The scales are slowly falling from his eyes

MAHER: So Hollywood liberals are such hypocrites then because they are the most liberal people in the world and yet they don't vote for black people?

umm, yep. That is if you believe that "liberal people" actually consider "black people" their equal. If you don't buy into that illusion then there's nothing hypocritical in voting for Benedict Cumberbatch instead of David Oyelowo.

David O-who?

A devout Christian, Oyelowo has stated that he believes God called him to play Rev. Martin Luther King. Reflecting on his portrayal of King in the film Selma, Oyelowo has asserted that “I always knew that in order to play Dr. King, I had to have God flow through me because when you see Dr. King giving those speeches, you see that he is moving in his anointing."

Oops, none of that. Not at our awards show - best to just lock 'em out.


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