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Khan you Kafka

You can imagine my surprise, running into Gold Star Dad K. Khan at the county DMV while sitting in the hellish neon cavern waiting for my number to come up. You can't pull out your pocket copy of the US Constitution and start waving it around at the DMV administrators in an effort to shame them - they have no shame. Your religion means nothing. Your blood means even less. I walked over to him and hugged him, telling him I loved him - brothers, numbers, taxpayers.

Laughing my Ossoff

The most expensive congressional election in US History and what do you get for $23 million but a 5 point shellacking in a district that can hardly be called Trumpian. "We showed the world that in places where no one thought it was possible you could fight , we could fight," Ossoff said, adding: "This is not the outcome any of us were hoping for. But this is the beginning of something much bigger than us."  The "place" where no one thought a Democrat could "fight" is a suburban hell hole bordering Hotlanta filled with Yankee emigrants who escaped Blue State socialism for better working opportunities in Georgia. Georgia people, I'm talking Georgia! It's a long way from Rochester or Springfield or Allentown but Atlanta's got jobs, decent weather and low taxes. Republicans started moving down there in the 1960's and by 1978 they elected  a Pennsylvania boy named Newt to represent them in Congress. It's been GOP ever since.

Its On Like Donkey Kong

It's not baseball. It's not football. We've left the playing field altogether and this shit is finally getting real. I always wondered what it would take to wake these politicians and news media #fakenews scum from their slumber and it looks like Bernie Bro. James T. Hodgkinson finally blasted them out of bed. A shame that it took an premeditated political massacre (thwarted) to open their eyes, but their ignorant, self-satisfied sleeping chamber has been guarded for so long that gunshots were the only sound that could roust them. There has been a lot of commentary about the assassination attempt during GOP early morning baseball practice before the big congressional baseball game played annually for something like 100 years but there are a few points I'd like to make that I really haven't seen talked about (or talked about enough). First : James T. Hodgkinson is not insane or some moonbat kook juiced up on anti-psychotic drugs. He wasn't seeing a shrink

Insta Wall

The Twitter Wall is a psychotic mess. The Instagram Wall is raw truth. Take a look at the screen shot posted here and behold. One of the KOTCB Instagram followers -  @thegaywhostrayed who is truly a magnificent spirit - mashed up some June 6th tweets and presto! you see a powerful truth that explains pretty much everything. Check it out and see how HRC, Sen. Sanders and POTUS commemorate the day: Hitlery - "we" are celebrating Ramadan? Well, not really because "I" (Her Highness) make a wish for all "you" Muslims take some time to reflect on something, not sure what (not terrorism) and spend time with your family and live well. Signing off Ramadan Mubarak has nothing to do with  Hosni Mubarak who was released from a military hospital 3 months ago after spending six fucking years in prison thanks to Huma's idiotic "Arab Spring" that set the Middle East on fire. Bernie - informs the Muslims that when they're Ramadan Mubaraking wi


The week was supposed to end with hysteria over Trump's decision to pull the USA out of the Paris Climate Accord which is often referred to stateside as the Paris Climate Agreement but as everyone knows there is a subtle but profound difference between an Accord and an Agreement. That difference is what doomed the PCA from the start and what forced the previous administration to sign on the dotted line as a unilateral executive action instead of moving it through Congress where is would have died on the vine because no elected representative would have ever agreed to vote yes on the thing. It usurped the local control of the citizens and the people that represent them in duly elected governing bodies and handed it over to international, appointed (not elected), Eurocrats who populate these NGO's and act as middlemen between the USA and the developing world. Worse yet, it was all done in the name of climate change and though it's a hot button issue in many circles it simp

Hitlery recodes the nothingburger

Hillary Rodham Clinton =  Florence Foster Jenkins Have you ever listened to someone who knows nothing about Tech talk about Tech? If you'd like to see and excellent example you couldn't do any better than listening to Her Highness talk it all out with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg at the  Code Conference 2017 (650 global C-suite executives from the largest global media organizations, tech companies and startups with bright futures) held at the  Terranea Resort Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (Average room rate $435). Registration for Code Conference is by invitation only so you have to fill out a form to apply for an invitation and then you might find out how much it cost to hear this crap live but through the wonders of Tech we can listen to it for free. Check it out: I truly pity this woman. I don't hate Her as much as Putin does . I don't disrespect Her the way Her husband does. At this point I feel kind of sorry for her because she's got no juice (she&#