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Hitlery recodes the nothingburger

Hillary Rodham Clinton = Florence Foster Jenkins
Have you ever listened to someone who knows nothing about Tech talk about Tech? If you'd like to see and excellent example you couldn't do any better than listening to Her Highness talk it all out with Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg at the Code Conference 2017 (650 global C-suite executives from the largest global media organizations, tech companies and startups with bright futures) held at the Terranea Resort Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (Average room rate $435). Registration for Code Conference is by invitation only so you have to fill out a form to apply for an invitation and then you might find out how much it cost to hear this crap live but through the wonders of Tech we can listen to it for free. Check it out:

I truly pity this woman. I don't hate Her as much as Putin does. I don't disrespect Her the way Her husband does. At this point I feel kind of sorry for her because she's got no juice (she's not going to run again) and so she's not a threat which means she's just an old woman rambling on and on about what she thinks about things and I don't care if you were the most fervent HRC supporter on the planet, you've got to be overjoyed that she didn't win the presidency. She has no idea why she lost the election but I know why she lost and I also know why she has no idea why she lost.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the Florence Foster Jenkins of American politics and not even Meryl Streep can change that fact.
"Jenkins still dreamed of being an opera singer and she started giving performances for some of the groups she supported such as the Verdi Club. Her singing, which was by all accounts awful, was greeted with enthusiasm by club members no doubt grateful for her sizable contributions. She continued to do live performances for decades."
As the KOTCB blog pointed out in March 2015 long before the 2016 presidential race got started and Plan B was still a viable option:
"Clinton - the lovable rogue Bill Clinton who happens to be a damn good Politician among other things - squeezed into the Presidency with 43% of the vote in the '92 election due in no small part to a crypto-fascist-nut-job from Texas and then in '96 managed to get just 49.2% of the vote with a booming economy and relative peace + additional help from the Lone Star dwarf (and Colin Powell decided to NOT become Americas first black President) + Gingrich balanced the US budget. In other words, Bill Clinton never really had the full backing of the US voters and he's the gifted campaigner, back slapping glad hander and (give the devil his due) political visionary of the family. As for the Mrs. she's got to be one of the worst politicians ever the rise so high and go so far on the thermals created by the otherworldly phoenix she's married to. In 2000 she defeated a kid named Rick Lazio for Senate in a State she knew so little about that she was forced to take a "listening tour" to get aquatinted with "the people." In '06 she ran for Senate essentially unopposed and managed to snag 700k fewer votes than she did 6 years earlier. She was handed the Sec of State job as a booby prize for getting the Presidency taken from her by a relative neophyte (who was backed by Party elders) and she spent 4 years globe trotting with her girlfriend and getting things done for Clinton Foundation donors. Now she want's to be the first woman President of the United States. Nope."
The whole sorry story was detailed in the KOTCB Medium article Glass Floor (be sure and click on all the links in the piece) which wrapped it up thusly:
"Hitlery was never a good candidate — in my opinion she has always been the Florence Foster Jenkins of American politics and Her husband played on the girls passion and commitment to d0-gooderism like the master flim-flam artist he is. She was reliably liberal or progressive or left-wing or whatever you call it, but as the left moved further away from traditional American values she had to adopt positions and policy outside of her comfort zone — pot smoking, gay marriage, endless war, BLM and transgender bathrooms were all positions she had to not only defend but to promote! And she had to do so against a candidate who claimed all those issues, and many more, were bullshit distractions from the real issues that effected Americans daily life and happiness. She was forced to Hate Trumps Love and convince the voters to hate it too. Running a campaign fueled on hate and pious moral superiority is what cost Hillary Clinton the elections and it sent Her, and her party, crashing through the glass floor of reality."
Now she's got a long list of excuses as to why she lost but the one she harped on at #CodeCon was Russian collusion and the incredible calculation and power of Russian Tech (Macedonian content farms to be precise) in causing voters to pull the lever for Trump. Now if, and it's a BIG IF, the Russians have been grooming Donald J Trump for decades to position him as the POTUS and decided that 2016 was THE YEAR to pull the trigger on this nefarious plot I almost have to give them credit because of all the people in America pretty much the last person I would have placed a bet on before June 15, 2015 to become president would have been The Elvis from Queens. I can imagine the meetings in the Kremlin circa 1990 as they hatched this plot:
Mikhail Gorbachev: We must find a way to get one of our people into the White House and bring the imperialist capitalists down. What's our best bet? Comrade Putin do you have a plan?
Vladimir Putin: There is a very unusual business man in Manhattan named Donald Trump who has spoken on the Oprah Winfrey Show about his aspirations to become president of the US. I believe we should start recruiting him now and groom him for the position.
Mikhail Gorbachev: Putin, you're out of your mind. There's no way Trump could ever become president.
I can scarcely believe it myself every time I type the words President Donald J. Trump but there it is. To understand why Trump won (as apposed to why Hillary lost) one need look no further than this video of Seth Meyers ridiculing the Billionaire to the uproarious laughter from the White House Correspondents at their annual dinner. Watch it and notice the stone faced response from Trump while suffering the slings and arrows of inside the beltway ridicule and power corridor mockery - something he's lived with his entire life. Seth Meyers is the reason Donald Trump is POTUS and it's no more complicated than that.

Who's laughing now?


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