two generations. So the (D)'s fabricated the Anita Hill charges and used sweet Nina as a knowing stooge to push the info out from the Senate Judiciary Committee and into the minds of Volvo driving suburban mom's, school teachers and politically aware bureaucrats everywhere.

"And so I just started kicking tires, and it was just one of those moments where stuff started—I managed to get stuff. And pretty soon I had Anita Hill’s name, and I called her up, and I had some cockamamie story initially—I don't remember what about—why I was calling her. She knew why I was calling her, and she said that she wouldn’t talk to me unless I obtained her affidavit to the Judiciary Committee."

Just one of those moments... one of those magical, mysterious moments where a dumpy NPR reporter gets handed "stuff" and names to contact and, Oh I don't remember everything but..., Anita Hill knew why I was calling her - she was ready with terms and conditions. Crazy, right? What a fake, phony, fraud Nina Totenberg is with her "legal affairs correspondent for NPR" bullshit when all she really ever has been is a Democrat operative living off a taxpayer funded paycheck  so she can blabber the platitudes of the Administrative State out over the aether.

In her dreams!

Ms. Totenberg was in her happy place yesterday, as was everyone over at NPR, because KBJ had secured enough votes from a bipartisan majority of Senators to put her on the Supreme Court. Quoting poet Maya Angelou, Jackson said, "I am the dream and the hope of the slave." This woman was born in Washington DC in 1970, both her parents were professionals with important jobs in South Florida education, she's married to a 5th generation Harvard man - what manner of slave is she? 


You can listen to these hens cluck if you've got 12 minutes to spare but I'm going to grab my knife and cut to the bone:

KURTZLEBEN: So what sense do we have of how Jackson sees that distinction between philosophy and political ideology? Where does she fall on that spectrum?
TOTENBERG: Well, we don't know yet (laughter). That's one of fun parts about covering the Supreme Court. But I think you could say realistically that any time one member of the court leaves, that's one-ninth of the court that's gone and replaced by somebody entirely different. So you can't predict how this is all going to shake out.

Is that so? Well, let me give you a prediction based on empirical evidence and a sixth sense of Justice Supreme on Hamburger Hill - I predict that Ketanji Brown Jackson will sit in her straight backed chair and rule just like any White or Latina brainwashed shitlib retard who gets installed on SCOTUS. Clarence Thomas has been sitting in that chair since 1991 and I don't think that Robert Bork or Douglas Ginsburg would have ruled any differently on any important issue. These people get told how to vote by their political patrons and they follow orders. The SCOTUS is the most corrupt and compromised and controlled branch of government because it operates with no accountability and its membership develops a loathing for the Constitution it is charged to defend and protect. Familiarity breeds contempt and these "judges" haven't issued a Marbury v. Madison level groundbreaking ruling in over 50 years (not that they haven't had their opportunities). Now the Uniparty has put a black robe on a black woman who calls herself "a slave" and proclaims that this is the pride and joy of our nation. I'm glad they like her because, after Clarence Thomas steps down from the court, KBJ will then be the lone voice of Black judicial wisdom for the next 30 years.

I've got an idea - We the People must expand the size of the SCOTUS to 17 Justices and chose a representative from the ethnic groups listed in the accompanying chart to reflect the amazing diversity of America from Top to Bottom so to speak. Don't we need some high achiever ethnic groups on the highest court in the country Indian-Americans or Chinese-Americans could bring a new and unusual perspective to our legal system. How might Pakistani-Americans interpret our "living Constitution" and its application to geopolitics in Central Asia? Think of the sob-story of hope and perseverance a Japanese-American could tell when she speaks at a Rose Garden victory celebration. I call on Congress to give us real diversity of ethnicity and ideas for the New American Century. 

Monday, April 04, 2022

Academy Awards Dump (2022)


Way back in 1996 I was working at ABC Television and in those days the entire network focused on the Academy Awards broadcast because, aside from the Super Bowl, the Oscar's was the biggest night in television (meaning the advertising revenue for the show was astronomical). It's hard to believe now but 25 years ago there was still a broad celebration of Hollywood heroes and the art of filmmaking that crossed political lines and united the country (and the world). The winner of Best Picture that year was Mel Gibson's "Braveheart" which is an epic celebrating freedom and Scottish nationalism - with some based Catholicism weaved into the narrative. There was the de rigueur celebration of nepotistic achievement with Nick Cage (Coppola) best actor and Mira Sorvino best supporting actress but that's part of the Tinseltown business model. There was even the (stealth) celebration of a homosexual pedophile when Kevin Spacey won best supporting actor for his portrayal of Roger "Verbal" Kint/Keyser Söze in "The Usual Suspects" so… a little prize or acknowledgment for everyone. As always, it was an #OscarsSoWhite evening but the Academy even tossed a bone to the POC by asking Whoopi Goldberg MC the festivities.

