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Cynical or Skeptical

I remember my stock broker make the recommendation that I open  529 plans for my children to save money toward their college education and though I liked the idea in concept my gut was skeptical for the simple reason that what the government giveth the government can (and offend will) taketh away. But there are true believers who dump money into these 529's and they're called the upper middle class - a "group" that Reihan Salam claims is ruining America . As proof he sights the reaction of the foolish followers to President 0's plan to tax their 529's so he can pay for someone else's Community College tuition. He gives even more proof that the UMC is looking out for itself, hypocritical, cloistered and cagey enough to establish laws and regulations that prevent them from being "Ubered" by cheeper or more innovative ways of providing their services. These realities might be ruining the country I guess, but his "solution" is hilarious.

Code Stink

Calling them "lowlife scum" is too kind. The skanky ho bags of Code Pink are the excrement that churns through the political bowels of a free and open society . Their Henry K. fixation is something to marvel and weep tears of confusion over - it is deep seeded and endlessly irritating. Though I have to admit some of their headlines are pretty funny in light of recent events . John Kerry: Your friends are creepy

“the sidewalk ballet”

I'm writing this post from a sprawling ex-urban industrial area somewhere in the world - I won't even say where but there are thousands of these places usually located on the outskirts of a long established city. KOTCB is dedicated to the fundamental concept of Man over Machine and these places, soulless and inhospitable to humanity as they are, represent victory for the Machine. "It’s up to us to define the scope of work." says Ian Leslie in his article on living in the machine age , but that sounds like the kind of thing they say in places like this. I fear that we're loosing this war.

Crisis of the prolate spheroid

Take a look at these footballs sports fans - take a good long look. I grabbed the image from this Smithsonian Mag article on how the "pigskin" evolved over 100 years of gridiron madness. As is obvious the early game was much different than it's current incarnation regardless of how advertisers spin it. For over a week the sports press has been obsessed with deflategate and its impact on the "integrity of the game." You know, the game that's asked Katy Perry to perform at halftime of the Super Bowl which will have over $10,000,000,000 worth of bets wagered on the outcome (and every conceivable aspect of the game - total rushing yards, pass completions, number of fumbles, number of times Tom Brady head butts a teammate, etc). Yes, the integrity of the game has clout and must be preserved, but let's face it, even if the Patriots did purposely deflate footballs to win there is no way the NFL could find a culprit and punish them a week before

Hope & Change is Greek to me

SYRIZA or Coalition of the Radical Left as they are rarely called in the media, hence the acronym that makes them sound like some new wonder drug advertised on cable news, have come to power in Greece. "I used to be blue, trying to fit in to the family and submitting to demands that I work for a living and control my spendthrift ways. I really don't like to work and I'd rather litter my beautiful home and do as I please, but other people kept demanding that I conform to their system of control. Then I discovered Syriza and realized than none of those nagging frustrations were REAL. Since taking Syriza I can do whatever the government wants because I've learned that it's what I want too. Don't settle for an oppressive system of control when you can create your own with Syriza." "Warning: Syriza might cause itching and swelling of the brain, prolonged depression and suicidal thoughts. If you experience poverty, hunger, prolonged imprisonme

Politico backs a Bush/Romney GOP Ticket

Roger Simon is in the limo with Bush & Romney taking pot shots at the GOP "clown car" (cleaver, right?) which he claims is now a clown van (LOL). I'd call it a clown short bus, but that's me. Simon is a shill for GOP establishment talking points and sober minded analysis of GOP political consultant approved conventional wisdom. So let me unpack the GOP clown short bus for him. Jeb Bush - Scion of the most improbable political dynasty in American history - how these Greenwich, CT blue-bloods have pulled it off is baffling. Chris Christie - A fat bully who loves Bruce Springsteen AND the Dallas Cowboys - that's fine for Jersey, but shows deep personal disfunction. Loving either Springsteen or the Cowboys would raise serious red flags, but loving them both disqualifies the candidate. Rand Paul - Ron Paul's son and named after a girl and he does love Liberty but Libertarians scare the shit out of the GOP. Ted Cruz - Cuban/Canadian bada

