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Inserterection Now!

As a prelude to inserterection Day Poop POTUS Jo(((k)))e Brandon made a pilgrimage to Valley Forge and upon that hallowed ground mumbled the curious supplication: Is Democracy still America's sacred cause? I'm not going focus on #DementiaHitler or his scripted answer to the question which was as dishonest and stupid as the last time he defiled a place of civic importance with his accusatory rhetoric and purposeful misreading of the nations spiritual mission. See KOTCB  Orange Brandon Razing  for a full review of that desecration and  World War Zzzz  for a follow up musings which, as it happens, link to the question of the hour. At the end of this meditation I will address one glaring historical observation that simply can not pass uncorrected but for the purposes of this post I will focus my comments on the real inserterection and why it happened. Here's an inserterection timeline with pithy descriptions + some reference links at the end. Attention: 2008 - Financial meltdow

The Pop-Tarts Bowl: Frauds v. Fakers

In the Techno-Fascist Imperium the "Holidays" festivities start on Columbus Day, when the Halloween candy pops up, and end New Years Day with college football Bowl games, black-eyed peas and collard greens. To be clear, the Imperium doesn't celebrate Columbus Day, au contraire, the Indigenous Peoples' Day psyop has been pushed hard by the IC for the past 50 years of failure but the candy... THE CANDY. This year's IPD got turned up to eleven when the colonizers of America's 51st state got kidnapped, raped and murdered by some indigenous maniacs on Sukkot 10/7 and, as a result, soured the festive '23 Holiday mood. Hey, we soldiered on, as it were, and kept on celebrating while the world burned: Halloween - Big for children and weirdos. Thanksgiving - Focus on God, country and family. Hannukkah - Jewish assimilation. Xmas - Santa Claus and gifts. Kwanzaa - Black Lives Matter. I'd call them Happy Holidays if it wasn't  a neo-Nazi dog whistle  to vocal