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Plan D

I'm wondering if the FBI has some kind of formal scale to measure hate? - you know, something like:
FBI Hate Scale 
1= Mosquitoes is in the tent
2 = Coffee grounds in the bottom of my Starbucks cup
3 = "Hotel California" just came on the radio
4 = I can't find a parking spot
5 = Opioid induced constipation (OIC)
6 = DMV
7 = Obamacare
8 = Armed robbery and rape
9 = Leprosy
10 = Jumping out of the plane without your parachute
(and when you need to turn it up to eleven)
11. The Cross Bronx Expressway at 5pm on Friday in July
And the reason I'm wondering is because I would like to know where Jim Comey would place Vladimir Putin's hatred for Hillary Clinton on that scale? Exactly how much does the Russian Bear hate Her Highness?

If I had to guess, based on today's testimony, I'm going with 11 because it's pretty clear that Putin really, really, really hates Her. He hates HRC so much that he's willing to cheer for the other team - A team that's lead by an erratic, emotionally immature [and] unstable, purposefully vindictive "Clown" who incites chaos with his vainglorious lying tweets - and more than just cheer, Putin's willing to run down onto the field and insert himself into the game by sacking the home teams QB, rubbing poop in Her receivers face, tripping up the running backs, mixing up all the plays and getting all Lucy with the Democrats Charlie Brown. It's like one of those guys who runs onto the field in a monkey suit but, in this case, there was no security to chase the interloper down and tackle him at the 50 yard line - the rent-a-cops were just standing on the sideline saying, "which way did he go? which way did he go?" while he ran all over the field and messed everything up and (maybe) winning the game for Team Trump (i.e. The Patriots). What makes this level of hate so amazing is that the winner of the game gets the nuclear launch codes that will ensure the absolute obliteration of Putin's country if, for whatever reason, said winner deems it necessary to initiate a thermonuclear war.

Maybe partisan politics is getting in the way of making my point so let's take the names and political parties out of the equation. Say you have candidate X and candidate Y playing the political game in which the winner will be granted the power to destroy you - do you back candidate X?
Candidate X is someone you've known and worked with closely for 30 years, is inheriting the established and very predictable order that, while annoying, has proved stable and non-confrontational except for some passive-aggressive stupidity on your western border and in the Middle East.
Or do you throw everything you've got behind candidate Y
Candidate Y is an unknown quantity determined to Make America Great Again by building up a robust and threatening military with very loose and contradictory statements on how he's going to behave on the world stage and which 90% of the foreign policy/diplomatic establishment has publicly warned EVERYONE should never become POTUS.
How much do you have to hate candidate X to place your faith (and faith is all you've got) in candidate Y? Answer: A LOT OF HATE (this from our friends at Politico in July 25, 2016). Hmmm, July 2016 - what was going on in July 2016? Oh right, I know these investigations can go on for a while so it's easy to forget but July 5, 2016 was the day that Comey let HRC off the hook (temporarily) for her email server crimes.
HIMES: Thank you.
Director Comey, in -- in the remaining minutes here. I appreciate your frankness on the topic of an ongoing investigation and appreciate your inability to go too much further than you went. But I do want to ask you a question to try to clear up some confusion.
This committee, of course, is engaged in investigation about links, as you said, between the Trump campaign and the Russians, should there be any possible collusion. We've had a number of statements very early in the investigation that there was no evidence of collusion. This is still very early in our investigation, is it fair to say that you're still relatively early in your investigation?
COMEY: It's hard to say because I don't how much longer it will take. But we've been doing this -- this investigation began in late July, so for counterintelligence investigation that's a fairly short period of time.
"This investigation began in late July!" - are you kidding me?! The FBI has been investigating the Trump campaign since the moment he secured the GOP nomination and we only find out about it 9 months later. If I were a Democrat HRC supporter I'd be going insane right now (even more insane than I'd already be) because this timeline just makes me sick (and I hate Hillary - not as much a Putin does, but still...) and we need some real answers to some big questions.

We know the Democrats were planning to initiate Plan B in March 2015 but they were thwarted at every turn by Her and the army of hags she'd flooded into the DNC. The Clintons bobbed and weaved their way all the way up to October 2016 when it became clear she was losing and Obama launched Plan C which Comey put on hold in July. The FBI Director wasn't happy about it, but he figured it was a better option than Plan D. And what is Plan D? This is Plan D - A stupid Witch Hunt to bury the new POTUS in rumor and unsubstantiated speculation about something that could not happen (election "hacking") even if it did happen (Russian collusion with Trump). It's a pathetic waste of time and energy that could only be pulled off by a person who's heart is as black and hate filled for America as Vlad Putins' is for Hitlery.

Comey hates the Patriots and that makes him the Bill Maher of law enforcement - That should get him fired and if I were Bob Kraft I'd be asking my good friend Donald J Trump to make that happen pronto.


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