Kirchnerismo = Clintonismo

I've always had a soft spot for Argentina . It's a magnificent nation with a vibrant, multi-ethnic culture, natural beauty and cowboys (Gauchos as they call them) and should be a natural ally of the United States. If not for one hundred years of ineptitude it certainly would be the South American cousin of USA prosperity. So I told them, "Today, I do not have proof, but I do not have any doubt" As it happens, Argentina also gives us a glimpse of the possible future of the USA with its loony President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner - a lawyer, former State Senator, former first lady and, apparently, murderer . "Politics ain't bean bag" as they say, but the suicide(?) of prosecutor Alberto Nisman on the eve of his congressional testimony that would expose corruption in the Kirchner regime is just too weird - even for Argentina's Justicialist Party. And now CFK has jumped the shark with accusations of right-wing conspiracy and mysterious cabals

I almost feel sorry for this pothead

Seth Rogan compared "American Sniper" (the movie) to the fictional film (a film within a film really) called " Nation's Pride " which focused on a Nazi sniper who was touted by Hitler as a hero and plays an important role in the larger movie " Inglorious Bastards ". For saying this or making the comparison this "comedian" has been getting A LOT of press - vilified by the red blooded American types and supported by the true blue ninnies but no one states the obvious probable cause that Seth was high as a kite on cannabis when he offered his film criticism.   Chemically Self-Retarded Any honest appraisal of this fellows body of work shows a diligent, hard working and funny (in the most crude and adolescent way) Hollywood hack. He writes crap that young people will laugh at and "acts" it out as himself on the big screen. Pineapple Express, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, The Green Hornet, This Is The End, etc, etc, etc

Being a racist is hard...

especially if you're a minority.   Just in time for MLK day comes this racist drivel from Priscilla Ward for - I would never have seen it except that one of my Facebook friends posted it with the admonition to READ! So I read and now I ring the bell. "I longed to crawl back to my tiny black universe." "I was all twisted up inside, ablaze over racial dynamics and anxious what other minefields my roommate might stumble upon." "I wanted my home to be a refuge, a place where I could be wretched when I wanted, walk around in my bonnet, fry chicken and sing real loud to Aretha Franklin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Suppressing my blackness every day is exhausting." "I guess some white people do act “real vanilla” and only understand the realities of their own universe." "I keep those “forbidden” conversations behind closed doors, and even when I’m alone I speak in code. I don’t say “white.” I use “they” instead." "Bu

Yemen's bright future thanks to smart diplomacy

  Is it possible that President 0 will renounce his Nobel Peace Prize at tonight's SotU? Just looking around the news site headlines for Jan. 20 2015 shows a world of hurt and not much relief in sight. Like this story form the Christian Science Monitor "And though the Obama administration has praised developments in Yemen since Saleh's government collapsed, that is at best a consequence of rose-colored glasses."  Which begs the question: what is it at worst?  Or even at pretty bad? Answer: total cosmic denial or ruthless, long term destruction of the middle east. Yemen is a long festering mess and it's filled with murderous savages but has US foreign policy increased the peace?

The scales are slowly falling from his eyes

MAHER : So Hollywood liberals are such hypocrites then because they are the most liberal people in the world and yet they don't vote for black people? umm, yep. That is if you believe that "liberal people" actually consider "black people" their equal. If you don't buy into that illusion then there's nothing hypocritical in voting for Benedict Cumberbatch instead of David Oyelowo. David O-who ? A devout Christian, Oyelowo has stated that he believes God called him to play Rev. Martin Luther King. Reflecting on his portrayal of King in the film Selma , Oyelowo has asserted that “I always knew that in order to play Dr. King, I had to have God flow through me because when you see Dr. King giving those speeches, you see that he is moving in his anointing." Oops, none of that. Not at our awards show - best to just lock 'em out.

Grab your shotgun Joe

Joe Biden is, amazing as it is to say, Vice President of the United States of America and last night someone shot at his house . Not the one located off of Mass. Ave in DC that looks like this: but his home in the plush burbs of Wilmington, DE: Nice pad, and great neighborhood - just down the road from the WCC and West of Rt. 52. Very 1%. Joe has famously suggested that those who find themselves threatened with armed criminals should fire a 12 gauge shot gun in the air, so time to grab your Remington Joe.

A Rosie is a Rosie is a Whoopi

Sad news from NatInq that Rosie P. has "HAD IT" with the squabbling between her co-hostesses Rosie O'D and (the magnificent) Whoopi Goldberg and reports indicate the hatred is real. It is a shame, but not surprising now that the Queen Bee has left the hive  the girls must fight it out. For 18 years this "chattiest" has been giving us the female take on news, events, entertainment and so much more - and now its about to be canceled because of a catfight. My heart is with Whoopi, but the smart money is on Rosie. Oh, who will win out? How can they be so selfish and put the show's very existence in danger? I just don't understand...