Ten years later, in 2006, the Awards Shows had all gone gay and Brokebutt Mountain was looming with America's people suffering under a forced march of awareness. Start pushing Sisyphus - it's a big hill to climb. Alphabet people were being pushed to the front lines of the culture war and the national security state was leveraging the resulting confusion and division to powerful effect. This kicked off an exciting run of fundamental transformation that worked according to plan but not fast enough for some people.

Ten years after that, in 2016, we were living through the #OscarsSoWhite dispute over diversity and racial representation as chronicled in The Guardian: Hollywood claims to have listened. So will 2016 be the last ‘white’ Academy Awards? It's too good (it really is), now that "The Slappening" has happened, to sum up this wonderful meditation from the UK's Edward Helmore (no, I did not make that name up) on the state of 2016 Hollywood - You simply MUST click on the link and read it, and I mean take it ALL in, the photos, the captions and especially the comments section containing 174 pearls of wisdom. But I will cite one specific passage from this article having to do with Will Smith's decision to boycott the Oscars and how Chris Rock was weaving a comedy act out of this thespian’s principled stance for equity.

Entertainment trade magazine Variety reported that Rock’s routine included a joke about the celebrity couple boycotting the awards – Will Smith, denied a nomination for Concussion, and wife Jada Pinkett Smith, who have cited systemic racism in the industry as their reason for their non-attendance. Sadly, that joke may never be heard; its punchline is considered “too lewd” to get past the Oscar censors.

What was that joke? And don't tell me it was the "Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna's panties. I wasn't invited" joke that did get past the Oscar censors at the 2016 awards because I'm not buying that cover up. That's not the joke that's been rattling around Will Smith's brain for the past 5 or 6 years but, when you think about it, you have to assume that Will Smith was thinking about more than one spicy joke. Will and Jada are a rich vein of comedy gold for anyone in the business of making people laugh and, as bad as things were in 2016, the Academy Awards did not officially die until the La La Land/Moonlight incident in 2017 so I'm not going to pick sides on the Smith vs. Rock beef. It's obviously long simmering and emotionally difficult for everyone involved so my guess is that Tupac fit somewhere in the punchline. 

I stopped watching the Academy Awards years before #OscarsSoBlack dragged the show into a ghetto of bitch slapping family feuds. If that’s what the new audience wants from their silver screen icons then let them have it.  

  • CODA - (Winner) American remake of a 2014 French movie and I am told that it's very impressive. A feel good family drama about a girl raised by people who can't hear her. Sort of like a white Willow Smith who lives in a coastal New England fishing village. [Remake]
  • Belfast - Kenneth Branagh makes good movies and I liked this one very much because it captured the perspective of a boy but imparted a good deal of manly wisdom on the ways of the world. Very discombobulating to see American television piped into the consciousness of these Irish lads and realize how immigration destroyed English society. [Nostalgia]
  • Don't Look Up - Netflix agitprop about astrological disaster with a top flight cast and out of this world production value. I didn't watch it. Meryl Streep as Fake POTUS so who cares?
  • Drive My Car - Japanese remake of a Beatles song from the 1960's, just kidding, it's a Japanese remake of Checkov's "Uncle Vanya" set in Hiroshima, nope, it's just another a post-modern Asian drama like "Parasite" - enjoy! [Remake]
  • Dune - A remake of a 1980's David Lynch movie which is an attempt to do the impossible - namely, to capture Frank Herbert's SciFi masterpiece on celluloid (or pixels or whatever) and have it make sense. This things is loooong and only gets through half the story. For he is the Kwisatz Haderach! [Remake]
  • King Richard - Longtime KOTCB readers know that I am ardent supporter of jeu de paume but regard whiff-whaff at 120 mph with considerable hostility - especially after King Richard took over the women's game using his "daughters" as proxy for his ambition. Check out the 1982 documentary "The French" by William Klein to get a feel for what tennis once was. [Nostalgia]
  • Licorice Pizza - Paul Thomas Anderson is one of my favorite directors and I'd have given the statue to him for this MAGA nostalgia film - sort of the SoCal version of Belfast. A reminder that we once lived in a free country. [Nostalgia]
  • Nightmare Alley - A remake of a 1940's Film Noir classic with a knock-out cast and proven director, Guillermo del Toro, means you can't miss this paean to Clown World nascency. [Remake, Nostalgia]
  • The Power of the Dog - A remake of a 1960's western by Kiwi Jane Campion staring Dr. Strange Ben Cumber-bun (Englishman) and pudgy Kirstin Dunst (blah) holds very little interest for me - and I really like Jane Campion's films. I don't know, the modern westerns always get ruined by 21st century sensibilities and I don't like to watch Hollywood shit all over America - arguably the greatest part of America which is the cowboy - so I don't watch these movies. [Remake, Nostalgia]
  • West Side Story - A remake of a 1960's movie adapted from a 1950's musical written by Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim but this go-round is piloted by Steven Spielberg from a screenplay by Tony Kushner. If you think there is any fucking way I would get caught dead in a theater watching this trash then you're crazy. [Remake, Nostalgia]

So there you have it - 6 remakes, 6 nostalgia flicks and a propaganda film celebrating the end of the world. That’s entertainment.  

Nuclear Fallout