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Mid-Year in the wasteland of virtue and vice

Th ere was a time within my living memory when June was one month were everyone worked hard to close out the 2nd quarter/first half strong. No time for a holiday because there is work to do and We the People can relax during Independence Day weekend. Grilling hot dogs, drinking suds and watching July 4th fireworks will be the reward for wrapping up 30 days of toil and sweat. That was yesteryear because now the entire month of June is G.A.Y, as in Gay Pride, and in my effort to reclaim the rainbow I'm taking the month off (along with every other worker in America). For most of my life I only had to contend with the one truly gay day of June 28th when the Stonewall Riots would be commemorated with   licentious and disgusting parades   through boys town in major metropolitan hellholes but now... Now the gayness is everywhere and inescapable. The tributes to homosexuality and every other form of sexual perversion have spilled out of Greenwich Village and the Castro District and washed

Notes on the South Carolina State House

A visit to Colombia, South Carolina is always tough because this town is rough and driving through it makes you contemplate many things you’d probably rather sweep under some mental rug in your brain. Just forget about it. Find a diversion - listen to a podcast, read a book, call someone on the phone (anyone) just get me out of this city. Nope. You’re spending the night. So let’s walk up to Capitol Hill and look around shall we? Gravestone for the republic First things first, the trees are magnificent, old and beautiful. Live oaks and palmettos cover the hill and they create a magical backdrop for the Statehouse and surrounding statuary. The Statehouse is a grand replacement of the original the was burned to the ground by General Sherman during his long march through the South. The South Carolinians erected a grave stone commemorating the old building and acknowledging the death of their American republic in 1865. A changed republic rose from the ashes of the old and the defeated south

The Problem is...

When the history of our time is written, far off in the distant future, I believe that Mike Lindell will be remembered as one of the greatest Americans who ever lived. I know it's a bold, some might say foolish, prophecy but how else can We the People explain the stunning success and beautiful will of this man. On  Steve Bannon's War Room: Pandemic show  they have given the MyPillow Guy a new nickname - "The Armor Piercing Shell." Indeed, this brave Minnesotan is well on his way to destroying the legitimacy of the entire government of the United States of America. And I'm not just talking about #StopTheSteal sour grapes over what happened to Trump on November 3rd, but I'm talking about the whole enchilada - from POTUS to Congress to Governor to the State House to Mayor to Town Council - which is as dirty as a cockroach infested kitchen in a Nogales whorehouse. These elections (all of them) are rigged and it doesn't matter what the  citizens  subjects of th