Le Dingue du Palace

Because of health reasons Jerry Lewis was not available to sooth the French soul and turn a frown upside down so what's plan B? Brain formulates idea: You know, when I experienced my own trauma of skippering a river boat in Viet Nam I found great comfort and redemption sitting on the Martha's Vineyard beach with a cold Narraganset in one hand and a BoHo co-ed in the other listening to my good friend James Taylor croon his beautiful lullabies beside a crackling bonfire. I'm going to bring that same soothing experience to my good friends in France and let it be said now and forever that in John Kerry "you've got a friend."

A Rabbi, a Priest, and a Minister Walk Into a Bar...

“You cannot insult other people’s faith,” he told reporters today aboard a plane taking him from Sri Lanka to the Philippines as part of his Asian tour. “You can’t make fun of other people’s faith,” The Pope also said killing in the name of God was “an aberration.” The comments were broadcast by Radio Vatican. Not making fun of other people's faith would take some of the greatest jokes ever devised out of circulation. I certainly don't want to get on the wrong side of the Pope, but I think (infallible though he may be) that he's really asking for more than most normal people can accommodate. It has to be said that religion is noble, dignified, soothing, educational and vital for emotionally balanced individuals - it is also very, very funny. I mean the idea of this man, dressing as he does and flying around the world pontificating (and I mean legitimately pontificating) on every subject under the sun - from global warming to income distribution - many subjects he barely

Boko Haram Rocks

2,000 casualties is a more than 17, but hey, it's Africa so who cares? Where is Nigeria located anyway? Boko Haram's a 60's flower band, right?

Party at Phi Psi tonight!

This story sort of fell through the cracks - not that it wasn't reported, but I haven't seen it get the front page/cable news lead treatment it used to receive from the media. Granted, innocence is not as interesting as guilt for most reporters, but still... CHARLOTTESVILLE — A police investigation has cleared a University of Virginia fraternity of any involvement in an alleged gang rape that was detailed in a Rolling Stone magazine story last year, with authorities saying there was “no basis to believe that an incident occurred” at the Phi Kappa Psi house. NO BASIS!!! All made up - a fabrication that consumed countless news hours and threw an entire community into recriminations and turmoil, shutting down long established fraternities and sororities, besmirching the reputation of one of Americas best universities. Who will pay the price for this calumny - this abortion of all journalistic standards? Here's hoping that Rolling Stone Magazine get litigated into e

Qu'est-ce, me inquiète?

Congrats Jihadists, thanks to your efforts Muhammad is now the Alfred E Newman of Europe.

Where's Walled-O?

So Bibi and Abbas can figure out a way to get to Paris and march in solidarity with Charlie and everyone else, but where, oh where , is the leader of the free world? Sorry France, NFL Playoffs are on this weekend in the Etats-Unis so you'll have to settle for money-bags Jane  as stand in.

Back in the saddle

“ I want to be president ” - No shit, we get it, but if you couldn't be President in 2012 why the heck do you think you can be President in 2016 or 2020? I mean if you can't beat BHO after his first 4 years of misrule and corruption why do you think people will be MORE receptive to you 4 years later after loosing an election you NEVER SHOULD HAVE LOST. I figured Romney would never win due to his Mormonism and squeaky clean boy scout persona, but I knew he was toast when this photo of him riding bitch on a jet ski was published in the summer leading up to November. The handlers probably thought it was "good optics" for the undecided mushy centrist voter - maybe it was, but it wasn't Presidential. Might as well stick with granny pants who can't throw a pitch and loves golf. But since losers are looking to jump back into the ring maybe we'll have a real Masshole battle royal if a certain Lurch-like, Francophile, Good Soldier (Americas own Edward Ashb


On days like today, when I watch and read the various reactions to the killing of cartoonists in France by people who take their religion seriously , many thoughts of Western decadence whirl in my head. Memories come flooding back... One memory is of the infamous Waco Massacre in the winter of 1993 and the amazed reaction by the ATF and Clampett administration that believers in David Koresh would actually burn alive rather than submit to government orders. Another memory is of Al Gore at his parties convention talking about the importance of our " faith traditions " and informing his audience that Mary, Joseph & Jesus were homeless (seriously, and the guy went to seminary for a year too!) These memories echo in my mind along with hundreds of news stories about removing Christian symbols, manger scenes of the "homeless" family Al Gore referenced in his convention speech, Ten Commandments and countless other stories about erecting satanic monuments in the public

CNN has clowns? Yes they do

Twitchy has labeled CNN reporter Jim Clancy a "clown" - Bravo, but why stop with just one when there are so many .

