Saturday, April 30, 2005

Point Me In the Direction Of Albuquerque

Jennifer Wilbanks stops the world by running away from her life - Crazy little ragdoll

Get me outa here...

Monday, April 11, 2005

Messing up my signal

I was watching my weekly installment of "The Shield" last Tuesday and what invades my little cocoon of masculinity but a PSA that promotes homosexuality in 18th century Philadelphia. How bizarre and completely out of context - Do gay people watch "The Shield"???
Worse stuff is yet to come... According to the
CNS News the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (who is responsible for this nonsense) is going to pull other innocents into their propaganda campaign.

"Betsy Ross, Ben Franklin, and George Washington are lending their images to a new "gay-friendly" advertising campaign intended to bring more visitors to Philadelphia."

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

R 'n R Fantasy Camp

More on Rock 'n Roll - an endless source material for the KOTCB Blog.
I was thumbing through a paper last week and came across an article stating that Roger Daltrey (lead singer for The Who) would be a "councilor" at the Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp. Another example of the degradation of a rock group that needs to put out of its misery. When did things first start to go bad? I say it was when the Lighthouse project fell apart in the late 60's early 70's. Everything after that has been a steady decline for The Who - Lighthouse became the "Who's Next" albulm. What follows was a string of disappointments:
"The Who By Numbers"
"Who Are You"
Keith Moon Dies September 7, 1978 (the band should have been dissolved)
December 1979 Fans are trampled at concert in US
"Face Dances"
"It's Hard"
The farewell tour in the early 80's
..and then more reunion concerts.
Selling their music to Ad Agencys for commercials (Drug, Auto, etc)
John Entwistle Dies at the start of a US Tour... And the Tour goes on as scheduled!
Roger Daltry starts showing up on infomercials and places like this fan site.

The final word on the subject was written by John Strausbaugh in his excellent book Rock 'Til You Drop.

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