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Marmota monax vs. dachshund

  Here in the Virginia Piedmont we have entered the transition period between winter and spring when the weather is unpredictable and our wonderful world is reborn. The vernal equinox on March 20/21 is the astrological first day of spring but that natural fact, which is as true in Buffalo, NY or Palm Beach, FL as it is here in The Broken Heart of America , doesn’t capture the majesty of our annual metamorphosis. Man made mischief like spinning the hour hand of the clock forward on the second Sunday of the month to make the sun shine later in the day is symbolic of humanities whimsy and hubris. As another example of this pride it should be noted that there was a time when the Presidential inauguration fell on the 4th day of the 3rd month but modern government did away with this organic date of change and moved it to the dead of winter. Regardless of mankind's folly and machinations designed to control or destroy the grand design, this is the time of year when Arians light the fire

Wut is WAP?

   When the records of our age are dusted off and examined by future generations of historians what will be their verdict on early 21st Century America and the Pax Americana New World Order that currently manages the affairs of men?  Wut it is? Wut is up? Wut is wut? Wut it do? Wut it don't? Will the critics from the future ever admit that Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” totally stole Le1f’s beat from “Wut?” that dropped a year earlier. It’s a crime. And it happened in 2015 - BEFORE Trump was elected POTUS. And what will the future Constitutional Monarchists think about the House of Windsor and all that has been done by the hand of Charles, Prince of Whales the clandestinely republican heir apparent to the throne? A perfect toff, this cold chap married a young psychotic commoner and through indifference and adultery tortured his young wife to insanity. She bore two princes but the second son always had the look, and in time the personality, of a red headed bastard. What about the boy? W

The JO(((K)))E Is On You

"Optimism is the opium of mankind! A healthy spirit stinks of stupidity! Long live Trotsky!”  - Milan Kundera March 4th came and went with no “operational” QAnon assault on the Capitol Building . White supremacy is still going strong in the White House but no white supremacists have stormed any federal buildings, dragged the occupants out the front door and sliced all these politician’s throats to watch a river of blood cascade down the marble steps (yet). Oh, it’s coming, it’s going to happen but it didn’t happen on 3.4 and I doubt it will happen on any timeline that will satisfy Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell. I’m afraid the powers that be in DC will just have to get used to living behind a 12 foot razor wire fence guarded by armed soldiers because, well, they deserve it. Live in terror of unsympathetic and brutal death you fucking cheaters who destroyed the American republic by installing a pretend regime headed by an incoherent, diaper clad fool.  Speaking as a reluctant citi