Easy for me to say...

But of course, I don't live with these Islamic nuts threatening to kill me specifically, just generally. If they had me knife to throat who knows? I'd like to think I'd die on my feet, but I might die on my knees pleading for my life. Happily I can post solidarity with my French brother martyrs for free speech from my warm little room with central heat and electricity - full belly, wonderful Christian faith (a religion of Peace, as they say) and dog on my lap. So yes, I am Charlie and I'll post whatever I want on this blog.

I'll see your Obama and raise you a Yoho

America was ready for President Obama, but is it ready for Speaker Yoho? What the hell is going on with these silly names? Barry Soetoro (also a funny name) decided to up the ante by taking on the name Barack Hussein Obama II, leave the old life behind, and run for President. The GOP has been trying to fight this Obama fellow with McCain's, McConnell's and Boehner's but today they have a chance to top him by electing Rep. Ted Yoho as Speaker of the House. "Today, President Obama sat down with Speaker Yoho to figure out the countries problems." - Great.

He did it all for the nookie

Look to Fleet Street to print the stories that US media will not touch with a 10 foot pole, even a crooked pol as Clampett is reported to possess. Jane Doe #102 must have one hell of a story to tell.


It's only halftime in the Cowboys vs. Lions playoff game, but my prediction - Dallas will loose! Jerry Jones will be down on the sideline mid-way through the 4th quarter, Troy Aikman will make excuses, LOTS of shots of Tony Romo on the bench with his head down, endless discussion of what this means for the Cowboys, the NFL and the Nation.  Meanwhile, in Motown things are not getting any better. 60 years ago Detroit was the powerhouse city in Americas erect penis - today they've converted GM plants to build "homes" made of shipping containers for people to live in. You know the expression "As goes GM, so goes the nation" - which, unfortunately, is probably true.

Wrong Turns??? He was just following the map the NYTimes drew for him.

Walking into my local Starbucks (great name for a overpriced coffee chain BTW) I peered down at the newspaper rack to scan at the front pages of Saturdays fish wrapper and BOOM - NYTimes, front page, above the fold full column right hand side was a review of the sad life of one  Ismaaiyl Brinsley - cop killer and suicide "victim" (he also shot his girlfriend {as the NYTimes describes her}). Click on the BOOM above and you can read the whole sorry news story, but here's the image that caught my eye and spurred my interest to learn more. Pretty arresting composition, right? I have to say that, though I consider my own picture compositions a form a art I could not have done any better than this. It made me forget all about the $4.05 tall soy chai my wife sent me to Starbucks to pick up in the first place (BTW, not a misprint - a tall {which means small in Starbucks lingo} soy chai does cost $4.05 at my local strip mall). Not that I purchased the NYTimes - as I'

Contract on America (that never happened)

I don't, as a rule, speak ill of the dead but in the case of the  Sfachime  I'll make an exception. It was my joyous privilege to be living in New York in November 1994 to witness the political demise of Mario Cuomo at the hands of George Pataki. The look on Peter Jennings face when he announced the news, a look of crossed fear with shame, has been burned into my mind and (in moments of listlessness or depression) I can always recall it to lighten my mood. It was Cuomo and the glowing front page editorial masquerading as news that ran in the New York Times just before the election that finally pushed me to put pen to paper and cancel my subscription to that useless rag. As an aside, in that same paper on that same day, the NYTimes saw "fit to print" a disparaging "news story" on the GOP Contract with America - buried on page 23a (or something like that) deep, deep, deep in the paper - below the fold. It was, of course, the CwithA that won election day 1994

Happy New Year, (football) Suckers!

"Everyone" wanted it, you demanded it, you even voted for it and tonight you get to watch it - NCAA Football Playoff Games. Anyone who's read this blog knows that I despise the entire concept of a National Champion in College Football and would, if I could, do away with national rankings altogether. So I consider this entire exercise an advertising driven abomination that should be forbidden by law - constitutional amendment if need be - to bring the bowl games back down to earth. But that's not going to happen... So tonight we have 4 teams competing in traditional New Years "Day" Bowl Games being played at night with the second game (the Sugar Bowl) STARTING at 8:30 PM ET thereby guaranteeing a midnight finish - ain't that grand?! At least the Rose Bowl will be played in daylight between the Ducks and some team from Florida that has no business playing in the Rose Bowl, not because they're not a great team, but because the Rose Bowl is where the